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Stache Salvation

Regarding "Babes in Hairland," Aug. 13: In 1970, I was stuck in a backwater of Laos. Three pilots and I decided on a mustache-growing contest, just to pass the time. I took considerable grief and a lot of teasing from these friends because all three of them outgrew me. (As a Caucasian man, it was deemed humiliating for me to be less hairy than an Asian.) Nevertheless, I persevered and kept cultivating that wiry little caterpillar on my lip. The others eventually shaved.

Sub Lt. Liao was killed by anti-aircraft fire shortly afterwards.

Maj. Joe Chestnut was wounded by ground fire and flew into a cliff at 250 miles per hour.

A midair collision with his wingman killed Lt. Phouma.

I have never shaved my mustache. I'll be buried with it.

George J. Dorner

California Veterans Home, Yountville

A Man, not a Boy, Can

Thank you so much for Gillian Reagan's report on the mustache. As a faithful grower of 'staches, I am always wearing one, or at least growing a new one. I like to change-up my appearance; it keeps people guessing as to what my personality type is. But little do they know, I have no personality type. I am a man among men, but cannot be fit into any one category. Be it the full, flowing mustache or a thin, wispy, long one or maybe even a Charlie Chaplin look-alike, I will always have hair above my mouth. I call it my mouthstache.

Sometimes it is good to have goals in life, no matter how trivial they may seem to others. I don't grow it for other people, though, I grow it for myself. Not to compensate for a lack of other qualities, but rather to enrich my other qualities. If a boy wants to prove his manhood, he should not fight other boys, he should grow a mustache—for a man, not a boy, can.

Christian Chotkowski


Wake up, Citizens!

What a pleasure to read an article that has the facts straight ("Mobile Home Wars," July 13). Thanks to Sam DiGiacomo's efforts, and many others here in Sonoma, the mobile-home parks are not falling by the wayside—yet! We need affordable housing throughout this country, not only in California. Wake up, citizens! This affects everyone. I hope you will continue to bring the truth to the public.

Linda Tomback


Glued to Every Single Word

I just finished reading "All Aboard" by Cassandra Landry about the Starlight Wine Bar and Restaurant (July 30). I must say that after reading this article, I cannot wait to go experience this restaurant for myself.

This is the first time I have ever felt compelled to send a letter to any editor about something I have read in any publication (and I am a voracious reader, especially of my beloved Bohemian). This time, though, I felt I must submit my feedback, due to how effective this story was in terms of keeping me glued to every single word written.

This journalist has a particular way about her writing style that makes me thirst for more. I fully appreciate that and I applaud this article and the writer. She is another diamond among diamonds and I hope to see much more by her in the future.

I have strong feeling that I will also soon be applauding Starlight (even if I do happen to find a caterpillar in my salad).

Samantha Garcia

Rio NIdo

You thrill and delight us with your praise for Cassandra, who is a second-year Boston University student just completing her summer internship with us before she heads, sob, back to Beantown and a full internship with the grossly esteemed Boston Phoenix. We second that emotion.

But before we get all teary-eyed, Cassandra does admit that in a recent Blast item ("Don't Tase Me, Bro," July 13), she referred to the Police Accountability Clinic and Hotline as a "crisis hotline." Naturally, this is the kind of journalistic ding that will dog her entire career, undoubtedly resulting either in a PR job or the usual penury and woe of the midmarket alt. Man, does she regret the error.

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