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Letters to the Editor


Alive and Kicking

In the story "Ballet Confidential" (Cover Story, Feb. 18), several dancers are featured. In Preston Dugger's story, it mentions that Preston danced with the "now-defunct Oakland Ballet." The information is incorrect about the Oakland Ballet. The Oakland Ballet Company returned in 2007 under the artistic direction of Ronn Guidi and is entering its third season For more information about the Oakland Ballet check [ ]

Tami Adachi, Redwood City


Down the Street

 Re "Territorial Dispute," Metro News, Feb. 25: Councilmember Nguyen and the developer are currently working on the building of Vietnam Town. It will be right down the street from the Little Saigon shopping center. Too bad the media, which knew this project was in the making all along, didn't bother to inform the public about it until now.

Kathleen, San Jose


Joint Responsibility

I foresee the bubble burst of the market due to enormous amount of debt. I also foresee the bubble burst of the United States as a great nation due to the loss of morals, irresponsible parents and etc. in this country. Drug use, including marijuana, is on the rise and more acceptable than ever. I'd really like to know how many parents who use drugs, whether for medical reasons or not, don't also have their children who use it. How many of these children ever become productive members of society? Or do they lay around doped up all the time, munching and playing video games?

Meanwhile, we must recruit educated employees from other countries. This is a sad embarrassment to me as an American. I know for a fact that many who claim they have a medical need for [marijuana]have none at all. Come on, seriously, what are the IQs of the people who use it? This is a shame. It is a drug, has long-term IQ affects [sic] and will only bring us lower as a productive economy.

Patricia Gasant, Redwood City