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The F Stops Here

woman with cane

Reflection, preparation, anticipation--some of SC's soon-to-be celestial celebs get ready for their final curtain call.

Photographs by Robert Scheer
Interviews by Kelly Luker

Few humans have ever returned from "The Other Side" to tell us exactly what happens after we bite the dust, expire, pass away, head south or, as Bill Shakespeare put it, shuffle off this mortal coil. But lots of local luminaries--all village elders or near-elders--have very interesting and carefully thought-out plans for their deaths, including obituaries, final requests, wakes, burial plans and visions of the hereafter. We asked around our lively county and unearthed--so to speak--some interesting ideas for last rites, which we captured in words and imagery.

  • Mary Holmes
  • Lee Quarnstrom
  • Bernice Belton
  • Sandy Lydon
  • Charis Wilson
  • Manuel Santana
  • Jeanne Houston
  • T. Michael Walker
  • Katherine Beiers
  • Burney J. Le Boeuf
  • Edith Manchester
  • Robert Anton Wilson
  • Billie Harris
  • John Tuck
  • Beth Regardz

    George Sakkestad and Christina Waters contributed to this article.

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  • From the Oct. 30-Nov. 5, 1997 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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