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Popular Parks Can Be Booked Online

NOW IS THE TIME to think about summer and reserve campsites and permits and make plans for outdoor adventures. A lot of national parks don't take reservations, but many have quotas. A quick phone call or a few clicks of a browser will hold a spot.

Sequoia-Kings Canyon
Joshua Tree
Channel Islands
Death Valley
Mount Rainier
And Many Other National Parks
Call 1.800.365.2267, or go to http://reservations.nps.gov.

Yosemite National Park
Call 800.436.7275, or go to www.yosemitepark.com.

California State Parks
Call 800.444.7275, or go to www.reserveamerica.com.

Utah State Parks
Call 800.322.3770.

John Muir National Wilderness
Call 760.873.2485.


The New Bohemians: A dotcom escapee decides to take the money and run--halfway around the world. And she's not alone.

New Economy Nomads: Travel to bohemian lands is affordable.

Call of the Wild: Never mind the rain--sunshine and wildflowers are ahead. Now's the time to plan great escapes.

Close-by Campouts: Getting-away-from-it-all on less than a tank of gas.

Be Reserved: Popular Parks Can Be Booked Online.

Exterior Decorating: Gadgets for the quintessential car camper abound and some are worth the price.

Mission Accomplished: Three missions, one afternoon, a heavenly feeling.

Ready to Run: Training for a marathon is 90% perspiration, 10% lunacy.


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