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Walking Papers
Willow Glen--The San Jose City Council unanimously approved rezoning for two Willow Glen neighborhood business districts to make it easier for the city to enforce their pedestrian-friendly characters. A section of Lincoln Avenue between Coe and Minnesota avenues and a stretch of Willow Street from Prevost Street to Highway 87 received the changed commercial zoning classification at an Aug. 14 council hearing. The new classification requires a maximum front setback of 10 feet and a minimum rear setback of 25 feet, to encourage parking behind businesses.

Jade Case
Cupertino--On Aug. 9, police arrested the second of three suspects wanted in connection with the Jade Galore jewelry store robbery and murder of a security guard last March. The suspect, 28-year-old Soewin Chan, was arrested without incident at his residence in Santa Ana, Calif., where police had served him a search warrant. A tag from a Rolex watch allegedly stolen from the jewelry store was found at Chan's residence and matches those found at the Jade Galore, according to authorities. Chan was transported to Santa Clara County Jail on Aug. 15 and is currently being held without bail.

Drive-By Coffee
Campbell--Our economy may have gone south, but we will always have coffee. Keon Vossoughi, owner of Drinx in Campbell and Cupertino, will be celebrating his ninth anniversary as a purveyor of fast coffee pick-me-ups. On Aug. 14, the 35-year-old coffee capitalist opened a new, larger Drinx right next-door to the old one in Campbell. The coffee capitalist says his Winchester Avenue drive-through is the first in Santa Clara County. Vossoughi estimates that he gets about 500 customers a day at each of his locations.

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