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Dishing for Compliments: Glenette Matlin shows off the window display at the Goldie winner for best antiques: Mr. Goodie's.

Best Goods & Services

Readers' Choice Awards

OBVIOUSLY, those swing-kid khaki ads did the trick, because a lot of you admitted to buying your clothes at the Gap. The rest of you were, as that infernal jingle has it, "shop, shop, shoppin' at Ross." Thank goodness for Pacific Trading Company. Looking backward, Mooon Zoom, Cognito and Goodwill (notwithstanding its pay-to-paw policy at the bargain barn) supplied most of our voters with their pre-owned threads.

Also obviously, way too many of you are spending your lives selling on eBay. In addition to the folks who were prepared to auction off body parts to a cyber audience, voters also want to hawk Pez dispensers, pictures of themselves (don't go there), Martha Stewart stuff, Joe Montana autographs and the ubiquitous Beanie Babies. To the voter who suggested that this was a "really random question, don't you think?" we can only say, "Uh ... yes."

Best acupuncturist

GOLD Wendy Beallor
3010 Santa Fe Court, SC, 477.1505

SILVER Martha Benedict
208 Locust St., SC, 425.5977

BRONZE Raven Lang, 425.1125

Best antiques

GOLD Mr. Goodie's
1541 Pacific Ave., SC, 427.9997

SILVER Etc., Etc., Etc.
1900 Commercial Way, SC, 462.8282

BRONZE Wisteria
5870 Soquel Dr., Soquel, 462.2900

Best auto mechanic

2335 Soquel Dr., SC, 462.4436

SILVER Bobby's Pit Stop
836 Bay Ave., Capitola, 476.4476
1615 17th Ave., SC, 462-6633

BRONZE Ben's Place
56 Old El Pueblo Rd., SV, 438.5211

Best bike shop

GOLD Bicycle Trip
1127 Soquel Ave., SC, 427.2850

SILVER Spokesman
231 Cathcart St., SC, 429.6062

BRONZE Family Cycling Center
950 41st Ave., Capitola, 475.3883

Best bookstore

GOLD Bookshop Santa Cruz
1520 Pacific Ave., SC, 427.0900

SILVER Logos Books & Records
1117 Pacific Ave., SC, 427.5100

BRONZE Capitola Book Cafe
1475 41st Ave., Capitola, 462.4415

Best camera store

GOLD Camera Club
1325 Mission St., SC, 426.8718

SILVER Bay Photo Lab
2853 Park Ave., Soquel, 475.6686
1950 Main St., Watsonville, 722.9072
235 Mount Hermon Rd., SV, 438.3989
119 Walnut Ave., SC, 425.1844
1601 41st Ave., Capitola, 462.5464

BRONZE Wolf Camera Inc.
810 Bay Ave., Capitola, 476.3333

Best chiropractor

GOLD James Cartwright
618 Frederick, SC, 460.9200

SILVER John Michael Lund
6214 Highway 9, Felton, 335.3569

BRONZE Mark Bernhard
1685 Commercial Way, SC, 476.6906

Best clothing store-men

GOLD The Gap
1213 Pacific Ave., SC, 425.3721
Capitola Mall, 1855 41st Ave., Capitola, 462.3916

SILVER Structure
Capitola Mall, 1855 41st Ave., Capitola, 464.1802

1955 41st Ave., Capitola, 479.4224

650 River St., SC, 423.0551

Best clothing store--women



BRONZE Pacific Trading Company
1338 Pacific Ave., SC, 423.3349
504 Bay Ave., Capitola, 476.6109

Best clothing store-vintage

GOLD Moon Zooom
813 Pacific Ave., SC, 423.8500

SILVER Cognito Clothing
821 Pacific Ave., SC, 426.5414

BRONZE Goodwill
Various Locations.

Best furniture store

GOLD Natural Selection
602 Soquel Ave., SC, 423.4711

SILVER Modern Life
925 41st Ave., SC, 475.6802

BRONZE The Furniture Warehouse
2701 41st Ave., SC, 475.3200

Best hair salon

GOLD Lather
1616 Seabright Ave., SC, 466.3040

SILVER Emmy Mae's Beauty Parlour
1432 Soquel Ave., SC, 425.1744

BRONZE Jon Michael Studio
920 Soquel Ave., SC, 425.1656

Best health club

GOLD Spa Fitness Center
1100 41st Ave., Capitola, 476.7373
816 Bay Ave., Capitola, 475.6316
1200 41st Ave., Capitola, 462.2004
25 Penny Lane, Watsonville, 722.3895

SILVER 24 Hour Fitness
1261 Soquel Ave., SC, 454.0333

BRONZE Toadal Fitness
113 Lincoln St., SC, 423.3764
1212 17th Ave., SC, 464.3764

Best Internet service provider

GOLD Cruzio
903 Pacific Ave., SC, 423.1162


BRONZE Cruzers
185 Walnut Ave., SC, 457.2789

Best massage

GOLD Dawn M. Burke of Both Hands Massage, 421.3593

SILVER Well Within
417 Cedar St., SC, 458.9355

BRONZE Heartwood Spa
3150a Mission Dr., SC, 462.2192

Best music store-CDs (new)

GOLD Streetlight
941 Pacific Ave., SC, 421.9200

SILVER Wherehouse
1820 41st Ave., Capitola, 476.8128

BRONZE Music Madness
1459 Freedom Blvd., Watsonville, 761.3278

Best music store-CDs (used)

GOLD Streetlight Records
941 Pacific Ave., SC, 421.9200

SILVER Logos Books & Records
1117 Pacific Ave., SC, 427.5100

BRONZE The Wherehouse
1820 41st Ave., Capitola, 476.8128

Best nursery/garden store

GOLD The Garden Center at
San Lorenzo Lumber Co.
235 River St., SC, 426.1020

SILVER Orchard Supply Hardware
1601 41st Ave., Capitola, 475.7701
1060 S. Green Valley Rd., Watsonville, 728.7701

BRONZE The Garden Company
2218 Mission St., SC, 429.8424

Best sporting goods store

GOLD Jerry's Sports
1126 Soquel Ave., SC, 425.7445

SILVER Outdoor World
1440 41st Ave., Capitola, 479.1501
136 River St., SC, 423.9555

BRONZE Big 5 Sporting Goods
1083 S. Green Valley Rd., Watsonville, 763.1819
1600 41st Ave., Capitola, 464.3822

Soaring Boards: Employee Jessie Helm at O'Neill, your pick for best surf shop.

Best surf shop

GOLD O'Neill
1115 41st Ave., SC, 475.4151

SILVER Santa Cruz Surf Shop
753 41st Ave., SC, 464.3233

BRONZE Paradise Surf Shop
3961 Portola Dr., SC, 462.3880

Best tattoo parlor

GOLD Papa Joe's Tattoo
9335 Mill St., Ben Lomond, 336.9601

SILVER Lovedog Tattoo
1117 Soquel Ave., SC, 469.3642

BRONZE Staircase Tattoo & Body Piercing
628 Ocean St., SC, 425.7644

Best thing to buy on eBay

GOLD Beanie Babies


BRONZE Body Parts

Best veterinarian

GOLD Mountain Animal Hospital,

SILVER Adobe Animal Hospital
1600 Soquel Dr., SC, 475.6365

BRONZE Del Mar Pet Hospital
7525 Sunset Way, Aptos, 688.2016

Best videotape rental (chain)

GOLD Blockbuster Video
Various locations

SILVER Hollywood Video
Various locations


Videotape rental (neighborhood)

GOLD Westside Video
1226 Mission St., SC, 458.0134

SILVER East Cliff Video
1701 Portola Dr., SC, 462.0707

BRONZE Hoots Video & Yogurt
827 Water St., SC, 425.7628


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