'American Idiot' Wows at the Montgomery Theater

A children's version of the Tony Award-winning musical with no one in the cast over 20 years old. Read More

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City Lights Theater's 'West Side Story' is Sharp as a Switchblade

West Side Story is better than Romeo and Juliet. That's right, the midcentury musical masterpiece is greater than Shakespeare's quintessential romance, and San Jose's City Lights Theater Company mostly does it justice with its lively, intimate new production. » Read More

TheatreWorks Stages the World Premiere of 'Triangle'

The incineration of 123 women and 23 men, in what remains to this day-more than 100 years onÑthe deadliest industrial disaster in U.S. history, may not seem like fodder for an inspirational musical. But TheatreWorksÕ newest production, Triangle, defies expectations, turning a terrible tragedy into a funny and heartwarming study of love. » Read More

'The Things We Forget' Explores How Light And Color Affect Perception

Empire Seven Studios' new show, "The Things We Forget," features two well-known artists with strong ties to the Bay Area exploring how light and color affect perception. Artist and illustrator Jason Arnold lives and works in Santa Cruz, and Beau Roulette, artist and photographer, grew up in Los Gatos. The show presents the newest work from each artist in the shape of vibrant paintings that sometimes trick the eye, and bleak, but beautiful, photographs. » Read More

'The Book of Mormon' Makes it's San Jose Debut

The Book of Mormon is a juggernaut among modern Broadway musicals. With nine Tony Awards, including Best Musical, the production is responsible for shattering 81 house records in 44 venues across the country. And so it should come as little surprise that the musical broke records for ticket sales at San Jose's Center for the Performing Arts last week—grossing $1.85 million for the week ending in July 5, during Mormon's South Bay debut. » Read More

Oshman School Brings Performing Arts to Palo Alto

At a timewhen arts and drama departments are disappearing from public schools all over the country, a new private school is opening in Palo Alto specifically tailored to the performing arts. The Oshman Family Jewish Community Center's School for the Performing Arts aims to provide a diverse and innovative approach to teaching music and art for Silicon Valley residents, both children and teens, according to Ronit Widmann-Levy, the school's director of arts and culture. » Read More

Pear Avenue Theatre is Relocating

The award-winning Pear Avenue Theatre will soon have a new name and a new home. The 13-year-old company is relocating from its current location on Pear Avenue-just off of N. Shoreline Boulevard near Moffett Field, in Mountain View-to 1110 La Avenida. The new, larger space was designed by San Jose architect, John Duquette, and is barely a half mile from the theater's longtime home. The company will be changing its name to Pear Theatre, in homage to its Pear Avenue origins. » Read More

Santa Clara Players Have Fun with Tom Lehrer's Songs in 'Tomfoolery'

In fourth grade, my school's music class learned a song called "Pollution." A twist on the advice given to American travelers to not drink the water in foreign lands, it had a catchy melody, Latin rhythm and smart, biting lyrics with an environmental theme. It even had a local shout-out: "The breakfast garbage you throw in to the Bay, they drink at lunch in San Jose" (I grew up in the North Bay so this was especially funny). It was the most hilarious thing 8-year-old me had ever heard. » Read More

'Natural Selection' at Empire Seven Studios

Empire Seven Studios' new show, Natural Selection, is an exploration of how human beings and animals live together and the extent of the power humans enjoy over the natural world-in particular, the world of animals. Through a combination of sculpture, unconventional media, like antique gloves, and contrasting styles, Empire Seven Studios has managed to unify the diverse talents of each featured artist into a single complementary theme. » Read More

'The Illusionists' Brings Cutting-Edge Magic to San Jose

Make no mistake. While a rabbit may ultimately be pulled from hat at next week's South Bay debut of The Illusionists, the program is a far cry from any kind of traditional magic show. Mixing Broadway production value with flashy, Las Vegas style, The Illusionists is a non-stop, head-spinning roller coaster, which aims to set a new standard for big-budget stage magic. » Read More

'A Fragile Narrative' at SJICA

Glass art rarely gets its due, in comparison to fiber, ceramics, clay and other sculptural methods. Most of the time, glass is relegated to utilitarian contexts or decorative shlock, which is why several galleries around town have curated glass-themed shows in conjunction with the Glass Art Society Conference hitting town in a few weeks. Everyone involved—both at the conference and gallery levels—is trying to shatter the idea that glass is simply decor. » Read More

'Cinderscape' at Empire Seven Studios

Thoughtful, surreal and magical, the latest exhibit at Empire Seven Studios-Cinderscape, by Oakland-based artist and designer, Jaime Lakatos-explores the devastating impact humans have had on the natural world. Lakatos' art is both disturbing and familiar-all dusted with a touch of fantasy. Her sculptures of animals are brooding, dark and sometimes ambiguous. Some are spotted with patches of real fur; others support stuffed birds on their backs; all feature a texture reminiscent of charred wood. » Read More