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Letters to the Editor

Trial Notes

Re "Tales From a Trial" (MetroNews, Jan. 16): Raj Jayadev does a remarkable job of portraying the frustration that youth, and particularly youth of color, and their families must deal with in the conveyor-belt process that passes for juvenile "justice" in Santa Clara County (and, tragically, most everywhere else). While I think it was a mistake to publish the youngster's name (juveniles in the system who openly question and challenge racism and other inequities become obvious targets for reprisal in a system whose walls keep prying eyes out as well as "bad" teens in), Jayadev has captured the essence of the juvenile court experience, a meat-grinding experience that should shame us all.

I am reminded of what the great Supreme Court Justice William Brennan wrote in dissent in a famous death penalty case in which race played a major role. Though he was addressing the subject of adults in capital cases, what he said applies perhaps with even greater force when it involves our children. He wrote: "'It is tempting to pretend that minorities on death row share a fate in no way connected to our own, that our treatment of them sounds no echoes beyond the chambers in which they die. Such an illusion is ultimately corrosive, for the reverberations of injustice are not so easily confined."

Michael Kroll


Swing Vote

Re "Election Recommendations" (MetroNews, Jan. 30): I read your recommendations every election cycle and appreciate your commentary on the issues. Especially for initiatives, which are always suspect in what's supposed to be a representative democracy, your thoughts help clarify.

But what you wrote on the first two initiatives actually convinced me to go against your recommendation! When will we stop earmarking funds for specific projects in the Constitution? Aren't we already totally hamstrung by past initiatives? What's the use of an annual budget or even a legislature when almost all their decisions are locked in by temporarily swayed voters?

Anyway, thanks for convincing me on those two and making me feel better for not totally aping your recommendations overall!

Paul Noel

Mountain View


I am not sure what you know about Ms. Madison Nguyen is really true.

I think there would be something hidden.

Why she is so different with her "ex-community" now?

What did she promise to Vietnamese Community at her election time?

So, not keeping her words is just common "political issue" as she just said?

She came to U.S. as refugee, running away from communism, and that was the reason she could come to U.S. legally. Now, look at what she is doing.

I know she maybe more educated than many other Vietnameses, but I am sure on the long run, she will be alone.

I hope you will find the truth.

Tom Nguyen

Santa Clara

Bright Pink

Gary Singh's articles are always good, and this latest about the Quakes and Pink Elephants (Silicon Alleys, Feb. 20) is no exception. I always share his articles with my friends. What a refreshing contrast to the Mercury News.

Ned Zuparko

San Jose

More Pink

Re Gary Singh's soccer article. I really appreciated seeing a pro soccer article. I am a big soccer fan and I truly appreciate the press.

Linda Gohl


And Even More

Thank you for Gary Singh's story about the "new" Quakes playing the "old" Quakes!

Alan Snyder

San Jose

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