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Rohnert Park, we hardly knew thee

I would like to thank you for Gabe Meline's recent feature article, "Sex in the Suburbs" (Feb. 4). I was completely unaware that there was an active adult-film industry in Rohnert Park—of all places!—as I imagine were most of your readers. I found the piece informative and funny, while maintaining an appropriate level of maturity and objectivity given the subject matter. I am not a porn connoisseur myself, but I am interested in knowing what happens in our community, including the unseen, subcultural fringes. Rohnert Park will certainly be a more interesting place from now on. It was a bold article to print, and I think the Bohemian has finally earned its title. 

Nick Johnson
Santa Rosa

Boing-boing Picked it Up and . . .

I just read John Moss' story about being blindsided by a student with acid ("Field Trippin'," Jan. 21). It's quite well-written and I appreciated the way the commentary was interspersed with the descriptions. Thank you for publishing something that's both so unusual and has a viewpoint well outside what one can normally find in a newspaper, and is so reasonably, coherently and unapologetically representative of that viewpoint.

Nick Short
Los Angeles

Transit Tension

In response to P. Joseph Potocki's article "Bus Riders and Budget Bozos" (Jan. 28), as someone who uses bicycles and buses as his primary modes of transportation (I have owned cars for about a total of four of my 53 years), I find it unacceptable that the state is planning to reduce public transit services due to budget problems which our government is responsible for creating in the first place.

Some of us have made it our business to be a part of the solution and are willing to forgo the convenience, comfort and addiction of car ownership for the greater good. Then there are those who simply have no choice but to rely on buses for transportation.

Our government has managed to find billions of dollars for oil wars, for bank and auto-company bailouts, yet it can't find money for important needs such as public transit. Maybe if we looked around we'd find the money to continue and improve, rather than cut services. For example: the light brown apple moth eradication program that is costing the state millions. Why not divert those funds toward public transit? After all, all the experts have proven that this moth-eradication program is a public-health threat and an environmental debacle, and that this moth is, in reality, no problem at all.

Those of us who rely on public transportation do not want to hear that our government must cut services.  We demand that funds that our government constantly misuse be redirected toward such important civic needs as public transportation.

Jay Cimo

Change, the only constant

A few changes are evident in the very issue that you are at this moment so thoroughly and robustly enjoying. This week marks the first in recent memory in which we do not provide movie time listings. We have decided to drop these weekly listings for many reasons, foremost among them that theater times so often change after we have gone to press. We have instead partnered with, which is glad to send North Bay movie times directly to your phone, Blackberry, laptop, desktop or carrier pigeon. Go to, or for absolutely correct dates and times. You can bet yer corn and butter on it.

With the newly freed column space, we giddily raced to begin including weekly winery listings, drawing from the database we've compiled lo these many years from Swirl 'n' Spit's dry comment. You'll find James Knight's weekly wine column in our new listings and News of the Food and other edible oddities in our Dining Guide.  Hauling out the abacus, we reckon this to be a full 10 columns of gosh darn service, and that makes us glad in a nerdy journo kind of way. Let us know how you feel about these and other Boho-related matters by writing early and often to [ mailto:[email protected] ][email protected].

The Ed.

Really Thinking A Lot About Corn and Butter

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