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[whitespace] Club Savoy

Club Savoy
3546 Flora Vista Ave, Santa Clara 408.244.6909

Hours: Fri 5pm-2am, Sat 8pm-2am, Sun 5pm-12:30am, Mon 8:30pm-2am, Tue-Wed 5pm-12:30am
Crowd Age: 20s-50s
Music: DJs
Decor: Big garage chic
Signature Drink: Bourbon
Dancing: Oh, yeah
Games/Amenities: Pool, Darts, TV, Karaoke every Wednesday (starts at 8pm)

Long and lean like a river barge, Club Savoy is a slow starter. If you arrive on a Friday before 10pm, a few chairs may be warmed by the butts of early birds, but the three rooms that make up the club are mostly calm, cool and empty. But the Savoy is no wallflower--it's built for dancing. In the front room, a small bar arcs out in a half-moon, facing a tiled floor that sees a lot of use as the night wanes on: every Monday, "Secret Society Club" DJs turn the place into a rave-type cocoon; Tuesdays, DJ Georgia ropes in Country & Western Dance Night (lessons start at 7:30pm); Saturdays, DJ Claudia shakes the house. The backroom features its own DJ station and dance floor, and can be rented out for special events. On the best nights--like last month's post-Pride parade barbecue--the party spills out into the parking lot, and everyone seems to know one another.

Barbara, the Savoy's owner/manager, confirms that there is no nicer crowd in the South Bay, especially for women. The Savoy, you see, started out as a lesbian bar, and the ladies still rule the roost, but Barbara likes the term "gay-friendly" as opposed to gay bar. With full-spectrum dancin', two pool tables, darts, 12 beers on tap and a monthly women's talent show, whatever you call Club Savoy, it's the place to practice your rollerskate jams.

If Your Bar Could Be Any Animal, What Would It Be?: A boxing, dancing kangaroo

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From the July 18-24, 2002 issue of Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper.

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