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  Volume 1, Number 4 - May 31, 2006 - San Jose, CA

Yeah, Memorial Day Weekend kinda spun our collective heads but we've still got enough brain cells left to bring you...

Muscle Cramps, 4 Turntables, DJ Aqeel, Free Cocktails, Taps & Russlin' Cacti

DJ Aqeel

when:Saturday, June 3, 9pm
where:Avalon Nightclub
777 Lawrence Expwy., Santa Clara

NEW DEHLI CUTS: Ravi Shankar and the Temple of Doom have met their iconic match from high-energy dance maestro DJ Aqeel. More internationally renowned than a Bollywood starlet, DJ Aqeel has spun with the best of them leaving smashed turntables in his aural wake and packing in more followers than that creepy Molharam guy.

Charley Horse

when:Saturday, June 3, 9pm
where:The Blank Club
44 S. Almaden Ave., San Jose

CHARLEY HORSE: This psychobilly band from La La land fueled by gasoline, grease and whiskey is what you get when the music gods throw members of The Cramps, Throwrag and Nashville P*ssy on stage and light a fuse. Plus, there's nothing hotter than a tattooed chick abusing a stand-up bass pounding out delinquent gutter rock and an evil front man breathing fire and messing with your head.

Crucial Crue

when:Friday, June 2, 8pm
where:VooDoo Lounge
14 S. Second St., San Jose
price:$5 and up

SHOUT AT THE DEVIL: If you thought you had to go to Shoreline or the pavilion to catch those iconoclastic '80s hard drinking rockers Motley Crue, you'd be completely wrong and besides they're getting a little old to tour. But, for less than the cost of a fifth of Jack, you can blaze on in to Downtown San Jose's VooDoo Lounge and witness the rock spectacle your older sibling warned you about. Crucial Crue is one of the best tribute bands we've ever seen and their likeness to the original skirt chasing, hard boozing, drug addled rockstars is completely uncanny. Practice your devil horn finger salute and prepare for a Theater of Pain.

Taste Cocktail Party

when:Saturday, June 3, 9pm
where:Taste Ultra Lounge
87 N. San Pedro St., San Jose
price:$Free 9pm-11pm

MMM... GOOD: Kick it at Taste Ultra Lounge from 9-11pm on Saturday, June 3rd for the first session of their monthly Taste party featuring free cocktail samplings from 10 different liquor vendors. DJs 2nd Nature, Solarz and Sequence spin the tunes, plus original Mini Skirt Diva Melanie G shells out $300 to see your ladies' legs in the mini skirt challenge.

Club DeVine

when:Friday, June 2, 9pm
where:Angels Ultra Lounge and Cabaret
400 S. First St., San Jose
price:Normal Friday cover

SHAKE WELL: Ndamixx bring booty shakin, beat droppin' and the Ndamixx Hunnies for the first DeVine party of the summer slinging hip-hop, reggaeton, house breaks, mash ups and cocktails. Plus, you can never go wrong with a party hosted by scantily clad "Hunnies."

Black and White

when:Friday, June 2, 9pm
where:Avalon Nightclub
777 Lawrence Expwy., Santa Clara

BLACK, WHITE AND RED ALL OVER: DJ Bardia and DJ Arya will help you start the summer off right with international beats and chill out tunes at Black and White presented by Tapesh Events. The bar staff will be slinging special cocktails at special prices all night long so you can replenish your fuel supplies.

Cacti Widders

when:Friday, June 2, 9pm
where:The Blank Club
44 S. Almaden Ave., San Jose

GUITAR SLINGERS: The raddest thing to come out of the Central Valley since the Visalia Oaks got a nod in Bull Durham and throwing blazing guitar licks faster than a sled ride down Mt. Whitney, the Cacti Widders are gonna make Downtown SJ hide the women, horses and booze when they ride into town on Friday night and tear up the stage. Cacti Widders, with the Tell-Tale Heartbreakers opening, sold the joint out the last round-up so get to The Blank early.

The Final Show

when:Wednesday, May 31, 6:20pm
where:The Gaslighter Theater
400 E. Campbell Ave., Campbell

END OF AN ERA: Another all ages outlet of suburban teen angst and local live music is shutting its doors and will probably transmogrify into "the newest and swankiest ultra lounge;" indie rockers everywhere seriously need to riot. The Gaslighter Theater in Campbell has been the glorified garage, with tinny sound to match, for local bands that weren't able to cut their teeth anywhere else allowing them to feel like genuine rockstars at least for a night. The last show at the Gaslighter before nightclub evolution takes its destructive course features Project Verona, Nightfight, Mescaline, Today Tomorrow and Forever among others. The Gaslighter Theater is a live music institution, so come out and pay your respects.

DJ Haul & Mason

when:Thursday, June 1, 9pm
where:Agenda Lounge
399 S. First St., San Jose

BEATDOWN: LA's premier DJ tandem Haul & Mason bring their 2x4 (2 DJs, 4 turntables) integrated DJ style to the Agenda Lounge cutting old school licks off dime store vinyl fronting doctorate degrees in the aural sciences. DJ Haul & Mason with hip-hop symphony Dakah bring the house down Thursday night. DJ Haul and Mason are seriously one of the best 2-front musical attacks spinning today, so come out and see how it's really done.

Blueprint Promoters Ball

when:Saturday, June 3, 9:30pm
where:Club Glo
398 S. First St., San Jose

THE MASTER PLANS: Promoters spend a lot of time and energy bringing you the best party scene that social networking sites have to offer, so now they're throwing a DJ and dance soiree to reward themselves. DJ lineup includes Mr Choe, DJ Boriqua and DJ I-Cue.


when:Saturday, June 3, 9pm
where:The Loft Bar and Bistro
90 S. Second St., San Jose

HOW LOW CAN YOU GO: Bassline FM tests the limits of low frequency, cutting edge art and The Loft's sound system on Saturday, June 3 for all those wide-eyed grads leaving the sunny confines of San Jose State University. Beats courtesy of Reckless Ryan, Geno Giovanni, Aaron Jae and Roger Moorehouse with artwork by Lady J, John Barrick, Ivan Gonzales and other mind blowers.

Second Sunday, June 11, 2006, San Francisco CA

Make Flashcards if Necessary

Second Sunday

when:Sunday, June 11
where:Kelly's Mission Rock
817 China Basin, San Francisco
Second Sunday, June 11, 2006.

LESS THAN 2 WEEKS AWAY: The juggernaut of off the hook parties, the one and only Second Sunday, is making its much anticipated comeback in less than two weeks much to the relief of the DJ starved masses who would normally spend Sundays nursing a hangover on the couch. This is the absolute last week to get discounted tickets online. Why spend $30 at the door when five minutes on the computer will save you $10? The legendary Second Sunday party kicks off June 11 at Kelly's Mission Rock in San Francisco. DJ lineup includes Doc Martin, Andy Caldwell, Jeno, M3, Ellen Ferrato, Mike Ameci and Second Sunday co-founder Ben Doren. The tickets for the return of Second Sunday are going fast online.

Chilligan's Island

when:Saturday, June 10, 2pm
where:Smoke Tiki Lounge
152 Post St, San Jose

METROACTIVE SUMMER KICKOFF PARTY: That's right, we're throwing a huge island party to kick summer off right. Clandestine Crew is making their triumphant return to the party scene dropping deep house beats all day long while special guest band Drunken Starfighter will keep it hot and live at downtown SJ's Smoke Tiki Lounge on Saturday, June 10. The festivities start at 2 in the afternoon and go until Gilligan passes out and The Skipper breaks a hammock.

Rock the Bells

ROCK THE BELLS: This world class hip-hop platform features Wu-Tang, Mos Def, De La Soul, Redman and many more beat philosophers. Tickets for the Nor Cal show are on sale now, so get 'em.

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