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Nortec Collective: Bositch & Fussible at The Ritz

The Nortec Collective continues to find success merging 808s and tubas Read More

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‘Alabama Story’ at City Lights Theatre

BLACK & WHITE: A librarian attempts to introduce a book promoting racial tolerance in the segregated south in 'Alabama Story.'

On the cusp of the 1960s, America’s civil rights movement had only just begun. While it’s clear—even in 2018—how far we still have to go, Kenneth Jones’ Alabama Story gives us a glimpse of how far we’ve come. The story follows librarian Emily Wheelock Reed as she champions Garth Williams’ controversial children’s… » Read More

We Need More Heroes Like You


I was there when the fellow on the power wheelchair was hit in Japantown. The only skill I had at my disposal was the ability to call 9-1-1. While I answered a seemingly endless string of questions from the dispatcher, you went over to help the man. You calmly persuaded him not… » Read More

Pear Theatre: ‘The Road to Mecca’

SPIRITUAL AWAKENING: A South African widow who finds herself at a crossroads in 'The Road to Mecca.'

Penned by Athol Fugard, The Road To Mecca follows the story of Miss Helen, a South African widow who finds herself at a crossroads. Harboring an unconventional artistic ability, she must choose between the advice of an old friend to conform to society and the urges of a younger one to follow… » Read More

Country Singer Ray Scott at Rodeo Club

DRINKIN' BEER: Ray Scott isn't always thirsty when he drinks.

Ray Scott is a good, old-fashioned country boy. Starting his career at 19, he noodled about in a few bands before finding success writing songs for the likes of Randy Travis and Clay Walker. His newest album, last year’s Guitar For Sale, saw Scott use his rich baritone to denounce some of… » Read More

Engelbert Humperdinck at City National Civic

STILL GOT IT: After all these years, pop crooner Engelbert Humperdinck hasn’t lost his looks, charm or voice. Photo by Craig Sotres.

When it comes to what was known in the rock era as “adult” music, there exists a pantheon of vocalists who enjoyed both critical success and staggering commercial achievements. British pop singer Engelbert Humperdinck is among the few to achieve that rarefied degree of notoriety. With a recording career that began with the… » Read More

Nortec Collective: Bositch & Fussible at The Ritz

TIJUANA BASS: The Nortec Collective continues to find success merging 808s and tubas.

Pepe Mogt, founder of the Tijuana-based electronic music collective Nortec, found his way into music like so many do these days—by messing around with found sounds on his computer. However, rather than digging through bargain record crates searching for break beats and horn punches, Mogt pulled many of his earliest samples scouring local… » Read More

Nef the Pharaoh at Pure Lounge

BLING BLAOW: Nef The Pharaoh comes to Pure Lounge in Sunnyvale.

Tonee Hayes—better known by his regal stage name, Nef the Pharaoh—is making a major mark on the Bay Area’s hip-hop scene. The young Vallejo rapper has been melding the hyphy influences of his youth with a decidedly modern sound since his 2015 breakout single, “Big Tymin”—now a well-loved regional anthem. His latest… » Read More