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Goldies 2005

When you're eleven, you're in Goldie Heaven


Goldies 2005
The Santa Cruz Top 11
Survey Results


Last year, after a decade of jealously watching as you, dear readers, got to decide the best whosits and whatnots in town, we decided to add an extra dimension to the Goldies issue--The Santa Cruz Index.

Yes, this involved months of intensive research and undercover investigative reporting, but when we were done we had list upon list of trivia bits, which we compiled into topical Top 10s related to Politics, People and Places, Movies, Music and Literature.

To round things out, we also threw in a couple of Harper's style indexes that sampled the countyís history, nomenclature and economy, plus a Miscellaneous Section, which was pretty much bullpoop, but hopefully was good for kicks and giggles.

This year, with Metro Santa Cruz turning 11 in May, we decided to expand the 2005 Santa Cruz Index one digit further to include the Top 11 of everything listable. The results include a Name Dropping category, beginning with the Top 11 write-ins that readers entered on this yearís ballots. Also included, are categories covering Politics, Liquid Entertainment, Literature, Music, Nature and History. As if that wasn't enough, we also included three highly insightful indexes. The first consists of good news, of both the slightly bitter and the good variety. The second consists of 11 instructions, issued in 1797, for founding the Villa de Branciforte. The third consists of 11 endangered/threatened habitats and species in the Monterey Bay.

We hope you have as much fun reading these as we did unearthing them. For those about to be listed, we salute you. Santa Cruz, you're awesome!

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From the March 30-April 6, 2005 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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