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The Byrne Report

The Byrne Report

The Byrne Report

The Byrne Report

The Byrne Report

Column: The Byrne Report: Muggles, Arise!
With the last 'Harry Potter' book now firmly digested by millions, Peter looks at how its universe mirrors our own.

Column: The Byrne Report
DiFi Backlash.

Column: The Byrne Report. Impeach Now!
'Omen' as an omen. Is 43 really the devil's spawn?

Column. The Byrne Report: The Peace Institute
Doublespeak: Straight outta Orwell, the so-called Peace Institute is staffed and guided by warmongers and the corporations who love them.

Column. The Byrne Report: How Bush is privatizing Social Security anyway
Call it fiscal terrorism, call it what you want--but the truth is that the president is doing it anyway.

Column. The Byrne Report: 'Light' entertainment
Pt. Reyes Station, population 818, may be the smallest two paper town in America.

The Byrne Report: White Men Eat
In which Georgie and Tony share more than a prediliction for the same toothpaste.

Petaluma kids police the police. Peter Byrne reports.

Column. The Byrne Report. Political Derby
More media dispatches from 1956.

Column. The Byrne Report. War genes
Nature or Nurture--which one is responsible for making us so bad?

Column. The Byrne Report
Political elite.

Column. The Byrne Report: What if No One Had Guns?
How could we kill each other dead if ready firearms were a thing of the past?

Column. The Byrne Report: North Bay Officer Shootings
When does a so-called "spate" of officers shooting to kill become a trend of officers shooting to kill?

Column. The Byrne Report: Norman Solomon
Crusading West Marin journalist talks about marketing the war.

Column. The Byrne Report: Santa Rosa Press Democrat and the Jeremiah Chass case
Are the mainstream media supporting the Sonoma County Sheriff's Dept. in managing reportage of the shooting death of 16-year-old Jeremiah Chass?

Column. The Byrne Report: Breast Cancer in Marin County
Looking at the possible maybe connections between breast cancer and the environment.

Column. The Byrne Report: Feinstein Resigns from MILCON
Perhaps it was media pressure, perhaps coincidence. Either way, should she abscond her responsibilities to the wounded?

Column. The Byrne Report: Impeach Now!
It is sickening to watch the Democratic Party cut and run from the real possibility of throwing Bush-Cheney out of office.

Column. The Byrne Report: SF Chron and the BALCO scandal
A short primer on grand juries, book deals and poor Barry Bonds.

Column. The Byrne Report: Richard C. Blum and the UC Regents
Blum wrap: Was Sen. Feinstein's husband compromised in his interests with the regents?

Column. The Byrne Report: Gavin Newsom
Raised to rule, is Newsom a Manchurian mayor?

Column. The Byrne Report: Michael R. Klein
Founder of the nonprofit investigative Sunlight Foundation, Klein has made some other curious choices.

Column. The Byrne Report: Isabel Allende
Contrasting Allende's 'Of Love and Shadows' with the reality of atrocity.

Column. The Byrne Report: Citizen Ford
While the mainstream media fell all over itself to lionize the late president, the real news went unreported.

The Byrne Report. Daily News: RIP
Thoughts on why the daily is staggering through the rounds.

The Byrne Report. Dead Presidents
'Death of a President,' 'Bobby' and the Book of Revelation.

The Byrne Report. Terence Hallinan
Kayo of the North!

The Byrne Report. NORTHCOM's urban operations
The armed forces and local law officers team up with a special spy plane to protect Northern California and collect more personal information about you than you might plausibly believe.

Column. The Byrne Report: Oaxaca
What our tribe is doing to their tribes.

Column. The Byrne Report: Election night hangover
What do the American public and Britney Spears have in common? We both threw the bums out.

Column. The Byrne Report: Brad Will's death
Empathy and the culture of violence.

Column. The Byrne Report: Nov. 7 election blues
All the political pettiness and a surprise rec for Prop. 90.

Column. The Byrne Report: Hospital hell in Petaluma
How one family found themselves dogged by CPS, accused of bad parenting and paying thousands of dollars in bills for care they don't think they needed.

Column. The Byrne Report: What if George Walker Bush weren't in power?
The world would be better off with Saddam Hussein in power.

Column. The Byrne Report: America's mirror
Immigration and the American legacy.

Column. The Byrne Report: Living wage scam in Petaluma?
Is one town's living wage initiative really such a good idea after all?

Column. The Byrne Report: Articles of impeachment against George W. Bush
Jack London, the Center for Constitutional Rights and oh yes, the Petaluma Progressives.

Column. The Byrne Report: John Mark Karr
America's obsession with crimes against children is deeper than one pedophile's atrocities.

Column. The Byrne Report: Graton's Centro Laboral
Innovative employment center helps day laborers maintain dignity.

Column. The Byrne Report: Station Casinos
A judge rules that reservations are not exempt from human rights.

News Column: The Byrne Report
The Bubble: Watching the sausage get made in Washington, egads.

News Column: The Byrne Report
Reflections of the natural neurotic.

News Column: The Byrne Report
Torture, imprisonment and the American way.

News Column: Peter Byrne. Last train to Oregon
On why traveling to Oregon makes one glad to be a Californian.

News Column: Peter Byrne. Feeding the schmooze at River Rock Casino
Peter takes a dry run through the Geyserville casino, making friends with the locals.

News Column: Peter Byrne. San Francisco author Antonia Juhasz and the Bush agenda
A close analysis of the Iraq reconstruction budget indicates that the U.S. has no intention of pulling out. Ever.

News Column: Peter Byrne. The Marine massacre at Haditha is a lesson that shouldn't go unlearned . . . again
Listen up, guilty white liberals! The Democrats aren't going to save your souls. You need to do it yourselves.

News Column: Peter Byrne votes 'No' on California's Proposition 82
Don't be fooled by this prop--it's good for the rich and bad for the rest of us.

News Column: Peter Byrne recommends Lynn Woolsey for Congress. Period.
Peter tries and fails to find something not to like about Congresswoman Woolsey.

Column: Peter Byrne. Does Sonoma-Marin assembly candidate Joe Nation belong to the wrong party?
Registered Democrat Nation walks, talks, works and appears to a Republican.

Column: Peter Byrne. Petaluma candidate Cynthia Murray
Following the money in the Sonoma-Marin Sixth Assembly race.

News Column: Peter Byrne. Santa Rosa immigration protests
A peaceful gathering of thousands prompts the question: Where are all the white people?

News Column: Peter Byrne. Is Jim Ross spinning Sonoma and Marin candidate Damon Connolly?
The Byrne Report considers the spectacle of political spin in the Sonoma-Marin Sixth District.

The Byrne Report: Pale Rider
The civilian murder rate in Iraq rises as America nears its darkest dawn.

The Byrne Report: John Alden
State assembly candidate John Alden is running dead last as a fundraiser.

The Byrne Report: The Zero-Sum Game
Will the U.S. use nuclear weapons for first-strike deterrance?

The Byrne Report
Government wiretaps.

The Byrne Report
News reporters fail to counter barrage of political disinformation.

The Byrne Report
Sixth Assembly District candidate Jared Huffman.

The Byrne Report
Seeking a solution to high rate of teenaged traffic fatalities in Sonoma County.

The Byrne Report
Anna Ayala and Jaime Plascencia are sentenced to prison for the Wendy's chili scam.

The Byrne Report
Killer Regeneratrix.

The Byrne Report
Full Disclosure.

The Byrne Report
The Man.

The Byrne Report
A Cheesemas Tale.

The Byrne Report
Saving California.

The Byrne Report
Crack of Light.

The Byrne Report
Kindhearted Woman.

The Byrne Report
Freedom Dance.

The Byrne Report
White Power.

The Byrne Report
Bobble Vote.

The Byrne Report
Believe It Not.

The Byrne Report
Front Street.

The Byrne Report
Chasing Arnie.

The Byrne Report
Bogus Mogus.

The Byrne Report
P-Town Stink.

The Byrne Report
Political Magic.

The Byrne Report
NORTHCOM and National Guard units sat quietly while Katrina battered the Gulf Coast.

The Byrne Report
Meter Beaters.

The Byrne Report
Frontier Folly.

The Byrne Report
Potter Nausea.

The Byrne Report
Chamber Plot.

The Byrne Report
End of Innocence.

The Byrne Report
Monkey Biz.

The Byrne Report
Pumping $$.

The Byrne Report
Me for Sale.

The Byrne Report
Political Porn.

The Byrne Report
Bubble Heads.

The Byrne Report
Witch Way.

The Byrne Report
War on Vitamins.

The Byrne Report
Patriot Parade.

The Byrne Report
Downcast over Comcast.

The Byrne Report
Family Values.

The Byrne Report
Power Song.

The Byrne Report
Suing Station.

The Byrne Report
Partner Trap.

The Byrne Report
Counter Deception.

The Byrne Report
Is War Fun?

The Byrne Report
Blind Trust.

The Byrne Report
Family Biz.

The Byrne Report
Rigged Game.

The Byrne Report
MIG Attack.

The Byrne Report
Hawk Tale.

The Byrne Report
K-12 Kop.

The Byrne Report
American Heart.

The Byrne Report
Dharma Crumbs.

The Byrne Report
Bombs Away.

The Byrne Report
An anonymous neocon responds to last week's column about Tom Ridge.

The Byrne Report
Tom Ridge's legacy? The institutionalization of cowardice.

The Byrne Report
Bennett Valley apartment complex residents displaced by high rents.

The Byrne Report
The governor goes girlie man when it comes to clamping down on teenage dietary supplement abuse.

The Byrne Report

The Byrne Report
Sawdust Arnie.

Columnist Peter Byrne's weekly investigation into the people, politics and pulse of the North Bay.