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Aesop Of Living Legends Playing Back Bar SoFA

Living Legends crew member Aesop returns from a long hiatus to play Back Bar SoFA. Read More

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We Went To ‘The Real Escape Game’ In Japantown

This mysterious room is pretty messy.

“Hey, do you want to get locked in a room with nine strangers and solve puzzles for an hour?” Surprisingly enough, very few of my friends answered “yes” to this question, but such is the fate of those who attend the “Real Escape Game” in San Jose’s Japantown. I finally convinced someone… » Read More

Buzzworthy Locals Fritz Montana Play Blank Club


Many bands plug away for years, playing house parties, clubs and smaller halls before they ever reach a stage inside an arena, assuming they even reach such a stage at all. But the South Bay-bred indie-blues-rock group Fritz Montana were fortunate enough to play at Oracle Arena in Oakland—on their fourth show.… » Read More

Aesop Of Living Legends Playing Back Bar SoFA

Derrick McElroy, who goes by Aesop, Black Aesop and Aesop’s Fables, has a full-length 'opus' on the way.

Much like the Aesop of antiquity, it isn’t particularly easy to get a bead on Aesop, the emcee of the Bay Area and Los Angeles hip-hop crew, Living Legends. A Wikipedia search of the Aesop of Aesop’s Fables will inform you that scholars are undecided as to whether Aesop ever really existed or… » Read More

PHOTOS: 13 Pics From Campbell’s Oktoberfest

A group poses for a portrait at the 2014 Campbell Oktoberfest.

Prost! The sun was shining and the hefeweizen was sweet in downtown Campbell on Saturday for the city’s annual Oktoberfest celebration, and we were there to catch all the fun. Check out these shots from our photographer, Greg Ramar, and see if you can spy yourself or your friends: » Read More

Get Up Early And See These Bands At The Treasure Island Music Festival You Lazy Bum!


So, you went big last night, and all the biggest acts—Outkast, Massive Attack, TV on the Radio and Janelle Monae—they’re not playing until later. And through your dried, bloodshot eyes you are staring angrily at your alarm clock. There’s no way you’re getting up now to get down to the Treasure Island… » Read More

Turn The Key: San Jose Jazz Speakeasy-Style Gala At SV Capital Club To Benefit Music Education

'Gritty Saloon Jazz' band Tumbledown House will headline the San Jose Jazz gala event.

Like many great artistic movements, jazz was born out of rebellion—growing, in some cases quite literally, from an underground. Speakeasies, those often subterranean and always illicit watering holes, which sprung up all over America during prohibition served as the launch pad for America’s indigenous music. And so it makes sense that San… » Read More

Rarely Shown Rolling Stones Documentary Screening Tonight At Stanford University

This image, taken by Robert Frank, is among many on display at the 'Robert Frank in America' exhibit currently at Cantor Arts Center at Stanford. Frank's rarely shown Rolling Stone's documentary, 'Cocksucker Blues,' will be screened Oct. 15 at the Annenberg Auditorium.

This evening, the rarely screened and highly acclaimed documentary on the Rolling Stones, Cocksucker Blues, will be screened at Stanford University, as part of the Cantor Arts Center exhibit, Robert Frank in America. And you can check it out for free. The documentary, directed and shot by American street photography icon, Robert Frank, was filmed… » Read More