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May 23-29, 2007

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Letters to the Editor

Irony of the nameless

Re "You've Got (Hate) Mail" (April 25), we all know that we have to take a stance against such behavior and let perpetrators and aggressors of this type know that theirs is a subculture and is not accepted by the majority of society that raises children responsibly to be upstanding citizens. The aggressive behavior (by males or females) toward one of society's members is barbaric. Surely, America itself is being viewed by other nations as having a very low moral standard.

The cowardly hiding and hideous bloggers in question need to know that their actions are deemed criminal. They might have succeeded with and against this woman. But they will find out as repeat offenders--very soon indeed--that another feminine female and her family will not take such demeaning discrimination and might decide to hire a lawyer, find the subjects and sue the proverbial "pants" off of them.

Which is what Kathy Sierra is advised to do, too, since certain personalities have decided on their selfish and cruel rampage for entertainment. There is a way to deal with bullies--through their wallets. Ouch! That will stop the crude laughing, too, especially if it's turned over to the district attorney's office--ouch, again.

Name Withheld by Request, Santa Clara

Green philosophy?

Reading Patricia Lynn Henley's report on the dress-code conflict at Napa's Redwood Middle School ("Fashion Friction," May 2)--one of her usual high-quality presentations--I was struck by her paraphrase of principal Michael Pearson's suggestion that there are many ways for students to express their individuality other than by their clothing, e.g., through participation in the arts, sports, academics, etc.

Given that our species cannot continue its profligate plundering of the earth's resources in aid of status competition, its usual motivation for such activity, Mr. Pearson may be, perhaps unwittingly, offering a green philosophy for more than just middle-schoolers. Humans have been hooked for centuries on measuring who's up and who's down by their possessions: clothing and other adornments, housing, transportation, the wealth to buy quality healthcare, educational options, travel opportunities, neighborhood tranquility, etc. This narcotic social practice has fostered the elitism and racism which has called forth, among other responses, that of gang formation.

If Mr. Pearson's idea is widely adopted, dress codes would become moot.

Are we ready for such a change?

Constant reader Don MacQueen, Santa Rosa

Dianne's game

Peter Byrne's recent and excellent series on the corruptions of long-time senator Dianne Feinstein and her husband, financier Richard C. Blum, are highly appreciated. Most definitely, some of their criminalities extend far beyond what his brief features revealed.

It is interesting that she (predictably) chose this point in time (just after the Virginia Tech shootings) to childishly and transparently jump again onto her gun-control gimmick in an effort to enhance her status with antigun constituents. It's her sick little War by a Dysfunctional Subversive Against Inanimate Objects. No facing real problems--such as getting our hooked kids off of psychotropic drugs or cleaning up our filthy public school systems--for her!

A truly pathetic and dangerous politician.

Karl Bosselmann, Forestville

Intermittently erupt!

As the recent winner of the Bohemian's first in-house worst band-name contest, I was surprised and disappointed not to find Orjazzm even mentioned in Sara Bir's impotent article on that same subject. The reason became clear in last week's edition in an editorial response to Ryan Lynch's letter admonishing Ms. Bir's vitriol (May 16). It was stated that we had "promised" to change it. This misinterpretation needs to be rectified. Many of the members of Orjazzm are involved in a new project--a very fine jazz/funk/R&B septet. However, Orjazzm will continue to intermittently erupt on the Sonoma County music scene bringing the finest in organic jazz and improvisational music to the deserving listeners of our musically rich area. Thank you for allowing me to clarify this seminal point.

David Evert, Sebastopol

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