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I’ll See You In My Streams

FEEL THE BERN: Local singer-songwriter Dan Bern says the switch to virtual performance has brought with it a thrill of its own.

Maybe we’ll eat beans and emit noxious gases Maybe we’ll start taking a bunch of online classes Maybe we’ll drink lemonade every day at 5 And listen to the folk singers on the Facebook Live —Dan Bern “Til The Quarantine Is Thru” It was a bit of head-scratcher when ABC’s Good Morning… » Read More

Will Covid Sap the Hype?

MAD WORLD: MadMen will go down in the history of legal weed 
for its meteoric rise and spectacular fall.  Photo by Daniel Li

There’s been lots of chatter over what the cannabis industry might look like after the Covid-19 pandemic passes. Most of the time, the attention is focused on how business is doing. So far, things are looking somewhere between “not bad” and “actually pretty good, considering.” Or, people wonder, will states hold off… » Read More

CBD Crackdown

COVID CHRONICLES: The Trump Administration has lost its reticence for regulation.

While the Trump Administration has deregulated right and left — for instance, allowing polluters to go hog wild — the Food and Drug Administration isn’t effing around when it comes to cracking down on companies selling supposed cures for the COVID-19 virus. Several of those targeted companies make CBD. There is zero… » Read More

The Ragazzi Boys Chorus in Pandemic Era: Alone Yet Together

The Ragazzi Boys Chorus. Photo by David Allen.

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, top first priorities should be health and safety, and taking care of basic needs. But once those needs are addressed, maintaining some semblance of normalcy is important as well. Grammy Award-winning Ragazzi Boys Chorus has made great creative strides in that regard. While group rehearsals… » Read More

‘Rethinking Loneliness’ With Montalvo Arts Center

LONELY TOGETHER: Susan O'Malley's interactive art project 'A Healing Walk' remains accessible during the shelter-in-place order. (photo credit: Mike Huguenor)

In the months before the sudden outbreak of COVID-19, Montalvo Arts Center in Saratoga launched a new thematic that would prove eerily prophetic: “SOCIAL: Rethining Loneliness Together.” “In 2017, the US surgeon general called loneliness, ‘the most common pathology,’” says Montalvo Program Director Kelly Sicat. “So we wanted to take the arts… » Read More

I Saw You: Scofflaw Stylist


I understand the need to make a living, but there’s more at stake here than dollars and cents. So, seeing the flashing, neon “OPEN” sign in the window of your beauty salon presented, for me, a moral conundrum. Should I snitch you out? Through the window, I could see you styling a… » Read More

I Saw You: Getting Handsy


I saw you. You were sitting next to me at the wedding—the one we were all concerned about attending, given the novel coronavirus pandemic. Well… most of us were concerned. You were just running your mouth, doing everything in your power to bring our polite conversation back to the topic of guns.… » Read More