Mobile Digital Arts & Creativity Summit comes to Palo Alto

All of the art on display at the first-ever Mobile Digital Arts and Creativity Summit
was created using mobile devices, such as the iPad and mobile phones. Read More

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'Fearless Genius: The Digital Revolution in Silicon Valley'

As a photojournalist firmly dedicated to telling stories of global significance, Doug Menuez has borne witness to some incredibly difficult and terrifying things. He's seen people killed, has run toward raging forest fires and spent time in squalid drug dens. He and his fellow "hardcore" news photographers "were all willing to die to make a picture that would make an impact," Menuez says. » Read More

Silicon Valley Roller Girls Search for a New Home

Flashes of green, black and blue whipped around the track as the Silicon Valley Roller Girls B-Team, the Killabytes, took on the Faultline Derby Devilz from Hollister. Skaters slid across the floor, elbow and knee pads scraping on the track as speeding bodies collided in a roller derby bout that would end with a victory for the home team. SVRG's team came out on top, with a score of 249-119. » Read More

'The Great Pretender'

The Great Pretender opens to a television production set fashioned as a child's room. Toys sit on the shelves, polka dots cover an armoire and children's music plays softly in the background. At center stage, Mr. Felt (Steve Brady) a famous children's TV host, is conversing with his equally famous co-hosts, puppets Carol the Horse (Suzanne Grodner) and the androgynous child Francis (an exuberant Sarah Moser). But this scene is merely a memory, as Felt's wife, Marilyn, who once voiced the puppet Francis, is now dead, leaving the show's future up in the air. » Read More

FitExpo & Kali Muscle come to San Jose Convention Center

With their plodding routines of protein-packed dieting, lifting and down-to-the-minute scheduling, bodybuilders have a reputation for being a bit dull. They're like monks-insanely bulked-up, shredded monks—on a monomaniacal quest for physical nirvana. Kali Muscle, 39, shatters convention. The Oakland-born athlete, whom many may recognize from the "happier than a bodybuilder directing traffic" Geico ad, went from college footballer, to San Quentin convict, to philosopher and author. » Read More

'The Farnsworth Invention'

If the new availability of Tesla's patents offers any indication, the race to lock down tech patents isn't quite as fevered these days. At least, the climate doesn't seem as overtly cutthroat as the face-off nearly a century ago between independent inventor Philo T. Farnsworth and media conglomerate RCA. Farnsworth and RCA, with founder David Sarnoff at its head, competed to claim the patent for developing the television. Palo Alto Players share this complex tale in their production of Aaron Sorkin's drama The Farnsworth Invention. » Read More

Legacy: The Emily Fisher Landau Collection

One of the least-celebrated but most valuable art programs in the South Bay is the two-decade-long partnership between the San Jose Museum of Art and the Whitney Museum in New York City. SJMA's newest exhibition, "Legacy: The Emily Fisher Landau Collection," offers a reminder of this "sharing" agreement's value. The nearly 70 pieces on display (part of Landau's 400-piece collection) document the radical break from traditional forms and ideas of what constituted art in the post-war period, and it includes works by some of the giants of 20th century art. » Read More

Emilio Cortez Creates Paintings on Vinyl Records

As a DJ and painter, Emilio Cortez, aka DJ Too Tall, is living proof that you don't need to be team captain in order to be the big man on campus. "People are always asking me, 'you're 6'10" and you don't play basketball?' I used to play sports when I was younger, but I've always been more into the arts than athletics," he says. » Read More

'Broke', Illustrations by Joe To

I worry too much", says Joe To, artist and illustrator behind "Broke," a collection of strange and inventive drawings now showing at The Arsenal gallery on The Alameda in San Jose. A major inspiration for "Broke" is To's interest in the circus world-the culture of carnies, stuntmen, and freaks-that regularly reappears in the drawings serve as a kind of wallpaper/backdrop behind the framed drawings. This creates both an immersive atmosphere and establishes a second relationship between the twisted and colorful forms of the "official" works in the show. » Read More

Empire Seven Studios Six Anniversary

Empire Seven Studios has been celebrating its six-year anniversary this month, and owner Juan Carlos Araujo is a contented man. After years spent establishing the reputation of the gallery and its underground approach to art, along with a highly successful mural project, Empire Seven Studios has firmly planted itself in the San Jose arts community. "It's like showing a painting that isn't done," Araujo says in reference to the constant flux of establishing a gallery. "I now feel comfortable asking anyone to show here." » Read More