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Asia Minors
Cupertino schools are attracting thousands of immigrants from China, Japan and Southeast Asia, swelling the city's multicultural numbers beyond the comfort zone of some local residents.

Trading Places
Los Gatos--The villain in the yearlong saga over development on 1,100 acres of forested land above Lexington Reservoir just may turn out to be the hero. John Musumeci, land manager for Arlie Land and Cattle, appears to have traded his black hat for a green one. Late last week, he offered 200 acres to preservationists for $5 million--a relative bargain. The catch? If he isn't allowed to develop 55 lots, the deal is off.

Wheel-Behaved Kids
Campbell--As the bumper stickers say, skateboarding is not a crime--but San Jose skaters wouldn't know it by their City Council's refusal to offer an alternative to illegal skating. Campbell, on the other hand, is proving a model civic parent to the baggies-and-ollies generation. In fact, the temporary skating facility, which the city opened in July, is a hit--not just with Campbell kids, but with skate rats from San Jose as well.

Save 'n' Rave
San Jose--That roar Thursday morning will be the sound of students scurrying to their favorite ATM machines. Turns out those $100-a-head tickets to see Beck and Devo at the valley's high-tech charity dance party, Silicon Planet, are coming down in price as a special treat for the youth market. On Thursday morning, anyone with a student ID can score the tickets for $35 apiece at the San Jose State Event Center.

Blower Job
Sunnyvale--After 10 months of twiddling their thumbs, Sunnyvale politicians are blowing off a proposed ban on gas-powered leaf blowers. Instead, they have bravely authorized a broad study of noise pollution, which will take at least five months. In the meantime, gardeners can continue to power up their multi-horsepowered yard-brooms until 10pm.

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