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Full in the Knowledge that
Family Life
Tests the Mettle of Every Member, Herewith Is Presented
a Gathering of Useful Information for All Ages

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"Insanity, Being a Common Ailment, Is Hereditary. One Getteth It From One's Children."

G one are the days when mom's entire reason for living was to keep the nest feathered, pack the five-course bag lunches and shuttle the kids from piano lessons to soccer. Now, in addition to doing all of the above, mom and dad both have to do the family-life variation on the Silicon Valley Shuffle. For the single set, the dance goes like this: Wake, commute, work, commute, eat, sleep and ... repeat. For parents, the steps are more complicated, with midday teacher conferences and late-night earaches thrown into the gambol.

While some parents may feel that there's nothing more satisfying than settling into a hot, sudsy sinkful of dirty dishes after a hectic day, the rest of us are hatching plans to equip the rec room with padded walls. Before surrendering to madness, check the resources below.

Helping Hands for Families

Home Services:
Breakfast in Bed
Blade Sharpeners
Mobile Car Repair
Personal Shoppers
Online Shopping
Door-to-Door Laundry

Party Planner:
Theme and Decor

Get Married ... Now!

Pet Corner:
If Your Pet Gets Lost
How to Get Pet ID
Registration Stations
What to Do About Roaming Felines
Emergency Animal Hospitals

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From the March 5-11, 1998 issue of Metro.

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