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Luna Park Chalk Art Festival Returns this Weekend

Rain swamped last year's Luna Park Chalk Art Festival, but grassroots support continues to buoy the event. Read More


South Bay Naturists shield nude beach with 27th Annual Cleanup Day

Rich Pasco, dressed like a tourist in a white souvenir tee tucked into navy-blue shorts, cautiously descends a dusty path between two cliffs at Bonny Doon Beach. He arrives at his picnic spot breathless from hotfooting it across the sand, and, without pause, he begins to disrobe. Every Monday afternoon, Pasco, 63, joins his friend for a game of Scrabble in the raw at the secluded quarter-mile patch of sand and surf north of Santa Cruz. They met in 1978 at the clothing-optional north end of the beach, where the crescent shape of the cliffs buffers the wind. » Read More

Women & Innovation

The attention lavished on Meg Whitman, Sheryl Sandberg and Marissa Mayer belies the reality that an abysmally small percentage of the valley's top execs are women. Can Silicon Valley be the innovation leader of the future if it clings to male-centric business models of the past? » Read More

SoFA Street Fair returns with Fishbone

Consider 1991. Grunge was just starting to knock the hair-metal dipshits off the Billboard Charts. What remained of the 1980s thrash metal/hardocre punk crossover era was dying. Barely anyone had even heard of hip-hop yet. There was no World Wide Web, no cell phones and no laptops. In San Jose's case, a music "scene"-for lack of any other word-emerged on South First Street back when the word "alternative" still meant alternative. » Read More

Surveillance Valley

From hacked nude celebrity selfies to Tor-encrypted drug deals, our privacy depends on Silicon Valley companies, whose data infrastructure dwarfs the NSA's Last year, in response to revelations about NSA surveillance, some of Silicon Valley's biggest names got together and formed an organization dedicated to promoting government surveillance reform. The charade should have been laughed at and mocked-after all, these same companies feed on privacy for profit, and unfettered surveillance is their stock and trade. » Read More

Cowgirl Courier launches the Region's only Bike Courier Service

The Bicyclists arrive in half-hour successions to Roy's Coffee Station in Japantown. Strapped with helmets and messenger bags, 18 of them are here to prove they can patch a flat, maneuver through city traffic and follow orders under duress. One by one, they sit down at a table for a quick interview and briefing. Their first assignment: deliver a note to San Pedro Square Market, fifth booth to the right from B2 coffee. » Read More

Girafa: The South Bay's Banksy

Two years before he was arrested for emblazoning walls, box trucks, train cars and freeway overpasses all over the Bay Area with his signature black and yellow giraffe character, Steven Free-better known by his graffiti moniker, Girafa-found himself staring down the barrel of a gun. It was a cool San Francisco night sometime in 2007, and Free was on the roof of a building in the SOMA district, preparing to paint a large wall overlooking a nearby stretch of freeway. He heard footsteps and turned to find a man training a flashlight on him. » Read More

The End of Burning Man

Powdery, alkaline dust swirls in gusts that buffet tents, shade structures and towering sculptures. Inside one of the camps here, hands and legs grapple with touch screens affixed to a pole. Like an electronic game of Twister, the screens light up with colors, indicating where a person should next place a hand or foot. However, a cardboard-and-plastic spinner doesn't randomly determine these moves; they're modeled on choreography and programmed to display on the screens. » Read More


'22 Joes Every Day' at the Martin Luther King Jr. Library

Twenty-two plastic toy G.I. Joe dolls hang suspended from nooses attached to an overhang inside the Martin Luther King, Jr. Main Library. Parachutes hang beneath them. The number 22 refers to the number of veterans in the U.S. who commit suicide every single day. Several of us who showed up for the fourth-floor reception participated by hanging the Joes ourselves. Each day last week, culminating on Monday, Sept. 8, participants suspended 22 more Joes from the ceiling-22 each evening to commemorate those veterans who end their lives ona daily basis. » Read More

'Tech + Tasting' invades Santana Row

The Tech Museum of Innovation will invade Santana Row this Thursday for a grand route of "Tech + Tasting." The wine-and-shine soiree is destined to showcase not only remnants from recent museum shows, like REBOOT: Music, but also some brand new high-tech phenomena from upcoming exhibits. Different spots along the wine walk will present visitors with Tech Museum displays, all to help ratchet up the museum's outreach into the community at large. » Read More

'Still Krazy After all These Cheers'

The world's only decades-long full-time professional cheerleader, drum-beating lunatic and San Jose State alumnus, Krazy George Henderson, now screams in autobiographical format. His new book, Still Krazy After all These Cheers, explodes with stories and sheer insanity. I would expect no less. You can almost hear his gravelly voice and snare drum pounding from between the pages. » Read More