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Musician Korla Pandit Gets Some Long-Overdue Respect

The new documentary 'Korla' explores the life of eccentric entertainer Korla Pandit. Read More


Bryan Kramer: Shareology

One of life's first lessons is to share, an act of enlightened self interest that's a foundation of our existence as social animals. So intrinsic it is, we rarely analyze it. Yet we tell stories, commit time to others and wave people forward at intersections without a second thought. » Read More

San Jose Jazz Summerfest

For the uninitiated young music consumer, jazz is too often perceived as the smooth, less-than-edgy "quiet storm" radio sound or academic, intentionally difficult cacophony. But jazz is about more than pastel washes of electric sax and impossibly convoluted compositions that require a music theory degree to untangle. » Read More

The Podcast Invasion

Podcasting's blowing up-more than a decade after its low-key debut. What took so long? In the gray, quick-fading winter light, they gather. In living rooms, in kitchens or on front porches, attentive and transfixed, they listen as voices spill out of the speakers. » Read More

Silicon Valley Beer Week

California is in the midst of one of the most severe droughts on record. And while weather scientists are forecasting a wet and wild El Nino this winter, we're parched right now. Fortunately, Silicon Valley Beer Week kicks off this weekend, providing the perfect opportunity to unironically follow the directions of pickup truck bumper stickers, novelty T-shirts and country singer Chris Young. » Read More

'Lean Out' Urges Women to Create Their Own Culture in Silicon Valley

As a late-night comedy sketch, the Titstare demo would have come off as a scathing parody of Silicon Valley sexism. Unfortunately, Jethro Batts and David Boulton—hoodie-clad Aussies in their mid-to-late 20s—presented their ill-conceived app at the 2013 TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco. » Read More

Grateful Dead's Bay Area Guide

How to connect to the history of the Grateful Dead without a ticket. Here are the places where history happened. » Read More


Jazz Summerfest, First Fridays Make for Harmonious Melting Pot

Inside Cafe Stritch, "The Inflated Tear" came to an end at the stroke of midnight, simultaneously providing a poignant cap to the first night of San Jose Jazz Summerfest and signaling that the event has become more urban. Outside, earlier that night, First Fridays ratcheted up the scene with a street market of local artists, all combining their efforts with that of the jazz festival to create a diverse array of peaceful street-meets-elite awesomeness. » Read More

Serendipity in SoFA

San Jose Jazz Summer Fest is in a continuous state of "becoming urban," in the post-Nietzschean sense. With each passing August, we see more examples of how the entire gala hoedown spectacular integrates with the daytime and nighttime goings-on of the local neighborhood. This year, the South First Fridays art walk and street market just happen to coincide with the jazz festival, so the SoFA District experience will function as a microcosm of the whole fest. » Read More

Former Stones, Dead Tour Manager Discusses Rock Legends

Just a few years ago, Studio Bongiorno opened up in the old California Monument Building in Santa Clara, right across the street from the Mission Cemetery. For an art gallery, performance space and overall gathering spot, the joint is a nucleus of crackpot activity. This week, two living monuments, former Rolling Stones tour manager Sam Cutler and legendary rock journalist Joel Selvin, will provide a rip-roaring conversation for anyone interested in rock history, especially Altamont. » Read More

ZERO1 Leave the Garage to Focus on Global Collaborative Projects

The goal since ZERO1's inception 15 years ago has been to see how artists can get people, especially those in tech, to think differently. Now ZERO1 is expanding that strategy to establish partnerships in which artistic thinking can impact social innovation. As a result, devoting massive resources to fund a permanent physical exhibition space like the ZERO1 Garage is no longer realistic. » Read More

Veggielution Celebrates with Bounty of Heart's Delight Dinner

Along the journey to Veggielution, a glorious audio collage envelops me. By the time I arrive at the far back corner of Emma Prusch Farm Park, I've heard roosters, geese, whistling park employees, children scampering, a few tractors and ubiquitous freeway noise from the monolithic 680/101 interchange. » Read More

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