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Rey Res Re-introduces Self on New EP

'It's not a new direction; It's kind of an evolution,' Rey Res says of his new EP. Read More

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Rey Res Re-introduces Self on New EP

DON'T CALL IT A COMEBACK: ‘It’s not a new direction; It’s kind of an evolution,’ Rey Res says of his new EP.

In January of 2014, San Jose emcee Rey Resurreccion told Metro that his then-brand new Heart of the City was the first record he’d made after carefully studying what his fans liked. Considering that, his new EP—Sweet Tooth Tony, released earlier this month—makes total sense. At less than 30 minutes, his latest… » Read More

SJ’s Traxamillion Transitions From Hyphy to Trap

BOUNCE: Local rapper and producer Traxamillion wants to put himself and his town back on the map.

After laying down beats, hooks and verses for six songs, Traxamillion got tired of his own voice. So he tapped three friends to feature over his hard-knocking trap tracks. After that, he threw the snack-sized project up on Soundcloud, tweeted it to his 25,000-plus followers and kicked back as the internet distributed… » Read More

Roddy Radiation Brings Rocksteady to Johnny V’s

SKA SOLDIER: Roddy Radiation, former frontman of English ska group The Specials comes to Johnny V’s.

Roddy “Radiation” Byers draws a lot of parallels between today’s political climate and the state of global affairs back when he was playing in The Specials. “It’s almost a mirror image now to what it was like in the late ’70s early ’80s,” says the erstwhile guitarist of the English ska and… » Read More

PHOTOS: Rihanna at SAP Center

Rihanna performed Friday night, May 6, at the SAP Center. Photo by Kevin Mazur.

Alongside Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift and Beyonce, Rihanna sits atop the modern Mount Rushmore of American pop songstresses. But unlike the obsessively manicured images of her competition, there’s always been an ineffable realness to Rihanna—a steamy brashness that hasn’t waned in her inevitable, steady rise to stardom. On Friday, at the SAP… » Read More

Aesop Rock’s New Album is Lyrical Therapy

OVER THE HILL: Aesop Rock, who recently turned 40, recorded his 
seventh album, ‘The Impossible Kid,’ in a barn in Washington.

Plenty of people dread their 40th birthday, but according to Ian Bavitz—better known by his stage name, Aesop Rock—the idea of being “over the hill” was particularly distressing. “Being an older dude in a younger dude’s game, it just loomed,” the indie emcee and producer says. “I think it caused a lot… » Read More

San Jose Jazz Celebrates International Jazz Day With Concerts

THE JAZZ SINGER: Nicole Henry is just one of many performers taking the stage locally on International Jazz Day.

Even though it has been celebrated officially for more than five years, 2016 marks the first time San Jose will participate in International Jazz Day. The UNESCO-Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz-sponsored event is observed all over the world, but now, thanks to a collaboration between the city, San Jose State University and… » Read More

Emily Kinney of ‘The Walking Dead’ Goes Punk

AS SEEN ON TV: Emily Kinney wasn’t faking her musical chops on AMC’s 
‘The Walking Dead,’ where she played the character of Beth.

Like so many musicians, Emily Kinney began her singing career with an act of rebellion. “We lived in Wayne, Nebraska, at the time, and I think I was 7,” she says. “I saw an ad for a talent show and I told my mom I wanted to sing in it. She didn’t… » Read More