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The English Language Playing Caravan Lounge

First San Jose Show Since Moving To Portland. Read More

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Vic Ruggiero Of The Slackers Playing Cafe Stritch

Fifteen years into his solo career Vic Ruggiero is still finding ways to keep his material fresh

Sometimes things just click. And sometimes it takes a while. “I wrote a song back in 2000,” Bronx-born singer and songwriter Vic Ruggiero says. “I’m telling you—I was on stage last year and it was the first time I ever understood one of the lyrics I wrote.” Such a breakthrough explains Ruggiero’s focus… » Read More

The English Language Playing Caravan Lounge: First San Jose Show Since Moving To Portland

Native Tongues: Founded locally, The English Language moved to Portland for cheaper rents.

Kyle Langlois is ecstatic. “We’re at this record-breaking concert thing,” he says, raising his voice to speak over the boisterous discussion going on around him. “We just finished playing. Now we’re taking pictures with a wooden fish.” He is talking on his cell phone from Chico, where he and the rest of… » Read More

Motown On Mondays Moving To Continental

Motown On Mondays is moving from 55 South (pictured) to The Continental. Photo by Brian Kirksey.

Motown On Mondays is moving to The Continental, Bar, Lounge and Patio, with it’s first weekly party scheduled for Monday, May 11. The the future location of the popular Monday-night party had uncertain—or at least officially uncertain—since the local DJ crew behind the local MOM branch, the MOM SJ Players, abruptly announced it would… » Read More

Dave’s Not Here: Our New Pot Club Critic On Purple Lotus Patient Center’s Maui Wowie

Dave's Not Here: This isn't Dave. This is a pot plant. Like we said, Dave isn't here, man...

Among the numerous cannabis dispensaries in the South Bay, Purple Lotus Patient Center possesses a familiar yet individualistic character through its distinct balance of highly diverse and reasonably priced cannabis, coupled with a convincingly unintentional outward ruggedness. With an entrance at the tail end of a narrow and discrete business lot, Purple… » Read More

An Evening At AFK Gamer Lounge

We sent our writer, Stephen Layton to get drunk, eat food and play video games at AFK Gamer Lounge.

Some day, Kevin Wick hopes to play video games in his own video game bar. That day, he tells me on the back patio, will be “The day I can sleep more than five hours a night.” The 24 year-old co-owner of the new AFK Gamer Lounge has lost sleep for months… » Read More

Can The Ritz Bring Rock & Roll Back To SoFA?

The Ritz, which opened this past weekend in the former space of The Usual and F/X The Club, has many locals optimistic about a rock & roll revival in the SoFA district.

Three dangling crimson bulbs trace a straight line through the hall, directing eyes to the stage at the far end of the room, while another set of orbs cast a sanguine glow on the shiny black surface of the bar. There, two men sit, sipping bottled water and surveying their brand new… » Read More

Record Store Day Is Coming

Spin it Loud: Record Store Day is bringing special releases to local record stores, like Campbell’s On The Corner Music. Photo by Jessica Shirley-Donnelly.

On April 18, the music industry rises once again to show support for the greatest of all recording formats: vinyl. Many Silicon Valley small businesses—your local record stores—will be participating:   Streetlight Records—San Jose, 980 S. Bascom Ave.   Rasputin Music—Campbell, 1820 S. Bascom Ave.; Mountain View, 1939 W El Camino Real   Needle… » Read More