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Letters to the Editor

Woolf at the Door

I'd like to thank Metroand Steve Palopoli on behalf of Palo Alto Players for the review in the Jan. 28 issue ("Reeling Onstage: 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?'," Arts). We were glad to see that you could send a writer to the show and appreciate the public focus you brought to our organization. We hope to see you back for our next production, The King and I, opening in April.

Matt Sameck
Operations Manager,
Palo Alto Players

Wine: A Necessity

Jessica Fromm brings up some interesting points about the economy's effect on local wineries ("The Wine Dilemma," Cover Story, Jan. 7). She then loses her credibility by referring to wine in general as a "luxury good" that no one will buy in a weak economy. On the contrary, there are good and bad wines at all price ranges, including "luxury," and plenty of help available to find good affordable ones.

A glass of wine is not a luxury, it's a way to connect with the people who share it and the ones who made it. Maybe if this country had been settled by fewer Puritans and more Italians, we would have a healthier outlook and remember that wine is food and a source of great pleasure, not just an indulgence of the elite.

Joel Schaefer,
Santa Cruz

Blight Makes Right

Gary, I'm not sure what it is you're trying to take credit for (Silicon Alleys, Feb. 4). The whole place looks as tacky as ever.

Sure, there's a brand new fancy sign there, but it's misspelled. Lincoln Glenn?

No, I'm afraid the only answer is for the Redevelopment Agency to give them hundreds of thousands of tax dollars. Then the city will have the right to tell them all how to run their businesses.

John Galt

Power Points

As a musician, this band (Tower of Power, "Towering Achievement," MetroMusic, Jan. 7) has everything. These are some of the "baddist cats in the business" and if a person can't get their toe tapping to their music, well—I guess that person ain't got no blood pressure!!! I've been blessed to have seen ToP perform many, many times, and they always have the courtesy to make time to answer questions about music and such after each gig. Anyway, good article about some outstanding players who are exceptionally blessed. God bless Tower of Power!

Bob Wilcox
Ft. Worth, Texas

Desk Set

Wow $6,000 for new furniture because she didn't like the pattern? ("Rearranging the Office Furniture," Fly, Feb. 4) It must be nice. Here at the SJPD we routinely get needed item requests rejected because they cost over $150 and that doesn't fit the budget guidelines. Hey, maybe the councilwoman has a polka-dot dry-erase board we can use. Or maybe we will become like teachers, buying office supplies for our classes with our pay raises!

L. Jiminez


Chair and Chair Alike?

I seem to remember that the new City Hall was equipped with all new furniture at fabulous cost, to outcries about how people usually take their furniture with them when they move.

If her furniture is 20 years old, what was bought with that six-figure bill for furniture that we all paid for a few years back?

10 MHz Days