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From Junk to Art: It wasn't on the ballot, but the best flea market display can be found Saturdays at the Skyview Drive-In, where shoppers enjoy the handiwork of Mario and his partner. Using society's discards--old frames, cigar tins, cameras--the two men create inventive grids full of surprising juxtapositions.

Best Write-In

Readers' Choice Awards

WE ASKED FOR IT, and you gave it to us in our free-form "you name it" category. Some of you took the opportunity to boost personal favorites inexplicably left off the ballot, like:

Best bank

Bay Federal Credit Union

Best church

Boulder Creek Community Church

Best librarian

A shout-out to Jonell, wherever you may work

Best place to buy children's clothes

Cotton Tales

Best towing

Santa Cruz Aptos Towing (but maybe this voter should check our list under Best Mechanic)

Best chai

Nub Chai

Best film master historian

Morton Marcus

Best comic book store

Atlantis Fantasy World

Things got a little dicier (and what is it with the exclamation points, anyway!) when people started revealing their inner obsessions:

"Denny's is the best. No contest. Denny's for Life."

"Best TV Sitcom: City of Santa Cruz Council Meetings."

"My favorite coulor [sic] is navy blue." (Thanks for sharing.)

"Best Street Personality: I call him 'Dancing Man.' He stands outside by the Clock Tower and does his little dance constantly while wearing his Walkman. I always wondered what music he was listening to!!"

"I love filthy!! He is cut. He is the definition of a man." (We'd rather not know.)

"Most Holier Than Thou Political Entity: SCAN. Most Ignored Serious Political Issue: Housing." (See page 7 this issue.)

"Best Local Personality: The guy who you see in Santa Cruz and Felton with the 'No Smoking' sign taped to a covered tennis racquet. He holds it out in front like a sword--a silent message!"

But our favorite has to be: "Best Newspaper: Metro Santa Cruz." (Thanks, we needed that.)


Best Food & Drink
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Best Arts
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Best Music & Nightlife
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Best Goods & Services
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Best People & Places
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Best Sports & Recreation
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From the March 22-29, 2000 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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