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Tok of the Town

BIG RASCALS: The Peach Tree Rascals recorded their gold hit 'Mariposa' in a shed in South San Jose.

On a Wednesday in July, The Late Show With Stephen Colbert hosted a musical guest on its “Play At Home” series who many around San Jose might have recognized. Following a brightly colored title card with the iconic show name (and another with the hashtag #Playathome), cameras revealed a stage decked out… » Read More

The Great Leap at San Jose Stage

FAST BREAK: A friendly game takes on life-changing significance in Lauren Yee's 'The Great Leap.'

Jeffrey Lo has been dreaming about staging Lauren Yee’s The Great Leap since before the play was even published. “I watched a stage reading of an early draft maybe four or so years ago in San Francisco, while she was still revising and editing it,” Lo says. “For me, as an Asian… » Read More

Starfarer at the Ritz

AUDIONAUT: As Starfarer, San Jose musician Miguel Iniguez charts the dark, synthy sounds of the universe.

Though he was already well-established as a metal guitarist, when Miguel Iniguez launched Starfarer in 2017 he was a total newcomer to the world of electronic music. Memories of 1980s horror and sci-fi soundtracks fired his imagination, inspiring him to take his new project in a radically different direction. “I was heavily… » Read More

Elefante + Inspector at Club Rodeo

SIN FIN: Mexico City rockers Elefante come to Club Rodeo with Latin ska group Inspector.

Mexico City rock band Elefante is coming to Club Rodeo in San Jose Sunday night while the kids are asleep with a babysitter watching the house. Winding acoustic guitar riffs and powerful vocals in Spanish from this band are like a party where cousins and neighbors share barbacoa, tequila, mezcal and cervezas… » Read More

Jackie Gage at Art Boutiki

EN-GAGE: Enchanting San Jose vocalist Jackie Gage performs live and online at Art Boutiki.

Jazz is the place to go when you want to see musicians at the peak of their craft, and vocal jazz is where the human voice is truly put to the test. With her velvety vocals, excellent command of pitch, and airy and eclectic backing instrumentals, Jackie Gage has been waving the… » Read More

Wilco at San Jose Civic

QUIET AMPLIFIER: The unclassifiable Wilco come to San Jose Civic touring their 2019 album 'Ode to Joy.'

Can-co, Should-Co, Wilco! Not content with simply turning in 10 classic albums and calling it a good career, Chicago’s indie rock sextet are back touring their 2019 release Ode to Joy. They were supposed to tour it in 2020, but apparently something big came up that year which prevented it. Ode to… » Read More

Juho Pohjonen Streaming Performances

FINNISH LINE: Finnish piano phenom Juho Pohjonen plays Bach for the Steinway Society.

There’s nothing like classical orchestral piano compositions to ease us into the autumnal season. This weekend, Finnish pianist Juho Pohjonen performs selections from his growing discography in four virtual performances for Bay Area fans. For this year’s Steinway Society season, Pohjonen will draw from Bach’s “Goldberg Variations,” with his musical interpretations often… » Read More