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R.I.P. Tom Petty

Rock & roll legend Tom Petty died Monday at the age of 66. We remember him in the shadow of a national tragedy Read More

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Percussionist Ja Hsieh: ‘Pulse’ at De Anza

DRUMMER BOY: Ja Hsieh brings his new percussion program to De Anza.

Taiwanese percussionist Ja Hsieh and his newest ensemble, Percussion X, are bringing their latest work, “Pulse,” to De Anza College’s Visual and Performing Arts Center. Deploying a wide variety of instruments—including bongos, congas, marimba and chimes—“Pulse” promises to be an impressive display of the power of percussion. Hsieh is known for his… » Read More

Rolling Loud Festival Comes to Shoreline

ANTIDOTE: Travis Scott headlines the upcoming Rolling Loud festival at Shoreline Amphitheatre.

A new breed of underground South Florida rappers has gained mainstream traction while the region also serves as a springboard for a hip-hop festival with global aspirations. After three years of hosting capacity crowds in Miami, the Rolling Loud festival expands to the Bay Area this weekend, and plans are in the… » Read More

‘An Enemy of the People’ at The Pear

BROTHERS KEEPER: Siblings face off in 'An Enemy of the People,' coming to The Pear Theatre.

This enduring tale of an early whistleblower explores the perennial war between the press and politicians—a theme as pertinent today as it was when Henrik Ibsen finished the play in 1882. The work has since been adapted by Rebecca Lenkiewicz. An Enemy of the People recounts the story of a scientist and… » Read More

OHMME Play Art Boutiki

JAZZY: Chicago indie trio OHMME come to San Jose, courtesy of San Jose Jazz.

Walking a tightrope between chaos and cool, Chicago-based indie trio OHMME is like Kate Bush meets PJ Harvey. The avant-garde trio’s new eponymous EP drives femme rock into the 21st century. They play discordant harmonies and their voices compliment each other very well. Their songs range from serious themes like compassion to… » Read More

Onry Ozzborne at BackBar SoFa’s Cypher

THE ON-MAN COMETH: Onry Ozzborn will be at BackBar SoFa's weekly cypher.

Brooding and rhyming like a hip-hop Leonard Cohen, Onry Ozzborn comes to San Jose for a cypher showdown. He is one of many Rhymesayer label rappers, such as Aesop Rock, Mr. Lif and Busdriver. Ozzborn’s alternative style is also deeply personal and inventive. The rapper has multiple side projects such as, Grayskul,… » Read More

I Saw You: Yellow Belly Kids


It was late on a Saturday night in downtown San Jose. I was in bed trying to catch some shut-eye when I heard a slurring voice shout to his buddies: “Hey, guys, look! I’m peeing on this truck! Look, I’m peeing on this truck!” When I opened my window to let you… » Read More

Dave Eggers & Shawn Harris At Kepler’s

YOU SHALL KNOW HIM: Dave Eggers comes to Kepler's Books in Menlo Park with illustrator Shawn Harris.

In a new book by author Dave Eggers and illustrator Shawn Harris, Her Right Foot, Eggers discovers the history behind the Statue of Liberty’s right foot being in mid-stride. She is moving forward. Eggers is known as the founder of McSweeney’s and for his many literary works, including A Heartbreaking Work of… » Read More