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Special 25th Anniversary Issue:

25 who changed Silicon Valley
Steve Caballero

Metro has watched Silicon Valley change dramatically since we began publishing a quarter-century ago, before mobile phones, email, social networks, music downloads, thumb drives or even fauxhawks. Going from a place that no one cared about to the center of the digital universe required a carefully executed conspiracy, and through careful investigative reporting, timed coincidentally to our 25th anniversary, we've peeled the lid off a cabal of 25 people who made it happen. Or maybe not. At minimum, we've photo-documented and commented on a couple dozen people who've done some interesting things, from transforming health care and transportation systems to building local culture, which ultimately is the differentiator that defines a community. And, as a bonus, we've thrown in some 25-year-olds (give or take a few years, because we had to cheat) who will either play a role in shaping the future, or fail miserably and go down in flames.

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Some people to watch in Silicon Valley's next generation

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