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Two Days in Paris

One Disc; 20th Century Fox; $27.98

By Richard von Busack

If Woody Allen's latest, Cassandra's Dream, left you wanting something funnier, try this portion of comic anhedonia, often as sweet and dry as an aperitif. Director/star Julie Delpy plays Marion, a photographer going through a trying time with her live-in boyfriend of two years, Jack (Adam Goldberg). Covered with more tattoos than De Niro in Cape Fear, Jack is a thoroughgoing big baby. He speaks no French, doesn't care much for Delpy's Paris and is deathly afraid of picking up one disease or another. He also shows a jealous streak and so is doomed to steam away every time Marion runs into one of her exes on the street. One tends to love every third minute of this romance. Goldberg can be mock studly, as we saw in The Hebrew Hammer, but here his French whine isn't vintage. By the side of the Canal St. Martin, all the European movie tropes that Woody Allen once raided come back home to Europe. Delpy is interviewed about the project in the extra.

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