'The Magic Flute:' A Classic Take On A Classic Opera

Opera San Jose's production of Mozart's 'The Magic Flute' hits all the right notes. Read More

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Review: 'Once' at the San Jose Center for the Performing Arts

The bittersweet Irish musical Once has, despite its title, charmed audiences in at least two incarnations so far—as an Oscar-winning film, then as a Tony-winning Broadway production. Local fans will get a chance to see the stage version when the national touring company takes up residence in San Jose next week. » Read More

Review: The Tabard Theatre's 'Violet'

A rousing score, soaring harmonies and an ugly-duckling story of sorts prove a successful combination in Violet, the Tabard Theatre Company's charming new musical production. The name "Tabard" refers to Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, a collection of stories narrated by a group of men and women on a religious pilgrimage. » Read More

'Alone, Together' Explores Loneliness in the Big City

Photography is more than a way of life for the artists featured in Empire Seven Studios' upcoming exhibition, "Alone, Together." "None of us go out of the house without a camera," says Joe Aguirre, one of the five photographers featured in the exhibit—a graphic study of isolation and separation. "Having our camera with us is like having our wallet or keys." All of the photos on display in the show are the result of a kind of spontaneity that could only be achieved by a team of photographers who are ready to start snapping at any moment. » Read More

Adam Hochschild Speaks at Stanford

One hundred years ago, a war of surpassing violence and cruelty ravaged the world. What Winston Churchill imagined as "a glorious delicious war" turned out to be something that beggared adjectives meant for sunsets or chocolates. » Read More

Art Imitates Life in City Lights Production of 'M. Butterfly'

In classic Chinese opera, female roles were traditionally played by men because, playwright David Henry Hwang's script sarcastically suggests, "only a man knows how a woman is supposed to act." Deeply rooted concepts of how men and women—as well as Easterners and Westerners—are supposed to act form the nucleus of Hwang's provocative gender-bending play, M. Butterfly, currently showing City Lights Theater. » Read More

'An Evening with Michael Chabon and Ayelet Waldman'

The term "literary power couple," as nebulous as it is irrelevant to creating new and challenging prose, is often foisted upon, and uncomfortably assumed, by the husband and wife of 22 years. "The word 'power couple' is just a cliche, right? It doesn't mean anything, and if it ever did it doesn't anymore," Chabon says. "We're not in any position to effect any legislation or crush any labor movements." » Read More

Beta Space: Diana Thater

The lowly Scarabaeus viettei-better known as the dung beetle-doesn't exactly scream high art. It spends its days bumbling about clumsily, pushing around balls of excrement (its food of choice). And while it is capable of flying, and certainly looks like some kind of alien life form, what could it possibly have to do with the outer reaches of our galaxy? » Read More

Review: 'The Lake Effect'

This weekend I was dismayed to learn that my favorite local Indian restaurant had suddenly closed, after decades as a neighborhood staple. Sad news but appropriate timing for me to see The Lake Effect-a cafe-set tale of simmering family grudges and secrets making its West Coast premiere. The fresh and engaging TheatreWorks production is now playing at the Lucie Stern Theatre in Palo Alto. » Read More