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Japantown Art Walk Signifies a Resurgence on Jackson St.

Japantown holds monthly art walk at shops around the neighborhood. Read More


BlogHer Female Global Network

A decade ago, in the ancient age of stammering dial-up, when the term "blog" was truncated geekspeak for "weblog" and familiar to only a small fraction of Internet users, most bloggers were men. For all its promise of disrupting the status quo, the fledgling World Wide Web already reflected the underrepresentation of female voices in traditional media. » Read More

Silicon Valley Bars & Clubs 2014

Craft Cocktails, the Henchata, Day Parties, where to watch the World Cup & more. Of course the wagon had to roll through the day I called a roundtable discussion among four owners of some of the best craft cocktail bars in the South Bay. But bartenders who take self-imposed, non-Lent-related layoffs from drinking are a susceptible species, and beverages between friends have a way of ruining the best-laid plans of alcohol abstinence. » Read More

Literacy & Light

The three school-age Nunez daughters struggled with studying at home. It wasn't for lack of motivation, nor overbooked after-school schedules—nor any obsessive relationships with the Xbox. The girls' home in the rural community of Colonet, Mexico, had no electricity. After sundown, the sisters squinted at their homework, trying to read and write by the dim light of a few small votive candles. » Read More

Summer Guide 2014

A four-month guide stuffed with concerts, festivals, movies, fairs & plays. Coachella's expansion to two weekends over the past few years doesn't really prove that more listeners than ever crave a weekend in a remote town at the mercy of desert weather, so much as it affirms the dominance of festivals in the summer's musical landscape. The Bay Area and its more temperate climes is a principal stop for many such tours and the hometown, so to speak, of other fests. » Read More

Is Social Media Ruining the Lives of Young Women

Every few months or so, I take a moment to pause and reflect on one of the few things in my life that causes me profound and unshakable gratitude. Thank God, or whatever benevolent force there may be in this universe, I think to myself, that Twitter did not exist when I was in high school. Of course, this introspection isn't without cause. Every few months, there seems to arise a new chunk of evidence-or at least a new wave of think pieces-about how the Internet is ruining the lives of young women. » Read More


Modernist Cuisine: The Exhibition at the Tech Museum

In the Tech Museum, former Microsoft Chief Technology Officer Nathan Myhrvold stands in front of a nine-foot-tall exploding diagram of a mushroom Swiss burger. A gorgeous color photograph, it reminds me of those quirky grade school biology textbooks, but from a more Zen perspective. I see things I don't normally see. The lettuce slice is probably three feet in diameter. » Read More

San Jose's Little Italy Gets a Boost

The efforts to establish a bona fide Little Italy neighborhood in San Jose have leaped a major hurdle. All one-zillion of the required permits to construct a gateway arch on Julian Street in front of Paesano Ristorante are now signed off. This is not as simple as it sounds because the intersection in question—North Almaden Avenue and Julian Street, just north of Henry's Hi-Life—is a major public right of way. Unlike Italy, you can't just build a steel arch and put it over the street. There exist a gamut of studies, permits, committee meetings and other technicalities slapped onto the process by City Hall. » Read More

House of Siam Closes it's Doors

After 20 years in downtown San Jose, House of Siam on Second St. will be closing its doors for good this weekend. Although it was not the first Thai restaurant to open downtown, this sapphire in the wasteland successfully fused the native and the exotic from the very second it opened. Back in the late '90s, when I first began writing for websites, one of the first pieces I ever wrote described House of Siam as a "culinary dominatrix flogging one's taste buds." It was a compliment. » Read More