'Movement: An Experience in the Unexpected'

A new exhibit at the San Jose Museum of Art, 'Momentum,'
urges artists and patrons to consider what moves them Read More

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Anne & Mark's Art Party

Over the past couple of weeks, you may have noticed dirt-caked SUVs plying Bay Area roadways. The matte-brown coating is a clear cultural signifier in Silicon Valley: the Burners are back, returning from their annual sojourn to Nevada's Black Rock Desert. If you weren't able to make it to the party on the playa, your chance for a big art party is just on the horizon and not nearly so far away-or as dusty. » Read More

Preview: 'Art' at City Lights Theater Company

The "art" from which Art takes its name is less a painting than a blank canvas. And while the stark white work sits figuratively and literally at the center of Yasmina Reza's 1994 play, the production isn't really so much about the piece, as it is about the way three friends respond to it and to each other over the course of of the play. » Read More

'The Science of Booze' with Adam Rogers

With C2SV running all weekend and the return of the SoFA Street Fair this Sunday, many a San Jose party animal has likely asked himself: "How the hell am I going to take in all the festivities and show up to work on Monday feeling like a human?" Here at Metro we've certainly been debating the conundrum. Fortunately, even if you do get carried the way on the back of a Moscow Mule during Cafe Stritch's two local music showcases or put away one too many Hennchatas at Chacho's during Ruckatan's set, you'll be able to look people in the eye on Monday, confident in the knowledge that at least you understand the science behind all the preposterous and juvenile behavior you engaged in over the weekend. » Read More

The Arsenal Hosts 'Graphite Show'

It has become an annual tradition at The Arsenal, the San Jose art shop, studio and gallery space. Each year, a mixture of graffiti artists, tattoo artists, fine artists, illustrators and designers come together to showcase their work in a particular medium. This year the artists have been limited to pencil and paper for the "Graphite Show," which opens this weekend. » Read More

C2SV Discussions w/ Yasha Levine and Adam Rogers

In Silicon Valley, we exist under the constant gaze of monitoring—voluntary and involuntary, in our personal communications and by privately-owned security cameras. It's enough to drive a person to the bottle. If you're fretting about the surveillance state and enjoy a couple of quiets at the end of the day, then you might want to catch the C2SV tech discussions with writers Adam Rogers and Yasha Levine. » Read More

'Fatal Laughs': The Art of Robert Arneson

Humor has always been a powerful tool for exposing, exploring and deflecting the darkest aspects of the human condition. The recent death of comedian and Bay Area resident Robin Williams-who transformed depression into brilliant comedy-has only served to crystallize this truth. When it comes to tortured souls turning their inner turmoil into vivid and uproarious artistic expression, Williams is not alone. A new exhibit opening today at the Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University, explores the work of another local artist: the late Robert Arneson. » Read More

Silicon Valley Pride 2014

An LGBT Pride event by any other name—still a huge party with plenty to celebrate. And for its 39th year, the South Bay's major Pride event will not only adopt a new name but also streamline the festivities. Taking the new, more geographically inclusive moniker "Silicon Valley Pride," the festival (formerly known as San Jose Pride) takes place on Sunday, Aug. 17, at Discovery Meadow in downtown San Jose. As the festival rebrands, this year's theme, "Honoring Our Past, Securing Our Future," offers a nod to past accomplishments as well as continuing civil rights battles for LGBT equality. » Read More

Remembering Robin Williams and his Lesser-Seen Roles

We in Northern California took the death of Robin Williams personally and keenly. Williams sightings were common, and we felt, however presumptuously, that he was one of us. If, as the Northern Californian critic David Thomson put it, "'The Robin Williams Picture' had become a warning signal" we could make it a north/south thing and chalk it up to the stupidity of The Industry. They thought of Williams as the eternal boy, the alien in rainbow suspenders, all the way to the end; they judged that Mrs. Doubtfire required a sequel every bit as tedious as the first one. » Read More

'Ex Post Facto' at Empire Seven Studios

At the age of 7 Francisco Graciano already knew he wanted to be an artist. The East Side San Jose native figured that out when he handed his second-grade classmate a drawing he'd done-a cartoon character he'd created after carefully studying his uncle's "stash" of comics. "Seeing his reaction is what convinced me," Graciano says. » Read More

Mobile Digital Arts & Creativity Summit comes to Palo Alto

Late last year, Kyle Lambert had a big moment. The British visual artist became famous nearly overnight after uploading a time-lapse video of his frame-by-frame photorealistic recreation of a Morgan Freeman photograph. You may have seen the clip, which has more than 13 million views on YouTube. Seth Schalet, executive director of the Pacific Art League in Palo Alto, saw the video, and he was blown away. It would have been one thing if Lambert had made the image using a variety of precision brushes, but the artist had used little more than his finger and an iPad. » Read More