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Instragram, Facebook and photography in the Internet age

Why Zuck paid $1 billion for an app that takes pictures like a $15 camera.
lost san jose Photographs by Josh Marcotte

We use advanced technology to recreate the low tech warmth of yesteryear. We share personal photos with perfect strangers. Everyone's now a photographer, a publisher, an artist. Digital photographs are the psychedelics of a new generation, able to alter reality without 12 hours of down time.

Our Nostalgic Future

By Rod Bastanmehr

The miracle of digital technology enables anyone to instantly create the kind of badly faded photographs that previously required decades in a shoebox... Read More

Filtering the Past

By Richard von Busack

Facebook's purchase of Instagram had CNN asking, 'When did Facebook become so uncool.' Uh, when it instituted timelines? Read More

The Living Picture

By Brendan Nystedt

While smartphone shutterbugs apply old-time filters to their photos, a Silicon Valley startup is exploring a whole new realm of picture taking. Mountain View-based Lytro, Inc... Read More