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Traveller's Companion

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"Everything in Life Is Somewhere Else. And You Get There in a Car."
E.B. White

C offee. A cell phone for emergencies, especially to call for help when all of those other drivers attack your car because you're ignoring all traffic laws while riding down the freeway, talking on your cell phone. Good music. A chamber pot (especially for people who have brought along coffee). Breath mints, so that you won't offend the police officer when he leans in your window to ask for your license and registration. Oh, yeah, license and registration. Snacks. A makeup kit, so you'll be ready as soon as you hit the office. Mardis Gras beads (you never know; this might be the day you say to hell with it and take off for good). Inflatable dummies for use in the diamond lanes. The middle finger of your left hand for the lady in the car in front of you who is using her makeup kit. Brains and patience (remarkable how many drivers leave these at home).

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From the March 5-11, 1998 issue of Metro.

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