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World Wide Stooge

A guide to the best of the
Three Stooges in cyberspace

By Richard von Busack

The stereotypical computer fiend--male, pale and frail--is the archetypal Three Stooges fan. So, naturally, the Internet teems with Stooges' lore, and the first, best stop is the Three Stooges Collectors Showcase, the clearly marked gateway to sites elsewhere. One electronic cul de sac, which I couldn't find twice, displayed such priceless artifacts as a sad canceled check for $20 to the Safeway in Moe Howard's own hand. Other stars have flunkies to shop for them. There's no justice in this world.

The Three Stooges Gravesite Tour features an article by Jonathan Green, titled "Pie in the Face in the Sky," which leads you to the graves of all six of the Stooges--and Ted Healy, too. A sobering sight: the simple tombstone that marks the slumbering body of Curly Howard. The great man is buried in a slummy corner of Los Angeles, but his plot is marked--in the traditional Jewish way--by visitors who left small rocks on the tombstones.

Stooge TV is the home page of the Family Channel's Stooges TV program; visit a dozen times a day for a week and post a message: "If you ever even think of canceling Stooge TV, me and my descendants unto the seventh generation will never watch Family Channel again."

The home site of Spumco, the creators of Ren and Stimpy. Spumco, which honored Larry Fine in the voice of Stimpson J. Cat, currently markets dolls of "history's most perfect men." They damn the Stooges with faint praise.

Academic Stooge is an interview with Jon Solomon, a professor of classics at the University of Arizona. Solomon defies academia by boldly pronouncing his love of the Stooges, and he is known to liven up gatherings by performing his version of Curly's outstanding imitation of a headless chicken. Show the world, prof!

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