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The Oakland-based Phenomenauts Put a
Sci-Fi Spin On Psychobilly

In the years following their storming of the Warped Tour, The Phenomenauts have gained a
loyal following in the Bay Area and earned fans all over the world. Read More

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Jason Bonham Brings Zeppelin Tribute to San Jose

Bonzo’s Boy  Jason Bonham, son of Led Zeppelin drummer, John Bonham, now leads a Zeppelin tribute band.

One might presume that while playing alongside three of the most revered musicians in all of rock & roll history, the biggest concern anyone would have would be staying on beat. But according to Jason Bonham, the most important thing is far more abstract than that. “Sometimes it’s not always about chops,… » Read More

The Phenomenauts Put a Sci-Fi Spin on Psychobilly

In the years following their storming of the Warped Tour, The Phenomenauts have gained a loyal following in the Bay Area and earned fans all over the world.

The Phenomenauts are not unlike The Justice League or The Avengers. This rocket-fueled collective of rockabilly punks have been featured in their own comic books, each member of the group has an alias, and they hold meetings at a home base, known as The Command Center. And just like Batman—the vigilante, dark… » Read More

Kastle Bringing ‘Left-Field’ Sounds to BackBar

Barrett Richards, who records as Kastle, says watching Sesame Street as a kid got him interested in electronic music production.

Musicians draw inspiration from so many different places-other musicians, major events in their personal lives, political movements, drugs and spiritual experiences. Barrett Richards, who makes murky and experimental electronic music under the moniker Kastle, says one of his earliest inspirations came in the form of Herbie Hancock performing “Rockit” on Sesame Street,… » Read More

Kutt Calhoun Steps Out On His Own

NO MORE: Underappreciated for years at his former label, Strange Music, Kutt Calhoun steps out on his own.

Kutt Calhoun isn’t just going solo. He’s an army of one, and he’s going to war. The no-coast rapper and co-founder of Missouri independent hip-hop label Strange Music, has a new album, a new label and a bone to pick—with his former colleagues and overzealous police. Speaking on his cell phone as… » Read More

Blitzen Trapper Have Done It All

Eric Early, frontman and primary songwriter of the Portland-based Blitzen Trapper, doesn’t shy away from a challenge. In fact, he often goes looking for one. In 2010, he followed up the freak-folky Furr—his band’s pastoral, dreamy and critically acclaimed 2008 Sub Pop debut—with a sweeping, prog-rock throwback. Destroyer of the Void, which… » Read More

All The Small Things: L’Anarchiste at BackBar

L’Anarchiste is the brainchild of frontman Rob LeCheminant, who says his band’s debut, ‘Giant,’ is about ‘the concept of small things having the potential to have great effect.’

Growing up in Utah’s Salt Lake Valley, songwriter Rob LeCheminant found himself inspired by the natural wonders surrounding him. “Having been so close to areas like Canyonlands, Arches, the Grand Canyon, etcetera, has definitely affected my focus on sound and lyrics,” says the man whose most recent record, Giant, which he recorded under… » Read More

Jeff Daniels: Success At 60

Confidence: Six decades in, Jeff Daniels is comfortable with who he is—as a musician and an actor.

When Jeff Daniels takes the stage at The Carriage House Theatre this Thursday, in front of a sold-out crowd, he anticipates he’ll be quite relaxed. The actor and musician says it’s much easier for him to face a live audience and blaring stage lights than it is to face a gathering of… » Read More