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Ukrainian Quartet DakhaBrakha Coming To Stanford

Mad Hatters: DakhaBrakha crosses traditional Ukrainian music
with pop sensibility for a far-out, future-folk sound. Read More

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An Evening At AFK Gamer Lounge

We sent our writer, Stephen Layton to get drunk, eat food and play video games at AFK Gamer Lounge.

Some day, Kevin Wick hopes to play video games in his own video game bar. That day, he tells me on the back patio, will be “The day I can sleep more than five hours a night.” The 24 year-old co-owner of the new AFK Gamer Lounge has lost sleep for months… » Read More

Can The Ritz Bring Rock & Roll Back To SoFA?

The Ritz, which opened this past weekend in the former space of The Usual and F/X The Club, has many locals optimistic about a rock & roll revival in the SoFA district.

Three dangling crimson bulbs trace a straight line through the hall, directing eyes to the stage at the far end of the room, while another set of orbs cast a sanguine glow on the shiny black surface of the bar. There, two men sit, sipping bottled water and surveying their brand new… » Read More

Record Store Day Is Coming

Spin it Loud: Record Store Day is bringing special releases to local record stores, like Campbell’s On The Corner Music. Photo by Jessica Shirley-Donnelly.

On April 18, the music industry rises once again to show support for the greatest of all recording formats: vinyl. Many Silicon Valley small businesses—your local record stores—will be participating:   Streetlight Records—San Jose, 980 S. Bascom Ave.   Rasputin Music—Campbell, 1820 S. Bascom Ave.; Mountain View, 1939 W El Camino Real   Needle… » Read More

Ukrainian Quartet DakhaBrakha Coming To Stanford

Mad Hatters: DakhaBrakha crosses traditional Ukrainian music with pop sensibility for a far-out, future-folk sound.

In 2014, the Russian Federation sent troops into Ukraine and annexed the strategically significant Crimean peninsula. As was the case with the Russo-Georgian crisis of 2008, the fracas temporarily caught the attention of the American mainstream media, before fading from view. DakhaBrakha, an experimental folk band from the Ukraine wants to ensure… » Read More

TEDxStanford Tickets Going On Sale Tomorrow

Ge Wang, assistant professor at the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics, plays his iPhone.

Whether you have attended one live or like to watch them from bed at your leisure, you know the power of the TED Talk. You’re laughing along, you’re inspired—you are very, very stimulated. It’s learning in the most modern way. Tickets go on sale tomorrow morning, April 15 at 10am for the popular,… » Read More

Grateful Dead Announce Two Concerts at Levi’s Stadium


Many Bay Area Grateful Dead fans knew it wouldn’t be a proper farewell without at least one Bay Area performance, and now the band is delivering with two scheduled “Fare Thee Well” concerts at Levi’s Stadium this June. The Grateful Dead, which earlier this year announced three concerts in Chicago this July… » Read More

High On Fire Playing ‘Fear FestEvil’

Dopesmokers: Matt Pike, left, co-founded San Jose stoner-metal legends Sleep. He now fronts High on Fire.

The San Francisco Bay Area has long been a fertile breeding ground for metal music. It’s either given birth to, or supported the growth of, such legendary acts as Exodus, Testament, Death Angel, and of course, Metallica. Since their foundation in 1998, Oakland’s High on Fire have proven themselves to be a… » Read More