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Pink Poodle
328 S. Bascom Ave, San Jose 408.292.3685

In the Pink

All in a dogone day's work

By Will Harper

The difference between the Pink Poodle and most of the strip clubs in the South Bay became clear to me within minutes of entering the Poodle.

Two feet away from my face, Madison, a buxom bottle-blond wearing a red Yankees cap, is brandishing her--ahem--rosebud. Somehow, she is making it pulsate and pucker. I'm not sure whether to recoil in terror or sit there in honor of the moment. I satisfy myself with a sip from my 20-ounce bottle of Mug root beer and throw a dollar bill over the brass rail.

Later, checking out the Poodle's website, I discover Madison's grander artistic vision. "My fantasy," she teases, "is to have wild erotic sex in a forest, under a full moon, in a ring of fire and you, my fantasy man (which could be YOU), to explode in my ass. My G spot is in my ass."

I don't know if that is scientifically possible, but who am I to quarrel with Dr. Madison?

The Poodle is one of only two places in the South Bay to see pink and purple live and in color. The compromise is this: Because the dancers bare all, the Poodle can't sell booze. But many clever patrons make a pit stop across the street at Alex's 49er Inn beforehand so they may relate to the Poodle's festivities in a deeper, more profound way. (The dancers have also been known to hang out at Alex's after finishing their shifts.)

Admission is $15 on weekdays and $20 on weekends. Semiprivate table dances cost $20.

Hours: Mon-Sat 11am-2 am; Sunday 5pm -midnight
Crowd Age: Early 20s to dirty old men
Music: DJ
Décor: Cozy '60s sleazy
Signature Drink: No booze
Dancing: Not by patrons
Games/Amenities: No

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