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Readers' Choice Awards

The outdoor life beckons readers to bike and bask while the sun shines at such justifiably famous spots as Seabright and Cowell's beaches and Natural Bridges. Technically speaking, Elkhorn Slough should have been disqualified on geographical grounds as Best Bird-Watching Spot, but having seen the magnificent herons nesting in the eucalyptus trees, we're willing to stretch a point. For spotting the rarae aves of homo sapiens, downtown Santa Cruz wins in a breeze.

The Forest of Nisene Marks continues to be the most favored (and worst spelled) spot for getting deep into nature on foot. Cyclists prefer the vistas of West Cliff Drive (dodging the roller bladers, who also opted for West Cliff) and the challenges at Wilder Ranch.

For huffing, puffing and buffing indoors, the heavyweight winners were Spa Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness and Gold's Gym.

Best beach

GOLD Seabright
SILVER Cowell's
BRONZE Natural Bridges

Best place to get pumped and buffed

GOLD Spa Fitness Center
1100 41st Ave., Capitola, 476.7373
816 Bay Ave., Capitola, 475.6316
1200 41st Ave., Capitola, 462.2004
25 Penny Lane, Watsonville

SILVER 24 Hour Fitness
1261 Soquel Ave., SC, 454.0333

620 Water St., SC, 425-4653

Best bike ride

GOLD West Cliff Drive

SILVER Wilder Ranch

BRONZE Forest of Nisene Marks State Park

Best bird-watching spot

GOLD Elkhorn Slough

SILVER Neary Lagoon

BRONZE Natural Bridges

Best jogging trail

GOLD Forest of Nisene Marks State Park

SILVER Big Basin State Park

BRONZE Pacific Avenue (to each his own)

Best hiking trail

GOLD Forest of Nisene Marks State Park

SILVER Pogonip

BRONZE Big Basin

Best golf course

GOLD DeLaveaga Golf Course & Lodge
401 Upper Park Rd., SC, 423.7212

SILVER Pasatiempo Golf Club
18 Clubhouse Rd., SC

BRONZE Seascape Golf Club
610 Clubhouse Dr., Aptos

Best people-watching spot

GOLD Downtown Santa Cruz

SILVER West Cliff Drive

BRONZE The Boardwalk

Best roller skating/blading spot

GOLD West Cliff Drive

251 Kings Village Road, SV, 438.2222

BRONZE Santa Cruz Roller Palladium
Seabright Avenue and Gault Street, SC, 423.0844

Best surf spot

GOLD Steamer Lane

SILVER Pleasure Point

BRONZE Cowell's Cove


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From the March 22-29, 2000 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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