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Cola Catch Big Psych Wave on New 'Great Taste' EP

Cliff Rawson revives Cola with avalanches of resonant sustain on new shoegazing EP Read More

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Cola Catch Big Psych Wave on New ‘Great Taste’ EP

ENJOY: Cliff Rawson revives Cola with avalanches of resonant sustain on new shoegazing EP. Photo by Greg Ramar.

 For those who only know local indie rock outfit Cola by their initial offering of songs—a small collection of ramshackle, Velvet Underground-tinged numbers released online—the band’s debut EP, Great Taste, is likely to sound like an entirely different project. But then, those who are surprised by Great Taste’s wall of swirling guitars,… » Read More

A Harmonious Marriage: Béla & Abigail

BETTER TOGETHER: Béla Fleck and wife Abigail Washburn. Photo by Jim McGuire.

The banjo is associated with many things: bluegrass, insufferable indie bands, Deliverance. But for Béla Fleck the traditional folk instrument is just as appropriate on rickety Appalachian porches as it is in a concerto with strings and woodwinds. Widely recognized as one of the best and most innovative banjo players in the world,… » Read More

Hit List: Best Music, Art & Culture Mar 22-28

PERDEDOR: Columbian-born Spanish-language pop star Maluma is far from losing.

A new adaptation of Mary Shelley’s classic gothic novel comes to City Lights Theater.  ‘Frankenstein’  tells the tale of Victor Frankenstein and his monster with a modern-day twist and with the aid of cutting edge technology. Intent on examining what “it truly means to be human, and the plight of the outsider,” City Lights… » Read More

Hit List: Best Music, Art & Culture Mar 15-21

CUT IT: O.T. Genasis brings his pusherman rap to Pure Lounge. Photo by Jory Lee Cordy.

Them bricks is way to hot, you need to cut it! One might presume that Trevor Paglen took the advice of a certain Long Beach trapper when he conceived of his “Trinity Cube”—a block fashioned out of irradiated glass collected from the post-meltdown Fukashima Exclusion Zone in Japan and Trinitite, the mineral… » Read More

George Clinton & Parliament at SJZ Summer Fest

HE GOT THE FUNK: George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic are coming to San Jose Jazz Summer Fest.

Winter Fest is barely in the rear view mirror, but San Jose Jazz is already announcing it’s preliminary lineup for its flagship Summer Fest. This year, things are gonna be funky; George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic are topping the bill, along with Chris Botti, Maceo Parker, and The Whispers. Tickets for the festival—which runs… » Read More

No Water After Midnight: Pop From the Past

TIMELESS: Playing jazzy versions of all the hits, No Water After Midnight are a modern-day house band.

A great song has the power to transcend time and space. A rich harmony, an infectious melody, a sick beat, a beautiful lyric: they all work together to move a listener—whether on the dancefloor, emotionally, or both. Tara Alesia understands this. She and her band, No Water After Midnight, specialize in moving… » Read More

Mothership Bring Interstellar Metal to The Ritz

STONED IN SPACE: Cosmically minded stoner metalheads Mothership have a new LP and a persistent hope for humanity. Photo by Robbie Quinn.

In 1969, Dr. J. Allen Hynek delivered an address titled Twenty-one Years of UFO Reports to the American Association for the Advancement of Science. In it, he developed the language that is still in use today to describe sightings of the unexplained. “I divide the close encounter cases,” Hynek wrote, “into three… » Read More