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Frisky Dingo

One disc; Adult Swim/Warner Home Video; $19.98

By Richard von Busack

Lowlife billionaire Xander Crews (secretly the jet-powered Iron Man-like superhero Awesome X) should have spent more time tending to his business and less time drinking, whoring and pulling out a photo of his murdered parents to depress anyone who tries to thwart him. A new and frightening archvillain is in town, probably from England: the red-eyed, skull-headed, talon-footed Killface. He is prepared to use his Annhilatrix device to destroy the world, but he has his problems, too: undercapitalization and the cost of a media buy big enough to make the nation tremble. Will there be a fight scene? Not until after Episode 10 of this 13-episode animated series originally shown in 10-minute bursts on Adult Swim. Creators Matt Thompson and Adam Reed reference everything from Flowers for Algernon to Greek tragedy; for example, a villainess, bit by radioactive pismires, goes by the name Antagone. But there is enough of the more bone-headed violence, perviness and gratuitous David Arquette bashing for the more inebriated viewer. The early, less convoluted episodes might be the best, since they feature an excerpt from the hard-hitting urban film Some Like It Crump and the Scion-flogging chat show Live With Mitzi and Verl. No extras, unless you call subtitles extras.

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