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'Sparks' Exhibit Provides Timeline of Glass Sculpture Movement

In conjunction with the Glass Art Society's 44th annual conference. Read More


'The Jinx' Renews Focus on Disappearance of California Girl

Eccentric millionaire and accused murderer Robert Durst awaits extradition from Louisiana to California for the alleged killing of his confidante Susan Berman in December 2000. Meanwhile, sources with knowledge of the case indicate that federal investigators continue to focus on Durst as a "person of interest" in the unsolved disappearance of Northern California teenager Karen Mitchell in 1997. » Read More

The Reality of Virtual Reality

One moment I'm rock climbing in the rust orange Utah desert. The next I'm soaring over the surrounding landscape as my companions leap from the top of a craggily spire. Looking over my shoulder, I can see them pull their chutes after several seconds of freefall. Not long after, I am in a much darker place-strapped to a chair in a warehouse of horrors. » Read More

Behind the Scenes at the Valley's School for Chefs

It's 5 o'clock somewhere—I'm guessing within swimming distance of the Azores. But there are no tropical beaches here and I hear no wine specials in Portuguese. It's about eleven in the morning and I'm quietly enjoying an early happy hour at the International Culinary Center in Campbell. Located in a fairly large, nondescript brown box on the corner of San Tomas Expressway and Hamilton Avenue, the South Bay's premier cooking school shares digs with a Gold's Gym. I couldn't help but smile as I spied the poor saps from the parking lot, doing their leg bends and arm swings behind tinted windows, torturing their bodies while I was about to gulp wine and demolish an assortment of fine meats and cheeses. » Read More

How a University Launched the Electronic Music Revolution

It wasn't that long ago when all music was made by acoustic instruments-vibrating strings, oscillating reeds and resonating wood. Our musical devices were powered by wind, friction and other forces. But today, whether you're scanning the radio or browsing a web-based streaming service, chances are high that at least a portion of the music you're encountering was produced through some form of synthesis. The wobbling bass of that dubstep drop, the bowel-rattling kick and the snapping snare on that hip-hop beat, the impossibly rapid, arpeggiated guitar lick-all of them produced by a synthesizer. » Read More

Metro's Best of Silicon Valley 2015

It's time to admit that Silicon Valley is a bit of a freak. A paradoxical place where self-driving cars, drones and presidential visits are so common they barely merit a second thought. Yet we steal elections with licked stamps and feed ballots into counting machines by hand. From $100 million mansions to a now-disassembled plywood and canvas favela that was ready for its own Zip code, the valley incubates diversity and embraces unconventional thinking. Our normal is never the norm. » Read More

The San Jose Earthquakes: A Seismic Soccer Legacy

You see, for years I'd always wanted to write a book about the history of the San Jose Earthquakes club, including all its births, deaths and reincarnations, right up until the current day. Unfortunately, in November of 2013, the larger story wasn't yet complete. The timing wasn't right. However, Child's words about his Hall of Fame induction stuck with me. Never quit. Don't give up. » Read More


MACLA Celebrates 25th Anniversary

This weekend, MACLA celebrates its 25th anniversary, not only via its annual Latino Art Auction, but also with a celebration to repurpose Parque de los Pobladores across the street. MACLA (Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana) began as a Latino and Chicano arts advocacy group at the end of the 1980s, and it's grown into a nationally-recognized tangible institution. » Read More

'Creative Collisions' Mixes Wearable Technology, Dance and Audiences

Ideas are colliding at the Tech Museum of Innovation. Next week, a brand new series, Creative Collisions, explores how artistic innovation crosses over with technological research. The first installment, "Ballet + Wearables + You," unfolds Tuesday, May 12. The + symbols are important, as the event will investigate how certain types of wearable technology can enhance the ballet experience for dancers, choreographers, composers and their audiences. » Read More

Silicon Alleys 10 Year Anniversary

With Metro's 30th anniversary issue coming up soon, it makes sense to reflect on the 10th anniversary of this column. In April of 2005, Metro gave me some weekly space to ruminate on the San Jose condition. At the time, I had no idea what it would become. The only goal-if there was even a goal-was to provide something different every single week, so readers would never have any idea what to expect. One week, a local barbershop; the next, the use of esoteric gnosticism to analyze the intersection of Kiely and Stevens Creek. » Read More

Artist Laureates Program Celebrates its 25th Anniversary

This week, the Artist Laureates program by Silicon Valley Creates will celebrate its 25th anniversary. Professional working artists apply each year for several categories of grants to assist them in their creative work. The program was launched back in the late '80s as the Artist Fellowship Program, when Silicon Valley Creates was known as the Arts Council of Santa Clara County. » Read More