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Exhibition District is Ready to Bring Colorful Murals to San Jose

San Jose's mundane pockets under threat as Exhibition District rallies support. Read More


Animal Lovers Save Horses as County Officials Failed to Act

Justice, a muddy brown bay colt eight months old and 75 pounds underweight, could barely stand. Ribs pronounced, hipbones jutting, gut teeming with worms, eyes goopy and dull. Only a baby, but living on borrowed time. Most horses like him fetch a bullet before an asking price. Humberto Rivas Uribe, a 51-year-old South County rancher, would sell him for nothing less than $2,500. » Read More

Rey Resurreccion Aims to Break Big

Inside a Milpitas elementary school's multi-purpose room, splashed with swaths of green, blue and yellow, Rey Resurreccion teaches a chess class for youngsters. Fifteen students surround him in a semi-circle, squirming with pent-up energy. Once settled, 'Chessmaster Rey,' as the kids call him, points to the hanging chess board and explains the gambit: sacrificing a piece for a more advantageous position on the board. » Read More

Underground Wrestling Alliance Grows in Popularity

Hollywood, reigning champion of the Underground Wrestling Alliance, has morphed from fan favorite to two-timing megalomaniac. Clad in his signature black and blue, gaudy gold title belt buckled around his waist, he storms toward the ring. Clearly, victory has gone to his head. "I don't need your approval," he rages at the crowd, eliciting hisses and insults. » Read More

2014 Year in Review

We infiltrate the year that was 2014-when cyber terrorists defeated Hollywood, the 1 percent cried foul(again) and the police state took over a nation. » Read More

Right to Offend: Satire and Free Speech without Censorship

The Charlie Hebdo terror attacks of Jan. 7 continue to stimulate conversation and debate here and abroad over the so-called limits of free speech-and it's raised important questions in this country about the state of American satire. Just how far is "too far," and how much should-how much do-cartoonists engage in self-censorship? And why? » Read More

Silicon Valley Winter Arts Guide

The holiday season is behind us and the days are growing longer, but there is still plenty of cold and dreary weather ahead of us before the spring. It's the perfect time to contemplate the heavy things-and just as Hollywood is dropping all kinds of thinky, Oscar hopefuls in cinemas around the country, the producers of art in the South Bay are planning works that ask difficult questions and push viewers out of their comfort zones and into the unknown. » Read More


SJSU MFA Program Hosts an Open House for the First Time Ever

For the first time in human history, the SJSU Department of English and Comparative Literature, specifically the MFA program, is opening its house for the world to see. Since this valley is probably ripe with potential scribes, creative writers, poets, prose-masters or folks contemplating a return to grad school, Jan. 29 should be an awesome literary moment for anyone interested in what's going on at SJSU. » Read More

Changing Boundaries: The History of San Jose

After all these centuries, a full-fledged documentary about San Jose's rich and lurid history will unfold next week at the California Theatre. Produced by Norman Kline and CreaTV, in collaboration with History San Jose, and directed by Tricia Creason-Valencia, Changing Boundaries: The History of San Jose will explore the struggles of working people, visionaries, dreamers, farmers, political legends, sports figures and all sorts of unsung heroes who made San Jose what it is today. » Read More

CreaTV Celebrates with its Annual CreaTiVe Awards

This Saturday, CreaTV presents its annual gala hoedown spectacular, the CreaTiVe Awards, celebrating free community access television and all its glories. Yes, technically it's an award ceremony, but CreaTV spreads its tentacles across the local landscape and even all the way to the state capital. In many ways, their efforts are worthy of celebration. » Read More

Silicon Alleys Year in Review 2014

With 2014 coming to a conclusion, now is the time to reflect on some of the highlights from this page over the last year. More often than not, this column unfolded as a harmonization of old and new. It featured beginnings and conclusions, esoteric cycles of eternal return, and Buddhist-style bardo states of transition. In some cases, all of those features even emerged in the same paragraph. All in all, the columnist seemed to experience San Jose as a hall of mirrors, cracked in a zillion places, with the columnist simply entering the scenario to discover its myriad reflections. » Read More

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