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[whitespace] Signs of the Times

The great disappearing signs have captured preservationists' attention

THERE ARE MANY WEBSITES that address specific styles of signage, their corresponding architecture, technology, cultural histories and even listings of signs in other areas. A few good ones to try:

  • National Signs of the Times Museum at www.signmuseum.com, with an all-purpose links page to other sign-industry and Americana websites and museums. An excellent resource.

  • Los Angeles Conservancy Modern Committee at www.modcom.org

  • California Electric Sign Association at www.cesa.org

  • Signs of the Times magazine at www.signweb.com

  • For information on the Vancouver Museum and neon bus tours, go to www.vanmuseum.bc.ca

  • For information on the Historical Seattle neon bus tour opening this spring, go to www.historicseattle.org

  • Society for Commercial Archaeology features excellent links to websites featuring restored gas stations, motels, drive-ins and cinemas. Also includes a link to Tackiest Places in America and the world's largest catsup bottle, in Collinsville, Ill. Visit www.sca-roadside.org/home.htm.

    Old Signs: Silicon Valley's Disappearing Legacy

    Sign Language: What historic signs say about our lives, and why action is needed to save the valley's scarce reminders of its commercial past.

    Plaque Removal: Metro reporter Genevieve Roja takes a neon-lit journey in search of the valley's oldest and most intriguing signs.

    Hand-Painted Wonders: Long before graffiti, brick buildings were a palette for sign painters. Today, they are endangered species.

    Strokes of Genius: An interview with octogenarian sign-painter Rey Giese.

    Telltale Signs: Close-up looks at the Courtesy Chevrolet and Orchard Supply Hardware landmark signs.

    Pooch Politics: Famed cartoonist takes doggie-head sign to heart.

    Living Large: Giant roadside statues are often 'borrowed.'

    Signs From the Underbelly: Columnist Eric Carlson offers a photographic tour of some of the most interesting signs in San Jose.

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  • From the April 26-May 2, 2001 issue of Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper.

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