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The Velvet Teen Return with New Album, 'All Is Illusory'

The Velvet Teen Coming to Cafe Stritch with first new LP in nearly a decade: 'All Is Illusory' Read More

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Breaking: The Bots Come To Shoreline

Analog Machines: Playing fuzzy garage rock and punk, The Bots have carved out a successful path for themselves at a young age.

Mikaiah and Anaiah Lei of The Bots are used to throwing people off. For starters, the two brothers are of mixed Taiwanese and Caribbean descent. Their complexion and hair texture often leads to them they’re being mistaken as black, which, in the past has led to some assuming they make rap music.… » Read More

Under The Influence: Incubus & Deftones

Nü Nostalgia: Close out the summer with nü metal survivors, Incubus and Deftones.

At the turn of the millennium, popular music was heading into a dark place. Cheesy boy bands and bling-obsessed hip-hop ruled MTV, and the only rock music cracking the Top 40 was abysmal—literally and figuratively. Fortunately, we had Incubus and Deftones. The passion and punk-rock energy that sparked the grunge movement had… » Read More

Starover Blue: New Found Sound

Blue Evolution: Starover Blue, formerly Cartoon Bar Fight, have a new sound and new album on the way.

After playing together for eight years, switching majors, and changing their band’s name in order to prevent their YouTube clips from showing up next to Donald Duck cartoons, the founding members of the San Jose-based band, Starover Blue, are finally starting to feel like they are making headway. Kendall Sallay and Dirk Milotz… » Read More

The Velvet Teen Coming To Stritch With First New LP In Nearly A Decade: ‘All Is Illusory’

'Illusory' Potpourri: On their new album, ‘All Is Illusory,’ Santa Rosa trio, The Velvet Teen, paste together sonic scraps in a chamber-pop pastiche.

Judah Nagler  doesn’t like to repeat himself. In an effort to keep things fresh, the founder and frontman of the Santa Rosa-based baroque-indie-pop trio, The Velvet Teen, says he once wrote a song on a left-handed guitar—which he played upside-down and right-handed—Dick Dale-style. “I personally get bored hearing a band do the same… » Read More

Michael Franti’s Musical Collage

‘I look at music like paint,’ says Michael Franti, leader of the world pop band, Spearhead.

Whenever possible, Michael Franti is barefoot—even when he’s with the Dalai Lama. During their recent laugh-filled chat, Franti held hands with His Holiness as the cheeky, gentle spiritual leader poked fun at Franti’s dreadlocks and tribal tattoos before speaking on the importance of sympathetic action. “You have to take your compassion and… » Read More

Orgy Plot Return At RockBar Theater

Nü Improved: Orgy broke out with 1998's 'Candyass,' and have struggled to remain relevant since. Founder Jay Gordon hopes the group's new EP, 'Talk Sick' will put the band back in the spotlight.

In the summer of 1998, in the midst of the nü metal explosion, Orgy broke from the pack. Shirking the then-in-vogue look of oversized jeans, overlong shorts and overwide laces, the quartet of eyeliner-wearing dudes from L.A. took their musical and sartorial cues from the new wave and new romanticism movements of… » Read More

Comedian Brian Posehn Is A Total Nerd

Rad Dad: Now that he's a father, Brian Posehn, has given up pot. But he'll never give up on heavy metal.

In his early sets, Brian Posehn blasted comics who gushed about their children, telling audiences to punch his baby if he ever talked about his kid onstage. Now a father, Posehn strives not only to protect his son from diehard fans, but also to maintain his comedic voice while talking about his… » Read More