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San Jose Japantown's History revealed in New Book

A new book captures more than 100 years in San Jose Japantown's history Read More


A Defense of Ethical Meat Production

Ask a vegetarian why he or she doesn't eat meat and you'll get a variety of answers: Beef is bad for your health. Cattle are a major contributor to global warming. It's wrong to kill animals. Beef production contributes to world hunger. Cattle ranching leads to a loss of biodiversity. Even those who eat beef sometimes do so with a heavy conscience. For many educated urban dwellers, eating beef is a guilty indulgence at best and a health and environmental scourge at worst. » Read More

Halloween Costumes, Parties & Pop Culture for 2014

The Unnatural yellow hazmat suit of one desperate meth-cooking schoolteacher turned drug lord. The impenetrable red-and-gold-armor of Tony Stark's alter-ego. The fuzzy teddy bear negligee of a pop star (sometimes with companion singer to grind against). They linger, but are fading away. (For one thing, Hazmat suits now belong to the more topical but truly ghoulish "quarantined Ebola victim." See "Costumes That Spell Doom.") » Read More

Is Digital Photgraphy Changing the Restaurant Industry?

A mound of translucent, tangerine orbs of salmon roe and thin, coral-pink salmon slices perch atop pale green avocado and darker green Romaine leaves. Punctuating this sashimi salad, a sprinkle of seaweed-chopped fine into tiny, even blades-tumbles like cut grass over the dish. Fuzzy, cream-colored frost clings to the dual spiral beaters of a churner, fresh from mixing ice cream flash-frozen by liquid nitrogen. » Read More

Payday Lenders face New Regulations

Against the backdrop of an impotent state legislature and a growing awareness of the predatory nature of payday lenders, local governments have had to pick up the slack and adopt laws to stifle the industry. Last week in Morgan Hill, the charge was to take action before bad news comes in the form of three—or more. "We have two (payday lenders)," Morgan Hill Mayor Steve Tate said from the dais, "we don't need any more." » Read More

'Kill the Messenger' Reconsiders Gary Webb's Legacy

This one has all the ingredients of a dreamed-up Hollywood blockbuster: Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist uncovers a big story involving drugs, the CIA and a guerrilla army. Despite threats and intimidation, he writes an explosive expose and catches national attention. But the fates shift. Our reporter's story is torn apart by the country's leading media; he is betrayed by his own newspaper. Though the big story turns out to be true, the writer commits suicide and becomes a cautionary tale. » Read More

The Dark Side of Wearable Technology

This Chip has been coming for a long time it will have everything on it about you" "IT WILL ALLOW THE GOVERNMENT TO FIND US FOR WHATEVER REASON. HEALTH CARE IS ONLY A COVER STORY." "How do we know we aren't marked already? we will have to watch EVERY shot we're given in surgery down to a filling!" » Read More


Pop-up Retailers Fill Empty Spaces in Downtown San Jose

As is often the case in this town, artists and independent businesses are transforming emptiness into grooviness. Last week, the anti-man-about-town slithered into the defunct San Jose Repertory Theater building to inspect the guts of a bold new initiative. Pop-up retailers have now taken over the lobby of the squandered theater to market their wares for the duration of the holiday season. » Read More

Tech Museum thinks Big with Body Moves exhibit

Change is afoot at the Tech Museum. Or a heartbeat away, so to speak. As of right now, the museum is officially moving away from "blockbuster" exhibits and into a new era of homegrown, resourceful, collaborative Silicon Valley-based experiences. In other words, the venue no longer wants to depend on traveling, commercial mega-shows and thus have to justify the remote connections those shows have with a technology museum. » Read More

NUMU: New Museum Los Gatos breaks Ground

The empty building formerly occupied by the old Los Gatos Library shall soon transform into New Museum Los Gatos. Groundbreaking took place a few weeks ago and the transformation will emerge in stages. The upper level is slated to debut next spring, with the lower level tentatively schedule for later in in 2015. As of right now, two facilities, the Art Museum of Los Gatos and the more history-centric Forbes Mill Museum, operate under the same umbrella, but the brand is quite a bit antiquated. » Read More

'Off the Mat' Goes Global Bringing Yoga to Public Places

It's not every day that an SJSU photography major decides to marry her art with yoga and scour the globe to photo-shoot yogis in public places. Apparently taking photos of people doing yoga in the middle of Third Street in downtown San Jose wasn't enough. Apparently recruiting models to sit in the lotus position inside a grocery store wasn't enough. Enter Sarah Wells, who shall receive her BFA in photography from SJSU at the end of this semester. Taking inspiration from the yogic creed that the most challenging part of one's practice actually begins once you get off the mat. » Read More

'Post-Portrait' on view at the San Jose Museum of Art

Sometimes things get blurry. Especially when the columnist violates his scientist friends by stealing terminology from quantum mechanics. Is the observer really ever separate from that which is observed? For example, what happens when the portrait photographer's voyeurism gets reflected back on him? (And yes, traditionally, more often than not, the one shooting the portrait really was a 'him.') » Read More