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Album Review: Tony Molina 'Kill the Lights'

Tony Molina returns with a mature second full length, riffing on The Beatles, Elliott Smith, and The Byrds Read More

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Hot Import Nights at the Fairgrounds

MOTOR AWAY: At Hot Import Nights, all the best Asian and European car designs come to the Fairgrounds.

For some, classic Chevys, Fords and Studebakers represent the pinnacle of automotive design and power. Others, however, are more interested in compact imports—those European and Asian models known for their hairpin handling, breakneck acceleration and, of course, drifting. Hot Import Nights celebrates tricked-out Hondas, Yotas, Porches, Beamers and so much more. The… » Read More

Wizards Assemble Pub Crawl

ANCIENT ARTS: After a night of imbibing magic tinctures and potions, you will be participating in strange, arcane dance rituals.

The mystical world of wizards, potions and magic spells materializes on the streets of San Jose as the Wizards Assemble Pub Crawl comes to town. Beginning mid-afternoon, witches and wizards to will bust out their wands while drinking deeply from their goblets. Billed as the “world’s biggest” wizard crawl, the event will… » Read More

David Dobrik & Jason Nash at the CPA

OFF THE VINE: Performing artists David Dobrik and Jason Nash seen here performing art.

After mastering the quick-hitting micro-vloging format that was Vine (R.I.P.) and rising to the top of the YouTuber comedy clip heap, David Dobrik and Jason Nash have a pretty sweet thing going on. Essentially, they get paid to goof off for their legions of fans. Their pranks include putting random objects and… » Read More

‘The Quiet Man’ Plays at Stanford Theatre

SO QUIET: Instead of saying 'Pilgrim' or 'Pardner,' in 'The Quiet Man' John Wayne holds a flower silently.

American silver screen icon John Wayne trades the scrubby, golden expanse of the Wild West for the emerald green hills of the Irish countryside in the John Ford-directed The Quiet Man. Irish-born American Sean Thornton comes home to the Irish village of Innisfree to claim his family home. While there he takes… » Read More

Starover Blue at Art Boutiki

ELECTRIC BLUE: San Jose expats Starover Blue return home for a show at Art Boutiki.

Founded in 2007, Starover Blue grew out of San Jose State’s music department, where core members Kendall Sallay and Dirk Milotz met. The pair have been making music together for more than a decade now. They return to San Jose this week to debut their new single, “Anemone,” a shimmery dream pop… » Read More

Zakk Sabbath Shreds it at The Ritz

SHRED ALERT: Leave existence behind and take the shred pill with guitar god Zakk Wylde.

Any rock nerd can form a cover band, but how many tribute vehicles are fronted by an actual guitar hero? As Zakk Sabbath, Black Label Society main man and on-again-off-again Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Zakk Wylde does an inspired take on Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi’s classic riffs. Wylde, a multi-tasking savant, also does… » Read More

David Byrne at the City National Civic

BYRNE NOTICE: Talking Heads frontman and avante pop luminary David Byrne comes to the City National Civic.

The “Final Transmission” episode of Documentary Now—the recent Netflix series in which Fred Armisen and Bill Hader lovingly skewer a different famous documentary in each installment—begins with a shot of Armisen’s feet as he walks out on stage in a white suit and says, “Hi. I got a cool little toy.” He… » Read More