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Picks for the week of August September 12-17, 2007

Metro editors' picks: Treasure island Music Festival Guster Pink Martini


Saturday and Sunday (Sept. 15–16)
Treasure Island

Treasure Island Music Festival

Treasure Island Music Festival :

BERKELEY-BASED production company Another Planet Entertainment, along with the conspirators behind San Francisco's Noise Pop Festival, are giving Bay Area music fans a rare opportunity to see some of the brightest jewels in popular music this weekend at the Treasure Island Festival. Yes, Treasure Island exists outside of pirate fairy tales; in fact, it's a real place located smack dab in the middle of the San Francisco Bay. Check the listings for a complete lineup rundown, but here are the ones you should know about: Modest Mouse (need we say more?), Thievery Corporation, Spoon, DJ Shadow, and Zion I. Along with a host of other local acts, Santa Cruz–based The Devil Makes Three are appearing on Sunday, bringing their old-timey sound to a venue fit for kings, or at least the captains of pirate ships. And even Jack Sparrow himself would have a hard time passing this one up, as the first annual festival is sure to shiver-thee-timbers all weekend.

Fri. Sept. 14, 8:00pm
The Warfield
982 Market St., San Francisco


Bongo Rock:

A GOOD SHUFFLING of the now rather substantial library of Guster songs is unlikely to ever spit out something that wouldn't fit into any romantic comedy. Even so, Guster has less in common with fellow '90s alternative starlets Dave Matthews and Ben Folds than it does with the hard-luck careers of, say, Wilco or the Mother Hips. Starting out as a college band trio in Boston, Guster made a name for themselves on the East Coast with only two acoustic guitarists mingling two perfectly matched voices, and one unusually ambitious bongo player who managed to make acoustic pop music sound like rock. Never quite achieving major commercial success, the adorably approachable Guster has nevertheless grown out of its acoustic roots into a successful and relentless touring quartet, towing along a growing and loyal fan base.

Wednesday Sept. 12 at 8pm
Rio Theatre
1205 Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz

Pink Martini

Polygot Romance:

WITH ITS LUSH, cinematic sensibility, the 12-piece band Pink Martini has a way of turning each concert into the musical equivalent of a film festival, complete with the need for subtitles. The Portland-based phenomenon has won a huge international following with its idiosyncratic repertoire of original songs and pop obscurities in more than a dozen languages, Featuring a string and brass section and four expert percussionists, the ensemble crafts intricate arrangements that provide evocative settings in which China Forbes, the band's deliciously polyglot vocalist, is free to roam. Says pianist/arranger Thomas Lauderdale, the band's founder and artistic director: "We're inspired by an almost old-fashioned romance and sweep that's pre-1964. The challenge is to earnestly find the happiness and joy on the surface of the music, while understanding how complex life is in 2007."

Pink Martini struck pay dirt with its first album, 1997's Sympathique, which went gold in Canada, Switzerland, Greece and Turkey and has sold more than 750,000 copies, and their first single, the slacker anthem "Je ne veux pas travailler" ("I Don't Want to Work"), became a hit in France. Judging by the response to Hey Eugene!, their latest effort, Pink Martini has mastered the art of serving up another round.

Kings of Leon
Tue. Sept. 4, 8pm
982 Market St., San Francisco

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Tue. Nov. 6, 6:30pm
HP Pavilion
525 W. Santa Clara St.,
San Jose

Maroon 5

THIS LOVE: Grammy Award-winning Maroon 5 is back in action after a hiatus that followed their 2002 Songs About Jane album. Maroon 5's new material has been blowing fans and critics away--it's sexier and better than ever. The music world has seen tons of artists infusing soul into their music, but Maroon 5 excels at it, making them heartthrobs for many adoring female fans. Funky beats and Adam Levine's unique vocals are still what set Maroon 5 apart from other alternative rock bands. The HP Pavilion might be a huge venue, but Maroon 5, The Hives and Phantom Planet will undoubtedly fill it up with fans and beautiful music.

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