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Dew Action Sports Tour Issue:
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2005 Dew Action Sports Tour—San Jose

Event Schedule

Thursday, Sept. 8
Gates open to public at 2:30pm
2:30-4:30pm BMX Vert Prelims
2:30-4:45pm BMX Dirt Practice
5-7:30pm BMX Dirt Prelims
6-7:45pm BMX Vert Practice
8-9pm BMX Vert Final

Friday, Sept. 9
Gates open to public at 2:30pm
2:30-4pm BMX Supercross Competition rounds
3-8pm SKB Park Practice
3:30-5:15pm SKB Vert Practice
4:30-5:15pm BMX Supercross Semifinal/Final
5:30-7:30pm SKB Vert Prelims
6-7:15pm BMX Dirt Practice
7:30-9pm BMX Dirt Final
9-11pm Music Stage: Puddle of Mudd (headliner)/The Prom Kings

Saturday, Sept. 10
Gates open to public at 12:00pm
12:00-2:45pm SKB Park Practice
1-2:30pm SKB Vert Final
2:30-4:45pm BMX Park Practice
3-5:30pm SKB Park Prelims
3-5pm FMX Prelims
5-7:30pm BMX Park Prelims
5:30-7pm FMX Practice
7:30-9pm FMX Final
9-11pm Music Stage: Chevelle (headliner)/A Change of Pace

Sunday, Sept. 11
Gates open to public at 12:00pm
12-12:45pm BMX Park Practice
1-2:30pm BMX Park Final
1:30-3:15pm SKB Park Practice
3:30-5pm SKB Park Final

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From the September 7-13, 2005 issue of Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper.

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