'The Science of Booze' at C2SV

WIRED editor Adam Rogers will talk about his new book,
'Proof: The Science of Booze.' at Zero1 Garage
Adam Rogers DRINK UP: WIRED editor Adam Rogers will talk about his new book, 'Proof: The Science of Booze.'

With C2SV running all weekend and the return of the SoFA Street Fair this Sunday, many a San Jose party animal has likely asked himself: "How the hell am I going to take in all the festivities and show up to work on Monday feeling like a human?" Here at Metro we've certainly been debating the conundrum.

Fortunately, even if you do get carried the way on the back of a Moscow Mule during Cafe Stritch's two local music showcases or put away one too many Hennchatas at Chacho's during Ruckatan's set, you'll be able to look people in the eye on Monday, confident in the knowledge that at least you understand the science behind all the preposterous and juvenile behavior you engaged in over the weekend.

Just make sure you check out our conversation with Adam Rogers on Thursday. The WIRED editor will be helping us kick off the fun by discussing his new book, Proof: The Science of Booze—a deep dive into everything scientists know (and don't know) about alcohol.

The book explores the accidental discovery of hooch and argues that it was a civilizing force—in spite of how uncivilized it can often make people behave. In Proof, Rogers talks with brewmasters, wine experts and distilling wizards; he explains the difference between top-fermenting and bottom-fermenting yeast, and how the entire process of fermentation works at the most granular level; he discusses the importance of "congeners"—chemical constituents that may have something to do with the why tequila makes you crazy and red wine makes you sleepy. The author even performs an experiment on himself and two close friends in an attempt to discover a better cure for the common hangover than the tried and true hair of the dog. God, bless him!

Perhaps most interesting, however, are the questions Rogers is unable to answer. Scientists can't agree on what causes hangovers, and they aren't even sure how it is that alcohol makes us drunk.

Rogers will discuss all this and more in his on-stage discussion at the Zero1 Garage in San Jose's SoFA district. Copies of his book will be on sale at the event. Following the discussion with Rogers, former editor in chief of The eXile and current PandoDaily journalist Yasha Levine will discuss his research into the massive amount of personal information that is collected on a daily basis by private tech companies around Silicon Valley.

A hosted cocktail party will follow the discussions.

C2SV Tech: Adam Rogers & Yasha Levine

Zero1 Garage

Thu, Sep 11, 4:30pm, Free

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