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The Metro Bars & Clubs 2004 Guide
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Redwood City

Broadway Cocktail Lounge
700 Winslow, Redwood City
Located in the Falcon building right near the city jail, this is a dive bar with heart. Wine colored walls, twinkly lights in the ficus trees, and gilt-edged mirrors in the bathroom all add to the slightly bordello magic. A cop bar in times past, a framed picture of the late Sheriff MacGuire peers over your shoulder while you belly up to the bar. The lovely Gina will mix you a Prison Bitch to knock your socks off—strong drinks, a pool table and a whole lot of history await you! (AS)

City Pub
2620 Broadway, Redwood City
650.363.2620; www.city-pub.com
Open since 1991, City Pub has merged industrial chic with the 1925 brickwork of the original bakery to create a hip, glossy pub that is remarkably un-publike. With 24 microbrews on tap, spicy crab cakes and portobello-mushroom ravioli, the menu, like the ambience, transcends typical pub fare. One of the few places you can get a Black and Tan with your brunch. (AS)

Flamingo's Night Club
1776 Broadway St, Redwood City
If you're looking to get your Latin dance on, this is the club for you. Shiny neon, mirrored walls and a cowboy hat-flavored Miami Vice vibe permeate even the lobby of this club. Live bands as well as DJs; call the hot line for weekly details (English-language line available). (AS)

Mardi Gras
1628 El Camino Real, Redwood City
A well-lit and astoundingly clean locals bar complete with a smoker's patio and a sign that reads "hippies use the side door." A hardworking crew hangs here, with regular pool tourneys and karaoke with Jennifer on Tuesdays. The jukebox delivers everything from Travis Tritt to Soundgarden to Stevie Wonder, and there are plentiful hooks under the bar rail on which to hang your bag. Wonderfully located within stumble distance of the Redwood Roller Rink (1303 Main St.) for the adventurous date night. (AS)

Milagro's Cantina
1099 Middlefield Rd, Redwood City
650.369.4730; www.milagroscantina.com
Situated at the corner of Main and Middlefield, Milagro's boasts a full menu and an extensive tequila list. Hundreds of small Mexican art pieces, bright tile work and plenty of plants make this a festive place to relax with a top-shelf margarita or replenish your work-weary body with a few mahi-mahi tacos. The extensive outdoor patio (heat lamps!) has an upscale Cabo San Lucas resort feel without the sticker shock of travel. (AS)

2411 Broadway, Redwood City
Shooters is all about live music—six days a week, with Monday reserved for pool. Tall round tables line the wall across from the bar, all facing the small stage nestled at the back of the club. A hand-painted psychedelic guitar hangs over the stage, and musical instruments nestle among a wide range of wolf-themed decorations on the walls. If no one is serenading you live, you've got an excellent jukebox to fill in. (AS)

The Sport Club
814 Main St, Redwood City
Tucked around the corner from the historic Hotel Sequoia, this friendly, comfortable bar displays a treasure trove of photos from Redwood City's early days. With an elk, moose and boar head mounted on the wall, the "zookeeper on duty" sign is no joke. The occasional marble table and old wooden bar add to the ambience. For those so inclined, there is a Mars Attacks pinball machine in one corner, and a pool table as well. (AS)

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