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Global technology's most influential figure stayed true to his vision and close to home

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steve jobs

What is it about Steve Jobs' passing that has so transfixed us? Steve Wozniak compared hearing the news to learning of the deaths of John Lennon and John F. Kennedy. The flags outside Apple flew at half-mast. Time magazine stopped its presses to allow Jobs to appear on its cover for the eighth time, one more than Winston Churchill had.

The outpouring of genuine public grief is usually reserved for heads of state and entertainers, rather than billionaires or corporate executives, but Jobs had achieved a unique status. Read more

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

Steve Jobs' Dance with Death

by Geoffrey Dunn

Steve Jobs and I were precisely the same age, born within a few weeks of each other, on different sides of the Santa Cruz Mountains and, as it would turn out, into vastly different worlds and cultures. Read More.

Selling a Vision

Insights from the Stanford archives

by Eric Johnson

In June, 1976, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak walked into the office of the Silicon Valley public relations firm Regis McKenna Advertising. It was their second visit with Bill Kelly, who had come to see them in Jobs' parents' garage a week earlier, but on this visit they would be joined by Jobs himself. Read More.

Animated Character

How Steve Jobs changed movies

by Richard von Busack

One is torn between applauding the genius of Steve Jobs and lauding his business methods, which could be ruthless. A great visionary can be vague on the details. Dreaming of a world of potential for the hungry and the foolish can also mean buying into our valley's most common delusion. Writer Thomas Frank summed that delusion up in a few words: "The fantasy of frictionless labor." Read More.

Pixels and Hyperlinks

Steve Jobs' hits and misses

by David Brin

Steve Jobs had a knack for seeing the adult in a child, the grown-up product that an infant idea could grow up and become. Looking at the toy computers that hobbyists soldered in their 1970s garages, he envisioned people like you and me wanting vastly more capable versions on our desks. Looking back, you'd think it was obvious ... which is pretty much the whole point about Steve Jobs' genius. Read More.

How I Got Dissed By Steve Jobs

by Brendan Nystedt

Four years ago, I met my then-girlfriend's brother. He lived in a house in Palo Alto. His on-again-off-again girlfriend told me that she had helped Steve Jobs' wife, Laurine, find their dog and that his house was literally down the street on Waverly. I thought nothing of it until the next year when I decided to try to find Jobs' house on Halloween. Read More.