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Goldies 2005
The Santa Cruz Top 11
Survey Results


Goldies 2005: The Santa Cruz Top 11

Most people, including David Letterman, make Top 10 lists. Here at Metro Santa Cruz we like to go one step further, especially when we're about to turn 11. So, here are our Top 11s:

Top 11 Pieces of Good News (the good kind)
Free Skool is running classes.
Banning gay marriages is unconstitutional.
Family Guy is returning to the air.
Freak Radio is back on the air and now there is a franchise in Felton.
Wangari Maathai, a Kenyan environmental activist, won the Nobel Peace Prize, not Henry Kissinger.
There was a 14 percent decrease in larceny this January within city limits, as compared to last January.
Amy Goodman received the first annual Ruben Salazar Journalism Award at UCSC. Café Brasil is open once again.
Regardless of the war on terror, spring is pretty.
We are past the midpoint of the Bush presidency.
Eleven is still less than 12.

Name Dropping

Top 11 Ballot Write-Ins
Best Chocolate: Donnelly Fine Chocolate
Best Hawaiian Restaurant: Aloha Island Grille
Best Herb Source: The Herb Room
Best Kitchen Chef: Soup Maker Aristico Perez at Mainsail
Best Nail Salon: Swan & Co
Best New Eatery: River Café and Cheese Shop
Best Medical Care: Santa Cruz Medical Clinic
Best Perfume-Making Store: Perfumer's Apprentice
Best Realtor: Patty Connole
Best Tax Preparer: Cynthia Leachmore at Soquel Tax
Worst Evildoer: Mr. George W. Bush

Top 11 Celebrity Names
M. Angelo
M. Bolton
J. Crawford
C. Diaz
Michael Jackson
Dennis Miller
S. Peterson
C. Powell
R. Russo
D. Sawyer
B. Willis

Photograph by Stephen Laufer

Slugalicious: Banana slugs put Santa Cruz on the map.

Top 11 Santa Cruz Names
Brandy Bunker
Echo Bush
Elmer Cloud
Shalom Compost
Marilyn Dreampeace
Freesia Raine
Sequoia Seaborn
Bud Stump
Billy Sunshine
Crystal Tippy
Herb Xanadu
M. L. Zarathustra

Top 11 Locally Based International Image Makers
Banana Slugs
Professor Angela Davis
Jack O'Neill
Mr. Twister
Lost Boys
Neil Young
Ramblin' Jack Elliott
Tom Lehrer
Sudden Impact
John Laird
Zasu Pitts

Top 11 Great Morgani Costumes
The Bar Code Babes
The Spikes
Oscar Statue
The River Street Sign
The Mirrored Odyssey
The Nunordionist
Que Bookee Geysha
Neon Watermelon (Bruce Suba-inspired)
Eggstravaganza (Easter)
Morgani and the Blue Meanies (Fourth of July)
The Little Squeeze
The Sorbet Santa

Top 11 Surf Spots
Steamer Lane
The Point
Middle Peak
The Slot
Pleasure Point
Sewer Peak
The Hook
The Jetty

Top 11 Grossest Places
City Dump
Watsonville Dump
Catalyst Trough
Harbor on Dredging Day
Waste Water Treatment Plant
The Tallow Truck
Biowaste bins at UCSC
Fried Twinkie Stand at the Boardwalk
Mitchell's Beach in Winter

Top 11 Hippy Stores Circa 1975
Dr. Buck's Garden of Eatin'
Harmony Foods
Mr. Natural Food Store
Windham Market
Staff of Life
Sunflower Natural Foods
Whole Earth Restaurant
Everyday Handweaver's Supply
The Era
The Turquoise Nugget
Free-Form Homes Inc., Geodesic Domes

Liquid Entertainment

Top 11 Cocktails at the Red Room
(As poured by Blaine)
Bloody Mary
Irish Car Bomb
Jugunga Cosmopolitan
Satan's Whiskers
Hemingway Daiquiri
Old Fashioned
White Russians
Prison Bitch

Top 11 Beers at 99 Bottles
(Provided in no particular order by an anonymous bartender)
Pauliner Hefeweizen
Great White from the Lost Coast Brewery
Anderson Valley Boont Amber Ale
Barney Flat Oatmeal Stout
Young's Double Chocolate Stout
Black Watch Cream Porter
Firestone Double Barrel Ale
Speakeasy's Prohibition Ale

Literature Picks

Top 11 Requested Books at the Santa Cruz Public Library
(As read by Anne Turner--Director of Libraries)
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince--J.K. Rowling
The Broker--John Grisham
Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed--Jared Diamond
Case Histories: A Novel--Kate Atkinson
Cold Service--Robert B. Parker
The Forgotten Man--Robert Crais
Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking--Malcolm Gladwell
The Listening Library Version of the Da Vinci Code--Dan Brown
Gilead--Marilynne Robinson
America the Book: A Guide to Democracy Inaction--Jon Stewart
Runaway Stories--Alice Munro

Top 11 Local Libraries for Materials Checkout
(As calculated by Anne Turner)
Central Santa Cruz
Scotts Valley
Boulder Creek
Garfield Park
La Selva
Outreach Program
Live Oak (currently closed)

Top 11 Titles at Bookshop Santa Cruz
(As provided by Neal Coonerty)
America The Book: A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction--Jon Stewart
The Time Traveler's Wife--Audrey Niffenegger
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time--Mark Haddon
The Da Vinci Code--Dan Brown
The Kite Runner--Khaled Hosseini
Reading Lolita in Tehran--Azar Nafisi
Eats, Shoots and Leaves--Lynne Truss
The Secret Life of Bees--Sue Monk Kidd
Angels & Demons-- Dan Brown
Middlesex--Jeffery Eugenides
Life of Pi--Yann Martel


Top 11 Hardest to Believe They Ever Performed Here
Bob Dylan
Bob Marley & the Wailers
Ray Charles
Midnight Oil
Crosby, Stills & Nash
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Laurie Anderson
Youssou N'Dour
Johnny Cash
Pearl Jam

Top 11 Local Bands Circa 1975
Dirty Butter Jug Band
"Boogie" Bruce
Gold n' Leeds
The Homewreckers
Bob Lowery
Zentner Brothers (perfomed naked)
Dirty Blonde
Chaw (performed naked)
Cal (performed naked)
The Low Tide Circle Band (performed naked)

Top 11 KZSC Radio Shows
Metallic Blurp
Skank for Brains
Forgive Me for I Have Synthesized
Mutilated in Minutes
The Broken Toy Contraption
Silverfish in the Kitchen
Dusting Off Dad's Vinyl
Screaming at a Wall
A Walk on the Wild Side: Music to Cross-Dress By
Dead Air

Photograph by Stephen Laufer

Cypress Royale: This cypress tree made it onto our list of Top 11 Ents.

Nature and History

Top 11 Local Ents
Bunya Bunya at Walnut and Chestnut
Treebeard at Rincon and Walnut in front of the Swiss chalet
Tree No. 9 in the UCSC Upper Campus Reserve
Heirloom olive trees on Ocean Street Extension
Cypress at De La Costa and West Cliff
Redwood Loop at Henry Cowell
Big Basin redwoods above Berry Creek Falls
Old Man Willow at northwestern entrance to Neary Lagoon
Trees hopelessly clinging to Waddell Bluffs
Butterfly Grove at Natural Bridges
Massive Bonsai in the Santa Cruz Zen Center

Top 11 Development-Blocking Endangered Species
Monarch butterflies
California red-legged frog
Tidewater goby
Ohlone tiger beetle
Santa Cruz tarplant
San Francisco popcorn-flower
Gairdner's yampah
Townsend's big-eared bat
Great blue heron
Dusky-footed woodrat
West Side homeowner

Top 11 Natural Resources for the Ohlone Indians
Grizzly Bears
Flint tips
Sweat Lodge
Soap Plant

Top 11 Local Interesting Ruins
Pogonip Club
Kenneth Kitchen's Abalone Palace/Yogi Temple on Fair Street
Raymond Kitchen's Stone Castle on Fair Street
Whaling station remains at Moss Landing
Wave generator remains near Chico Street and West Cliff
Sawmill remains in Nisene Marks Forest
Unrestored adobe structures at Santa Cruz Mission
The clock tower (actually the clock from the IOOF meeting hall)
Santa Cruz Portland Cement Company's 1934 steel pier located north of the current plant in Davenport
Lime kiln remains inside the Pogonip
Southern Pacific Summit tunnels over the Coast Range
(For more information, check out www.sandylydon.com)

Photograph by Stephen Laufer

Marquee Power: We can see the Del Mar rated among our Top 11 historical structures.

11 Best Historical Structures
Santa Cruz Missionary Baptist Church
The Octagon Building
Del Mar Theatre
Rio Theatre
La Bahia
Giant Dipper roller coaster
Boardwalk's merry-go-round
Holy Cross Church
Town Clock
El Palomar Hotel
Vets Hall
Post office

11 Best Historical Houses
417 Cliff St.--the Deming House
114 Escalona Drive--oldest house in Santa Cruz
319 Laurel St.--Four Palms apartments
412 Lincoln St.--Cope Row houses
315 Main St.--Carmelita Cottages
130 School St.--Neary Rodriguez Adobe
109 Sylmar--Alzina House
924 Third St.--Golden Gate Villa
304 Walnut Ave.--Douglas Haslam House
320 West Cliff--Epworth by the Sea
423 Mott Ave.
(The City Planning Department has historic building records.)

Top 11 Items the First Settlers Brought to Town

Top 11 Early Santa Cruz Industries
Powder Works
Paper Works
Salt Baths


11 Development Projects That Have Never Happened
Santa Cruz Wharf entryway
Wilder Ranch subdivision
Double-decker Highway 1 extension over Mission Street
Highway 1 extension through Pogonip, across campus and down through Wilder
Frederick Street Apartment Towers
Rittenhouse's hole at Pacific and Church/Downtown Plaza
Ron Lau's hole at Pacific and Water
Performing Arts Center
A factory outlet center near downtown
Lighthouse Field hotel, shopping and convention center
Apartment building complex above downtown Longs

Top 11 Locally Sighted Political Bumper Stickers
Democracy Was Getting Old anyway
Who's Your Baghdaddy?
Iraq Is Arabic for Vietnam
Draft SUV Drivers First
Vote Republican: It's Never Too Late to Return to the Dark Ages
Lobotomies for Republicans: It's the Law
I Need a Florist Who Will Send Two Bushes to Iraq
Proud to Live in a Blue State
No One Died When Clinton Lied
We're All Wearing the Blue Dress Now
Drug-Free Since 1974

Top 11 Endangered and Threatened Habitats and Species in the Monterey Bay Region

1. FRESHWATER: Increased human use leads to less anadromous fish habitat, and more proposed desalination plants (which will increase coastal development/impacts).

2. NATURAL SHORELINE: Natural input of sand has declined and there are more seawalls.

3. COASTAL WETLANDS AND ESTUARIES: Humans have destroyed or severely degraded 80 percent of Californiašs coastal salt marshes.

4. SOUTHERN SEA OTTERS: They are officially listed as an endangered species and face threats from disease, toxins, and resource reduction.

5. NORTHERN RIGHT WHALES: There are only 400-500 remaining, worldwide.

6. BLACK ABALONE: Historically abundant, they are being decimated by the spread of "withering foot" disease spreading north through the Sanctuary.

7. LEATHERBACK TURTLES: These 1,000-pound visitors to the Sanctuary every autumn will likely go extinct in your lifetime.

8. BOCACCIO ROCKFISH: Often marketed as red snapper, their stocks are severely depleted and have been declared "overfished."

9. SNOWY PLOVER: One of the most endangered species in the U.S., human disturbances along our beaches severely impact breeding success.

10. BLUE WHALE: Whaling led them, the largest mammals on earth, to the brink of extinction.

11. MARBLE MURRELET: These birds feed in the ocean, but nest in coniferous forests, which are impacted by land-use practices.

For more information, visit the Sanctuary Integrated Monitoring Network (SIMoN) at www.mbnms-simon.org.

Instructions for Directing The Foundation of Villa de Branciforte, Monterey, July 17, 1797

1. YOUR FIRST care must be to maintain peace and proper harmony among the settlers, watching carefully over their good habits, not permitting concubinage, forbidden games, or drunkenness and punishing those who succumb to these vices and to that of not assisting in public and individual works in fitting customary ways.

2. YOU WILL oblige all to attend Mass on the days of instruction, taking roll, and he who fails without legitimate cause will be put in the stocks for three hours.

3. UPON QUITTING their work the men must recite the rosary of the Most Holy Mary in the Guardroom, at present in that of the troops and later in that to be built in the new villa.

4. DURING LENT you will take care that they complete the annual instruction, sending the corresponding certification to the Government.

5. YOU WILL not allow present Settlers or those who might settle in future to have dealings or contacts with the Indians of the Mission, men or women, and much less, illicitly to abuse the women. To this end you will prohibit their going to the Rancheria by day or by night. This is a point that must be scrupulously observed.

6. AT THE Mission they will make liberal grant of the necessary food supplies to be rationed; it will be done in proportion to the number of individuals in each family. You will see to it that they take advantage of this for the improvement of their sustenance. Families of the married men might be able to prepare meals for the bachelors as is the custom among the troops, but take care that no enmity should arise because of this.

7. AS TO the effects delivered to you by the Paymaster, you will mete them out most exactly, according to the state of each settler's account, so they may cover their flesh and free themselves from the season's hardships. For each one you will keep a separate account and hand it to the Paymaster.

8. CARRETAS IN use and the implements for agriculture and ironwork delivered to you for community service must be cared for and preserved in the best condition.

9. EVERY SUNDAY indefectibly the settlers must pass in review the articles of clothing, arms, mounts and iron tools given them, and you will collect those that might have been transferred and punish any person acting with such abandon. You will do the same with the horses and cattle when they are supplied.

10. UNTIL THE Engineer arrives and draws up the sketch of the land to show the fields for irrigation and for seasonal use to be given each settler, you will proceed with the construction of temporary lodgings and corrals suitable for large and small animals, giving a monthly report to the Government of the progress made and the conduct of the Colonists. This can be done by dispatching the letter from Santa Clara on the day the Corporal of the Mission Guard sends his diary to the President of San Francisco.

11. LASTLY, THE Comisionado must pay the most respectful attention to the Reverend father Ministers of the Mission of Santa Cruz concerning whatever controversies might present themselves, to avoid occasioning well-founded complaints. Any discord whatsoever obstructs good service. It is a copy Borica.

Diego de Borica

Translated by Starr Gurcke. Provided courtesy of the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History.

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From the March 30-April 6, 2005 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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