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When Animals Drink

THE LIGHT IS DIM, and the path to the bar stools uncertain. A group of exotic birds preen at a table against the mirrored wall, cackling loudly--are they cackling at you? Is that roar in the distance a leopard or just the band gearing up? As you snake your way through the gyrating crowds, you start to feel the evening's rhythm pounding in your blood, over and over, the coded message of jungle drums: Must ... imbibe ... alcohol ...; must ... shake ... boo-tay ...

Welcome to Metro's 17th annual Bars & Clubs issue. Just as we do every year, we've cut through the underbrush to discover that truly rare species of bar: the hip-shakin', party-quakin' Best Place to Get Your Thang On.

And the numbers of such watering holes are growing. What hangover economy? It's as if our collective spirits have coiled and risen to the challenge ("Cry not, downtrodden geeks and stockless monsters, and if so, only into your beers!"). On our night safaris we found expanded and thriving empires of favorite hangouts like STODDARDS'S, the MISSION ALE HOUSE, KLEIDON'S, BRITTANIA ARMS, MOUNTAIN CHARLEY'S and the HEDLEY ROOM. While the last year has seen some beloved places, like FUEL and THE CACTUS, fall to predators, you may be surprised to learn that new places are sprouting from the valley floor: GIZA, SPY, SAN JOSE BAR & GRILL, and opening in late fall on the site of the former Cactus, ZOE and BACKBAR, featuring tapas, DJ dancing, and live music. (You heard it here first!) People will drink, and people will dance, damn it! And sometimes they will do so like animals. Metro is here to help. Let us be your guide down the twisted path to stiff gimlets, romantic cocktails, fancy wine and/or beer stuffs.

PS: If you're going to drink like an animal, please note that peeing outside is no longer allowed in downtown Walnut Creek. Thank you.


Around the Bar in a Day: Different cultures, different liquors, same hangover.

Breakfast of Champions: It's 6am. Do you know where your bar stool is?

Boozin' Down the Line: Leave the driving to Caltrain--barhop from burb to burb.

Vintage Knowledge: Uncorking the arcane world of wine tasting

The Guide

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New and Noteworthy

The Candid Club | Club Savoy | Dana Street Roasting Company | Giza Hookah Lounge | Goodfellows | The Icon Nightclub/Mas Sake | King of Clubs | Kleidon's Lounge | Mountain Charley's Saloon | Office Bar | Outback Steakhouse | Stoddard's Brewhouse & Eatery

Photography: Paul Myers

Thanks to The Reptile Ranch in San Jose for providing the reptiles and Club Savoy for providing the shoot location.

No animals were allowed to drink alcohol during the making of this issue.

On the cover: Bearded Dragon
On the inside cover: Albino Nelson's Milk Snake
On this page: Leucistic Texas Rat Snake (Albino)

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From the July 18-24, 2002 issue of Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper.

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