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Picks for the week of August September 5-11, 2007

Metro editors' picks: Rilo Kelly Stout City Rockers Richard Thompson Band


Thur. Sept. 6 at 8pm
The Warfield
982 Market St., San Francisco

Rilo Kiley

SWAGGERING ALT-COUNTRY: REDHEAD Jenny Lewis has done something few child actors have managed to accomplish: to become known for something other than her pre-pubescent past. Lewis grew up in Los Angeles and starred in tween films such as Troop Beverly Hills and The Wizard in the '80s, and continued acting into her teens. But in 1995, at the age of 19, she teamed up with Blake Sennett (also a child star; see: Salute Your Shorts and Boy Meets World), Pierre de Reeder and Dave Rock (recently switched out for Jason Boesel) to form Rilo Kiley, a twangy, swaggering alt-country group. Since then, the quartet has released four full-length albums, and its newest, Under the Blacklight, hit stores Aug. 21. The 11-track album is a bit of a departure for the band, treading into lighter Yeah Yeah Yeahs territory on "Moneymaker" and "Close Call" and taking a cue from Nelly Furtado on the dancy tune "Dejalo," projecting a more forceful sound and wider musical range with copious use of synth and canned beats, while previous albums teemed with floaty guitars, mellowed drums and much softer vocals from Lewis. Still, with similar acts such as the Shins and Arcade Fire gaining ground in the pop arena, and having recently garnered acclaim with their last album, More Adventurous, the indie darlings are likely to continue on their merry way to complete media domination (-ation, -ation, -ation). Catch them live at the Warfield with openers Jonathan Rice and Grand Ole Party.

Fri. Sept. 7, 10:00pm
The Blank Club
44 S. Almaden Ave., San Jose

Stout City Rockers

LOCAL ROSTER: THE PEOPLE organizing the Stout City Rockers show have made a singular promise to the concertgoing public: "If you are a fan of local music," reads the press release, "the Stout City Rockers are going to get you wet." The means by which they moisten you are unclear, but the means by which they will rock you are easy to see in the photo above. The Stout City Rockers are an all-star band of local heavyweights—the "Top Gun" of the local rock scene, if you will—who share a dedication to make Dave Miller happy. While pleasing Mr. Miller should be one of the mandatory "dues" to be paid by anyone trying to make the local rock scene, we think members of the Odd Numbers, Whiskey Sunday, the Shitkickers, Lars Frederiksen & the Bastards and many, many, many more are doing it because Miller is a local legend, not to mention the nicest guy (and Metro receptionist) you'll ever meet. With some help from his friend Randy Burke up at Stout Recording Studios in Oakland, Miller managed to enlist the monsters of the local scene to play original Miller tunes, filling a 13-track CD with gritty punk romps, poppy rock & roll ditties and even a of couple earnest acoustic ballads. The album, titled Found Alive, is a piece of local history, as collectible as it is available for purchase at the show. What can't be packaged up and taken home, though, is the show itself—a one-off celebration of Dave Miller's songwriting prowess and the musical talent of some of the people who continue to make the local music scene one worth seeing. Speaking of which, show up on time to see the Stout City Rockers video premiere.

Saturday Sept. 8 at 7:30pm
Mountain Winery
14831 Pierce Road, Saratoga

The Richard Thompson Band

ACCEPTED ECLECTIC: AFTER FOUNDING the '60s folk-rock group Fairport Convention, Richard Thompson decided to leave the band after the release of their fifth album, taking his British-rock-meets-Celtic-folk sound along with him. As a solo artist, Thompson encountered a few initial bumps in the road, the biggest pothole being the dismal record sales of his first record, Henry the Human Fly. Though critics adored Thompson's brilliant instrumental work, the LP gained the distinguished title of the worst selling album in the history of Warner Brothers Records. Ouch. But Thompson persevered, and went on to create some fascinating works that displayed the sophisticated eclecticism of his music, while record sales improved considerably. Steadily releasing a barrage of albums that range from earthy folk ballads to abstract rock-concepts, Thompson maintains his exploration into the depths of contemporary music traditions.

Kings of Leon
Tue. Sept. 4, 8pm
982 Market St., San Francisco

Kings of Leon

SOUTHERN CHARMERS: Maybe it's just a case of Southern charm, but Nashville-born Kings of Leon have captured my heart. The brothers Followill, along with cousin Matthew, add an extra kick in the ass and some pop-tinged twang to traditional Southern rock, making music better for head bobbing and foot tapping than beer guzzling and guitar shredding. The quartet's newest release, Because of the Times, finds the Kings playfully rolling around in varied waters, with songs such as "Charmer," a screechy ditty about a wily female, and "Knocked Up," a lengthy work about an unexpected pregnancy and youthful determination to keep the child. If you haven't had the pleasure of being raped by Ticketmaster this time around, Craigslist is not your only hope; the Kings will be back Oct. 6 with the Cure and others to tear up the Shoreline Amphitheatre for this year's Download Festival. (Claire Taylor)

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Hip-hop Showcase feat. Rasco
Sun. Sept. 9, 9pm
14 S. Second St., San Jose

Hip-hop Showcase feat. Rasco

CUTTING EDGE: Rasco of Cali Agents headlines VooDoo's hip-hop showcase, a show dedicated to putting established Bay Area artists together with up-and-coming hip-hoppers. The result is interesting and fresh shows that help strengthen the NorCal rap scene. Rasco, hailing from San Francisco, uses methodical beats and razor-sharp lyrics that have made him a Bay Area favorite. Poeticali Disturbed, Peaseuere, Sean Blak, Tauares Daize and Infinity the MC & Douja Lounge join Rasco. The whole enchilada is presented by local horror-hop master Kung Fu Vampire, so you know this show will be nothing short of cutting edge.

Tue. Nov. 6, 6:30pm
HP Pavilion
525 W. Santa Clara St.,
San Jose

Maroon 5

THIS LOVE: Grammy Award-winning Maroon 5 is back in action after a hiatus that followed their 2002 Songs About Jane album. Maroon 5's new material has been blowing fans and critics away--it's sexier and better than ever. The music world has seen tons of artists infusing soul into their music, but Maroon 5 excels at it, making them heartthrobs for many adoring female fans. Funky beats and Adam Levine's unique vocals are still what set Maroon 5 apart from other alternative rock bands. The HP Pavilion might be a huge venue, but Maroon 5, The Hives and Phantom Planet will undoubtedly fill it up with fans and beautiful music.

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