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May 10-16, 2006

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Metro Endorses

Our recommendations on June 6 ballot races

This is the second in a series of endorsements by Metro, which will run in the weeks leading up to the June primary.

Jim Shore for District Attorney

The replacement of longtime DA George Kennedy has been a particularly Machiavellian succession characterized by a nasty race. The unfortunate politicization of this arm of the justice system has divided the prosecutor's office and the ecosystem of agencies that interact with it. Members of the public have a direct interest in how well this agency performs its role, because public safety affects all of us. The person best equipped to unite the office following this bruising race is Jim Shore. An experienced crime fighter who organized the California Prosecutors Association, he is well equipped to boost Internal morale and serve as the public voice of the office. He is a good mix of the tough-on-crime talk that the public seems to like, tempered by support for prosecutorial and judicial discretion to produce reasonable and compassionate results when appropriate. Most importantly, Shore is the most independent of the candidates. He is not afraid to speak up when he sees something inside the department that he feels needs to change, and he has not compromised himself through a web of backroom deals. For these reasons, we're supporting Jim Shore for DA.

Joel Wyrick for District 3

Downtown San Jose faces a number of challenges. Commercial competition from various directions, policing issues, development questions and a public-relations problem are just a few obvious items on a long list that will await the next person elected to represent this crucial district. There is no room to "learn on the job" what the heart of San Jose is up against, and that's why District 3 needs one of its own to represent it on the council. Joel Wyrick has lived in the neighborhood for more than 25 years and has contributed more to the district than any of the other candidates. That he was the first candidate to release a downtown retail strategy—something the area desperately needs—shows he is ready to act quickly, decisively and thoughtfully for District 3. He has run businesses downtown and understands the club policing issue well. A Wyrick victory will also help preserve diversity on the council, and his strong passion for local history will be an asset to a downtown that needs a sense of place.

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