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Dâm-Funk Embraces the Weird and the Wild

Dâm-Funk, has made a name for himself with his future-minded funk, soul and R&B. Read More

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Dâm-Funk Embraces the Weird and the Wild

FUNKED UP: Dâm-Funk, has made a name for himself with his future-minded funk, soul and R&B.

It’s no easy task to be a creator of throwback sounds in this modern era without sounding overly derivative, disingenuous, or worse yet, like a novelty act. But for the last few years, Pasadena-based Dâm-Funk (pronounced “Dame-Funk”) has earned underground and critical acclaim doing just that. Born Damon Riddick, the producer and vocalist… » Read More

Inside the Super Bowl 50’s most exclusive party

Comedian Jay Leno and former 49ers quarterback Joe Montana at the Big Game Give fundraiser. Photos:   Drew Altizer.

Saturday night’s Super Bowl 50 parties throughout the Bay Area featured an eclectic mix of celebrities and musicians—Lil’ Wayne appeared at Maxim’s bash at Treasure Island; Cuba Gooding Jr., lead actor in the new television miniseries, The People v. O.J. Simpson,  showed up at Playboy’s party in San Francisco on Friday. But one… » Read More

SoCal’s Rival Sons Craft Rollicking, Bluesy Music

Old & New: SoCal rockers Rivals Sons craft rollicking, 
bluesy stomp by channeling Zeppelin, Jack White.

It’s early afternoon and Rival Sons guitarist Scott Holiday is calling from a hotel room in Winnipeg—or “Winterpeg” as locals call it. “It’s even too cold for Canadians here,” the lifelong Southern Californian jokes. It’s amazing what sun worshippers will put up with if it means their band gets to support Black… » Read More

Kid Koala’s Brings ‘Nufonia Must Fall’ to Stanford

Soft Machine: In ‘Nufonia Must Fall,’ a story by Canadian DJ Kid Koala, a robot faces his 
own obsolescence while attempting to pen a love song for the woman he loves.

When Kid Koala began work on what would ultimately become Nufonia Must Fall—a “silent graphic novel” about a robot attempting to write a love song for the human woman of his dreams—the most advanced hipsters were still wielding flip phones, calling was more common than texting and WiFi wasn’t yet commonplace. Fast-forward to… » Read More

Super Nightlife: Miguel, 50 Cent, Norm Macdonald

Clockwise from top left: Miguel, Mario Lopez, 50 Cent and Norm Macdonald.

The Super Bowl is here—here being, you know, the South Bay—‘a.k.a. Silicon Valley, the global hub of technological innovation, and home to Apple, Google, Facebook, the social media and mobile revolution. But if you were to ask the NFL exactly where the Broncos and Panthers are set to face off, they’d just assume… » Read More

Killer Mike Interviews SJSU Alumnus and Civil Rights Icon, Tommie Smith in Barber Shop

Black Power: Tommie Smith and John Carlos are memorialized with a statue at their alma mater, San Jose State University.

Atlanta rapper Killer Mike sat down earlier this month to speak with with Olympic gold medalist and San Jose State alumnus, Tommie Smith. As an emcee, Killer Mike (née Michael Render) has made a name for himself with his aggressive, socially and politically minded style. In recent years, Killer Mike has gained a higher… » Read More

Kill The Messenger at Caravan Lounge

GARBAGE PATCH KIDS: Daly City band inject technical heavy metal with humor.

Kill the Messenger aren’t a mere Bay Area band. They’re from Daly City dammit, and they want you to know it. “Gotta rep the hood,” jokes drummer Danny Haddad on a four-way conference call, which includes bassist David Scanlon, guitarist and vocalist James Conelly, and lead vocalist-guitarist Adam Rupp, the latter of… » Read More