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January 4-10, 1996


Arts & Entertainment

    Madonna Materializes: Long after Michael Jackson and Bruce Springsteen have faded into scandal and mediocrity, Madonna continues to create pop epiphanies.

    Jazz and Blue Notes: Nicky Baxter takes one last look back at 1995's best albums.

    Czars of Bizarre: On its new album, hip-hop humorists the Pharcyde show flashes of bitterness.

    Get a Moog On: The Rentals indulge in roaring guitar, infectious female "ooh-hoo-hoo" background vocals and soaring violins.

    Audiofile: Reviews of the latest CDs by World For Ransom, Sexx, The Beauticians and Wild Bouquet.

    Beat Street: Shonen Knife is sharp.

    Science Fiction and More: Octavia Butler defies categories in Bloodchild, a collection of short stories and essays.

    Digging Up the Future: Michael Sturtz sculpts the future--warts and all.

    Suspense in the Flickering Light: Gaslight, at ACT in San Francisco, deftly combines suspense and drama with touches of humor.


    Sensuous Sushi: Christina Waters visits Yakko Japanese Restaurant in Mountain View and its world-class sushi bar.

    Bargain Bites: Ranch 99 Market, a spanking-new Asian food megastore.

    A la Carte: Chile weather; Mirassou moments; making tracks.

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