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Darto at Cafe Stritch

Seattle's Darto come to Cafe Stritch in support of 'Human Giving' Read More

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Pussy Riot at the Catalyst

SAMIZDAT ROCK: Russian activist punk band Pussy Riot makes a rare visit to the Catalyst in Santa Cruz

Few protest bands have captured the world’s attention like these neon-colored Russkies. After being arrested for staging an unauthorized performance at the Moscow’s Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in 2012, the group has been fighting a worldwide media war with the Putin administration that continues to this day. Just last month, two… » Read More

Prince Paul & Peanut Butter Wolf at The Ritz

ROYAL RHYTHMS: Prince Paul and San Jose native Peanut Butter Wolf celebrate the anniversary of Needle to the Groove Records at the Ritz

It’s been a year since Needle to the Groove hosted Egyptian Lover and Peanut Butter Wolf at The Ritz. This weekend, the local record shop is doing it again. Renowned producer and recording artist Prince Paul will be on stage, spinning complex alternative beats with a traditional hip-hop twist. Known for collaborations… » Read More

Sophie’s World at Discovery Meadow

MEXICANA MAGIC: Young and inspiring, Sophie Cruz is now also a part of San Jose with 'Sophie Holds the World Together'

San Jose is now home to a new mural, Sophie Holding the World Together. The 7-year-old Los Angeles native Sophie Cruz is a daughter of immigrant parents from Oaxaca, Mexico. She made headlines in 2015 after crossing a police barrier during Pope Francis’ visit to Washington, D.C. Last year, she gave a… » Read More

Mac Mall & AP.9 at BackBar

BOOK OF MAC: Oakland rappers Mac Mall and AP.9 (pictured) bring the East Bay to SJ at BackBar

Two West Coast hip-hop legends are touching down in San Jose. Vallejo native Mac Mall worked alongside thizz-generation icons like Mac Dre to help put the Bay Area on the map. Joining him is contemporary AP.9. The Oakland rapper and Mob Figaz member just dropped a new album last month. Titled 94th… » Read More

Tritonal at Pure Nightclub

TRI AGAIN: Tritonal get the party started at Pure Nightclub

Still hot off the success of their 2015 single “Until You were Gone” — made in collaboration with The Chainsmokers and Emily Warren—Chad Cisneros and Dave Reed of Austin EDM duo Tritonal have been staying busy. The pair have dropped two singles this year, including last month’s “Out of My Mind,” which… » Read More

Monty Python Singalong at 3Below

ROUTINES & CHORUS SCENES: Join the Knights of the Round at 3Below's Monty Python Singalong

Ni! The newly rebranded 3Below Theatres & Lounge invites patrons to enjoy the classic comedy that inspired a subsequent broadway musical: Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Lifelong Fans of the legendary comedy troupe are encouraged to come in full costume and quote the movie word-for-word. The event will include a pre-show… » Read More

T.S.O.L. at The Ritz

CREEP ON: T.S.O.L. are gonna do their thing at The Ritz whether or not punk is dead

Seminal SoCal punks T.S.O.L.—or True Sounds of Liberty—are back with a new record: The Trigger Complex, their first studio album in more than a decade. Since 1978, the Long Beach band have blended fast-paced bass riffs with grungy surf-guitar melodies. As early proponents of American hardcore, T.S.O.L. are known for bringing a… » Read More