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Volume 1, Number 17 - August 30, 2006 - San Jose, CA

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It's a four-day weekend, so read carefully and plan accordingly for...

Goapele, Tapestry Arts, Pete Escovedo and Soldiers of Fortune


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editorial pick
trachtenburg family slideshow
Tue. Sep. 5, 7pm
The Attic
931 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz

The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow

DERANGED FAMILY VACATION: Pleasantly described as "the Lawrence Welk family gone insane," The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow puts poetic alt-folk lyrics and music to family slides they've pulled from the garage sale flotsam of other people's lives. What's even stranger--and more hilarious--is that TFS is really a family gig with dad Jason playing most of the instruments, mom Tina running the visuals and 12-year old daughter Rachel lending the percussion. The scene plays like a throwback Vaudevillian act marinated in the tidal pools of LSD washed '60s counter culture blended with a wry humor and special kind of quirky indie pop. Anyone that's rummaged through a flea market or their dotty aunt's closet is sure to appreciate this weird, one of a kind, experience.

metroactive clubs newsletter
office space
Wed. Aug. 30, 8pm
San Pedro Square
San Pedro & Santa Clara Sts., San Jose

Office Space @ Cinema San Pedro

TECH WORKERS UNITE: The cult flick Office Space could actually be a documentary of Silicon Valley life during the whole dot com gig. Peter Gibbons, Michael Bolton and Samir "Nahaja-najhn-nah-not-gonna-work-here-any-more" dead-on portrayals of disgruntled cubicle jockeys looking to break out of their 9-5 (plus Saturdays and umm...yeah, Sunday) hell should be a rallying cry for everyone who's ever been pissed at their clueless high tech boss, annoying secretary, all too chipper coworkers, random downsizing, and just the all around inanity of the working world. Plus, the trio gets to live out every workers dream by taking the electronic bane in many an office squatters side--the uncooperative (fill in the blank) machine--and beating the holy hell out of it.

american idols live
Wed. Aug. 30, 7pm
HP Pavilion
525 W. Santa Clara St.,
San Jose
$48.50 - $70

American Idols Live

JUDGES SAY: Ah, American Idol, the guiltiest of the reality show guilty pleasures brings its annual tour of wannabe pop stars that willingly put themselves on America's, Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson's collective chopping block and ego cut down weekly fest to the HP Pavilion tonight. Kind of lame for all you sadists, but, alas, there's no voting. Nope, at the concert you can just sit back and listen to the musical stylings of ordinary people who have sold their souls to Clive Davis for a recording contract. Taylor Hicks and Katherine McPhee headline with the other top 12 finalists doing turns on the stage...including that geeky guy that looks remarkably similar to Chicken Little.

frank black
Wed. Aug. 30, 7pm
The Catalyst
1011 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz
$16 - $18

Frank Black

ALTERNATIVE KING: The once and future front man of the Pixies, Frank Black takes to the Catalyst stage with his blazing punk fueled guitar riffs blended with a pop inspired narrative which has kept Black's name forever buzzing in the alt rock circles. Black's solo career, while musically satisfying, hasn't produce the success of his Pixies career, but they've been working on some projects together as of late and, if you fly around alt-punk-pop circles regularly, then you know there's always talk of a Pixies reunion. This, however, is Frank Black and Frank Black alone, which is plenty for any diehard alt fan.

idols after party
Wed. Aug. 30, 9pm
Angels Ultra Lounge
400 S. First St., San Jose

After Idol Party w/ Little Memphis Blues Orchestra

TAKE A STAB: The Little Memphis Blues Orchestra, featuring members of American Idol winner Taylor Hicks' band, play an after concert show at Angels and the teaser promo that we've got lays out the carrot and stick ploy of a possible special guest. Well, since the American Idols tour is at the HP Pavilion tonight, it doesn't take a lengthy bout with the Magic 8 Ball to deduce just who that special guest could possibly be. If you guessed Taylor Hicks, then you're one step ahead of the curve.

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pete escovedo
Thu. Aug. 31, 5pm
Plaza de Cesar Chavez
Market & San Carlos Sts.,
San Jose

Pete Escovedo @ Metro's Music in the Park

NOT ONE TO MISS: Venerable Latin jazz percussionist Pete Escovedo hits San Jose again and if you've ever seen his performances at Music in the Park and the SJ Jazz fest then you know to stake out your place on the grass early. Easily the most attended concert in the series, Pete Escovedo is a musical powerhouse in the Latin jazz scene doing groundbreaking work for nearly forty years and the septuagenarian shows no signs of ever slowing down. Just as spry as when he toured with Carlos Santana, Escovedo sometimes brings as many as 24 band members up on stage for a single performance and, if the Latin musical gods are smiling on The Plaz this day, the ensemble might include Pete's daughter Sheila E.

Thu. Aug. 31, 10pm
Agenda Lounge
399 S. First St., San Jose


THEY'RE SOLDIERS OF FORTUNE: Master MCs of the LA underground hip-hop scene Aceyalone and Abstract Rude form the A-Team duo and these guys are almost as bad-ass as the crew that Hannibal led. Longtime collaborator DJ Drez will be serving up mad beats to back the double-edged mic attack of the A-Team while DJ Artistic, DJ Aspect and Kenny Segal fill in the gaps before the sounds of the LA underground blow the roof off the Agenda. Special guest DJ from Down Under, Hermitude will also be on hand to cut a little vinyl.

native elements
Thu. Aug. 31, 7:30pm
SoFA District
S. First St. & San Salvador,
San Jose
No Phone

Native Elements @ Music After Dark

ISLAND IN THE CITY: San Francisco reggae band Native Elements play the free Music After Dark concert this week bringing all of their positive groovin' vibes with them to the SoFA district. Regulars at nearly every California reggae fest, Native Elements have been kickin' it together for more than a decade and their true roots sound blends elements of classic R&B, soul, funk and deep Jamaican and English dub delivering a dynamic sound that isn't just for the 420 crowd.

sofa lounge
Thu. Aug. 31, 9pm
SoFA Lounge
372 S. First St., San Jose
Usual cover

Welcome to Our House @ SoFA Lounge

NOT MISSING A BEAT: The weekly beat machine keeps rolling on at the SoFA Lounge Thursdays with Welcome to Our House--which replaced the long standing Velvet Shop gig last month-- and has been building up a new Thursday tradition Downtown. Bass head spinners M3 and MJ Gamez lead the booty shakin' aural assault backed by a revolving slate of Bay Area DJs, including Marz Faram and Les Carter, rocking the turntables.

funk the band
Fri., Sep. 1, 9pm
The Blank Club
44 S. Almaden Ave., San Jose

Funk The Band

FUNKIN' GOOD TIME: Ska funk rockers Funk The Band make their way back to The Blank for a night of onstage antics, booze and high energy sound that's sure to get your butt off the seat and onto the dance floor. These boys have been kickin' it together for years and their music has never been tighter especially when they break into an impromptu hip-hop number or crank the amps for a blow your head off punk set. Otto and Europa open up while FTB finishes up their 12oz training in preparation for the spotlight.

vault ultra lounge
Fri. Sep. 1, 9pm
Vault Ultra Lounge
81 W. Santa Clara St., San Jose
Usual Cover

Red, White & Blue @ Vault

WEEKEND PRIMER: Start your Labor day weekend off right at the Vault Ultra Lounge tonight with their Red, White and Blue party featuring the slick turntable stylings of DJ Jason Dee spinning the best hip-hop and top 40 mixes for the swanky crowds. You've been to the Vault before and you know what kind of parties they throw, so use that imagination of yours to visualize what this A-list joint is gonna serve up to kick off a four-day weekend.

johnny vs
Fri. Sep. 1, 9pm
Johnny V's
31 E. Santa Clara St., San Jose

Punk Night @ Johnny V's

NOISE POLLUTION: Johnny V's moves their locally renowned Punk Night to Fridays because all of us had a bitch of a time making to work Thursday morning after downing 2 for 1's and enough Hamms to float a double wide. The new Friday night edition of Punk Night brings the noise with Scarab, the East Bay Shltbirds and Final Hour--and we raise our cans 'cause all we have to do in the morning after this slug-fest is watch cartoons.

Ruby Skye
Fri. Sep. 1, 9pm
Ruby Skye
420 Mason St., San Francisco

Donald Glaude vs. Eddie Halliwell

RING THE BELL: Two of the most in demand DJs in the country square off in the raised booth at Ruby Skye tonight. Donald Glaude and Eddie Halliwell have been dropping track after funky track for years exuding transcendent energy rarely felt on the dance floor. These two throwing down together are a force to be reckoned with and you know Ruby Skye is gonna thump when these two trade sessions on the decks. If you can't get up to The City tonight check further down to see what Ruby Skye has in store for ya'll on Saturday.

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frankie j
Sat. Sep. 2, 7pm
Mexican Heritage Plaza
1700 Alum Rock Ave., San Jose

Frankie J

LOVIN' IT: Frankie J navigates two worlds, blending smooth R&B vocals with the lingo of his Mexican heritage, this cross-over sensation has been tearing up the singles charts and getting mad play on MTV. Raised on a steady diet of both Latino artists and American music such as Michael Jackson and Run DMC from an early age, Frankie J hit the Latin freestyle scene in San Diego when he was just 15 and has been hitting the high notes, both personally and professionally ever since. Frankie J headlines the McDonald's LoMcXimo de la Musica concert with a portion proceeds going to benefit Hispanic higher education. LoMcXimo de la Musica also features Luis Fonsi, Orishas, Nina Sky and Jeannie Ortega.

sinful saturdays
Sat. Sep. 2, 10pm
Fahrenheit Ultra Lounge
99 E. San Fernando St.,
San Jose
Free before 11pm

Sinful Saturdays

ETHICAL QUESTIONS: DJ Brian Bass will be in the mix all night long for the first September edition of Sinful Saturdays at Fahrenheit Ultra Lounge. Bass spins an undeniable aural flav of house, breaks, hip-hop and dance for your listening pleasure and we have it on good authority that Fahrenheit will be serving up their usual potent blend of cocktails that'll probably blur your moral judgements--why else would it be called sinful?

new found glory
Sat. Sep. 2, 4:30pm
Frank H. Ogawa Plaza
14th & Broadway, Oakland

New Found Glory

THE NEXT WAVE: Punk poppers New Found Glory headline the first day--at the 14th Street Main Stage--of the Oakland Art and Soul Festival in downtown Oakland. NFG, since hitting the Florida punk scene in '97 and landing a spot on the Warped Tour beginning in 2001, have built a strong following blending more sugary pop and emo influences with their hardcore thrash punk roots. They're currently hitting the tour circuit in support of their fifth full-length album Coming Home.

taste vip party
Sat. Sep. 2, 8pm
Taste Ultra Lounge
87 N. San Pedro, San Jose
Free before 11pm

Hennessy VIP Tasting Party

VSOP + VIP = YOU: Every first Saturday of the month, Taste Ultra Lounge lives up to its moniker by hosting a VIP tasting party for upscale boozers with a bent for grooving. This edition of the tasting party features every rappers favorite party spirit, Hennessy and, of course, the Taste girls will be dispensing it liberally. DJ Second Nature is headlining the event with a live video remix show with resident DJ Pat Allen getting things going in the main room with some hip-hop and old school tracks to sip some VSOP by.

chus and ceballos
Sat. Sep.2, 8pm
Ruby Skye
420 Mason St., San Francisco

Chus & Ceballos

4 TURNTABLES: All right, if you didn't make it up to Ruby Skye last night, don't worry, but all Bay Area house heads won't want to miss this one. The world renowned DJ tandem from Spain, Chus & Ceballos, bring their unique Iberian sound to the plush confines of Ruby Skye for one night (well, it'll probably kick til the early morn) of mad house, techno and tribal beats that's sure to get you grooving. Chus & Ceballos' have a true world club sound that always plays to packed houses, so head up to The City early.

Sun. Sep. 3, 3pm
Frank H. Ogawa Plaza
14th & Broadway, Oakland


GO FORWARD: A rising Bay Area R&B star who's garnered comparisons to the smoothest songbirds of the past and present, Goapele plays the main stage at Oakland's Art and Soul Festival today. Goapele voice is simply amazing and her deep social consciousness shows through in every track and performance. Her ability to flow seamlessly from rip your heart out love songs to blazing political commentary in front of beats and stylings that range from the smooth jazz and soul to hip-hop, funk and rock is what makes Goapele a must see artist.

Sun. Sep. 3, 8pm
Oakland Arena
7000 Coliseum Way, Oakland
$31.50 - $60.75


UNDERTOW: Tool was the first to blend art house rock with the angst ridden grind of thrash metal blazing them to the top of the charts in the waning days of the alternative rock scene. Alternating between side projects like A Perfect Circle and lengthy hiatuses from the thrash rock scene, Tool keeps their musical poignancy fresh and hard. Their latest offering, after their usual sabbatical, 10,000 Days sounds like vintage Tool in all its bass pounding, guitar screaming, tangential ranting glory.

tapestry arts festival
Sat.-Mon., Sep. 2-4, 10am-6pm
Various Locations
Downtown San Jose

Tapestry Arts Festival

THE LAST OF THE: While its Downtown San Jo day fest brethren have fallen victim to the evils of Capitalism, at least you can bank on the fact that the Tapestry Arts Festival--the traditional end to the summer festival run, now in its 31 year--is still free. Beginning Saturday at 10am and ending today, the Tapestry Arts Festival features 4 entertainment stages with blues, rock, jazz and classical acts performing, dozens of food booths and probably some booze vendors as well. Also, hundreds of local artists set up booths to display their wares and, heck, its Labor Day and a Downtown festival ain't a bad way to spend it.

hothouse flowers
Mon. Sep. 4, 8pm
Don Quixote's Intl. Music Hall
6275 Highway 9, Felton

The Hothouse Flowers

IRISH SLEEPER CELL: Hailed by Bono himself as the next incarnation of Irish rockers, The Hothouse Flowers have been hacking away at stardom for years. Powered by their awesome live sets and their latest album Into Your Heart--which shows the growing maturity of the once dubbed Irish upstarts--The Hothouse Flowers produce a unique blend of rock and soul. Long recognized by fans and music biz pros as a brilliant live band, catching this gig at such an intimate venue as Don Quixote's could prove to be one of the best sleeper hits this summer.

blue monkey
Tue. Sep. 5, 9pm
Blue Monkey Lounge
1 E. San Fernando St., San Jose

408 @ Blue Monkey

SAN JO DECK HANDS: Local spinners and MCs hit the Blue Monkey Lounge every Tuesday for a little hometown 408 love. Catch local turntable up and comers in the upstairs chill zone in a gig hosted by the LPDJ, House of Love, Secret Society and El Otro Mundo with expert booze slinging by the Blue Monkey crew.

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metroactivecoming up
paul van dyk
Sat. Sep. 16, 9pm
1015 Folsom
1015 Folsom, San Francisco

Paul van Dyk

HAVE BEATS, WILL TRAVEL: DJ and producer Paul van Dyk has provided the soundtrack to the German house, progressive trance and techno dance revolutions since he first broke into the scene in '88. Along with fellow beat head Paul Oakenfold, van Dyk was one of the first globe trotting DJs who were selling out enormous venues across the world with nothing more than a ton of vinyl and an ear for sound in their arsenals. For this show at 1015, Paul van Dyk is spinning a 4-hour exclusive set starting at midnight.

sublime sundays
Sun. Sep. 10, Noon
Smoke Tiki Lounge
152 Post St., San Jose
$5 before 3pm

Sublime Sundays

SUNDAY CHILL: Smoke Tiki Lounge is kicking in another Sunday day party for all you heads that just don't want the weekend to end. The first Sublime Sunday is going to run from noon till night featuring a host of slick turntable maestros including MJ Gamez, Ace Tatsu, Thomas Phan, Andrew MD, Rigo Acosta, Spindizzy and Spirit Fingers rocking the decks for some chill grooving on the Smoke patio.

--This week's newsletter by: RO, BF, CT, AR & CV


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