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The Metro Bars & Clubs 2004 Guide
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Santa Clara

4565 Stevens Creek Blvd, Santa Clara
Calling By-Th-Bucket a sports bar doesn't do it justice. It's more of a tasteful, old-school bar and restaurant where you can take in a game at the bar while you enjoyed great seafood and one of their powerful signature specialty drinks like the 18-ounce Margarita or the Three Mile Island. (GY)

The Claran
1251 Franklin Mall, Santa Clara
Unlike some of the other bars popular with Santa Clara University students, the more mature regulars who populate the Claran by day don't keep their distance when the freaks come out at night. That makes for a wonderful melange of old and young after dark, all united by their love of this murky, bunkerlike bar and, of course, alcohol. Where else can you watch a senior citizen ask a girl young enough to be his granddaughter, "And what's your major, sweetheart?" (GY)

Club Savoy
3546 Flora Vista Ave, Santa Clara
408.244.6909; www.clubsavoy.com
Women rock at Club Savoy, which justifiably calls itself "the hottest women's night club in Silicon Valley." With a Wednesday open mic called "Dykes on Mykes," sponsorship of the eponymous Savoy Women's Softball League and social activities organized by the Bay Area Community of Women, the Savoy functions as the South Bay's own lesbian clubhouse. Beer is the beverage of choice, with the Thirsty Thursday "super-size it" special and the "all you can drink" for $5 a person draft beer night every third Friday (the Club also has a full bar—sometimes two full bars). There's karaoke on Wednesdays and free pool every Sunday night, and the dance floor heats up with DJs spinning at least four days a week. If home is where the heart is, Club Savoy's as homey as it can get. (TV)

The Hut
3200 The Alameda, Santa Clara
Fashions come and go at nearby Santa Clara University, but the Hut never seems to go out of style with students who love a casual bar that's within stumbling distance of their overpriced apartments and dorms. During the school year, the Hut heats up at night with delinquent scholars on the prowl. By day and during the summer, it's a quiet hangout for locals—locals who make sure to vacate the premises by 8pm if they are over 25. (GY)

Martin's Lounge
1828 Main St, Santa Clara
A bar that opens at 6 in the morning commands respect, especially in a town where there aren't even any third-shift factory employees getting out of work at such an obscene hour. The formula seems to work; Martin's has been serving loyal customers who like to drink before rush hour starts for about 60 years. (GY)

Tinker's Dam
46 N. Saratoga Ave, Santa Clara
T.D.'s, as the regulars call it, offers up all you could ask for in a gay bar: lots of guys, strong drinks and take-off-your-shirt dancing. The crowd is youngish, of course, but there's a minimum of attitude. There's a popular free barbecue on Sundays, but everything else is cash only. (GY)

Woodham Lounge
4475 Stevens Creek Blvd, Santa Clara
This place has everything you expect from a local hangout. There's karaoke, a Top 40 jukebox, pool, darts and foosball. Oh yeah, there's booze, too. But the main attraction seems to be the bartenders, who just happen to be babe magnets, especially every Monday, which is Ladies Night. (GY)

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From the June 16-22, 2004 issue of Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper.

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