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Miramar at Stanford Bing Concert Hall

Richmond's Miramar bring the beauty of the bolero alive, relentlessly tugging heartstrings all the way Read More

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‘Cats’ at Center for the Performing Arts

FUR REAL: The legendary Broadway production, Cats, comes to the Center for the Performing Arts.

Debuted in 1982, Cats is one of the most recognized productions in American musical theater of the last 50 years. Penned by contemporary master Andrew Lloyd Webber, this Tony Award-winning musical ranks fourth on the list of longest-running shows on Broadway—eclipsed by The Lion King, Chicago, and Webber’s magnum opus, Phantom of… » Read More

‘Whose Line Live’ at Flint Center

IMPROV ALL STARS: The royalty of improv comedy, Whose Line is it Anyway, comes to the Flint Center.

The televised improv comedy show where “everything’s made up and the points don’t matter” launched thousands of community improv groups back in the early 2000s, when it was a ratings behemoth for ABC. After nearly a decade off air, Whose Line is it Anyway? was revived by the CW and is now… » Read More

X-Raided at BackBar SoFa

X UNLEASHED: After a musically prolific period in which he was behind bars, X-Raided is playing shows again, and comes to BackBar SoFa.

Anerae Brown is not the only rapper to keep a career afloat from behind bars. However, the dedication and ingenuity Brown demonstrated while serving a 31-year sentence for first degree murder are certainly notable. Over the course of his 26 years in prison, he released 12 albums, recording grainy flows over a… » Read More

‘Beau Jest’ at Tabard Theater

BOW JEST: Cupid's arrow hits some unexpected targets in this Shakespearean tale of love and actors.

Not to be confused with the swashbuckling English novel and its many movie adaptations (that’s Beau Geste), this stage comedy presents a young Jewish woman trying to fool her meddling parents by hiring an actor to play her perfect boyfriend while keeping her real goy-friend—a WASP-y executive named (of all things) Chris… » Read More

The Whispers Blow in to SAP Center

R&B BROS: Identical twins Wallace and Walter Scott have been going strong for 50 years.

Smooth R&B vocal group The Whispers have been a fixture of the music landscape for 50 years. With a sound that draws from vocal greats like The Temptations, The Whispers’ soothing approach keeps the focus on the vocals. But the enduring act has also applied a solid slow-jam dance groove to its… » Read More

‘Ghost Rings’ at Bing Studio

UNFAVORABLE SEMICIRCLE: As ghostly as it is tangible, Ghost Rings mixes music, theater, and personal stories for an experience like no other.

The Brooklyn-based performance group Half Straddle presents this hybrid show, which is part rock concert and part theatrical production, centered on a live band working through issues such as complicated family dynamics, sexuality and feminism with songs. It’s all based on playwright and Half Straddle artistic director Tina Satter’s real-life estrangement from… » Read More

‘Nufonia Must Fall’ at Hammer Theatre

ROBOTOPIA: Kid Koala teams up with 'Being John Malkovich' production designer K.K. Barrett for something truly weird.

No one wants to be replaced by a newer, hipper model—especially robots, who aren’t afforded the kind of sympathy humans get when they’re dumped for the next best thing. This is the subject of Nufonia Must Fall, a multimedia hip-hopera by Eric San (Kid Koala) and K.K. Barrett. Hip-hop heads know San… » Read More