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Ninth Annual Record Store Day Comes to South Bay

Patience is a virtue especially when it comes to digging through
bargain bins of vinyl records on Record Store Day. Read More

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San Jose Jazz Celebrates International Jazz Day With Concerts

THE JAZZ SINGER: Nicole Henry is just one of many performers taking the stage locally on International Jazz Day.

Even though it has been celebrated officially for more than five years, 2016 marks the first time San Jose will participate in International Jazz Day. The UNESCO-Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz-sponsored event is observed all over the world, but now, thanks to a collaboration between the city, San Jose State University and… » Read More

Emily Kinney of ‘The Walking Dead’ Goes Punk

AS SEEN ON TV: Emily Kinney wasn’t faking her musical chops on AMC’s 
‘The Walking Dead,’ where she played the character of Beth.

Like so many musicians, Emily Kinney began her singing career with an act of rebellion. “We lived in Wayne, Nebraska, at the time, and I think I was 7,” she says. “I saw an ad for a talent show and I told my mom I wanted to sing in it. She didn’t… » Read More

Andrew Bigs Celebrates Release of ‘Think Bigs’

THE THINKER: San Jose rapper does his best Steve Jobs on the cover of his latest LP, ‘Think Bigs.’

On the cover of his latest album, Think Bigs, San Jose rapper Andrew Bigs wears wire-rimmed glasses and channels Steve Jobs in the iconic, if grammatically incorrect, “Think Different” Apple campaign. On the aptly titled release, Bigs distills his singular experience of growing up on the East Side, then attending private school… » Read More

SoFA Street Fair SPRING 16 Cheat Sheet

FREAK BEATS: Alternative hip-hop emcee and producer Kwesi Young plays the SoFA Street Fair SPRING 16.

We walk around with the entire internet in our pockets, calling up ride-sharing services from our mobile devices and perusing menus online whilst en route to our favorite restaurants. The world is at our fingertips and waiting… well, that is so 20th century. The organizers of the annual SoFa Street Fair certainly… » Read More

Watch Coachella Live Stream

Watch the Coachella live stream, from the comfort of your computer screen.

The Coachella music festival has begun. For those of you unable to make it—or unwilling to fork over the cash for tickets and $7 Heinekens—the show is being live streamed on YouTube. Check it out below: » Read More

Lavish: “San Jose” Music Video

Local emcee Lavish from his music video for

The child of Ethiopian immigrants, Lavish is a young San Jose emcee with big aspirations. The up-and-coming rapper was raised in the Santa Teresa neighborhood and first took an interest in hip-hop in middle school, where he and his friends would spend their free time (and class time) engaging in rap battles… » Read More

Selena Tribute Party Returns to BackBar SoFa

MEXICAN AMERICAN IDOL: Latina pop singer Selena continues to cast a long shadow.

Most gringos know very little about Selena, other than what they may have picked up from the eponymous biopic on the Spanish- and English-language pop singer. However, among Latinos of a certain age, Selena Quintanilla-Perez is much more than the character that launched Jennifer Lopez’s career—she is a diva, on par with Madonna.… » Read More