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FLAME IS FLEETING: Bartender Chris turns up the heat at Firehouse.

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By Colleen Watson

HEATED AIR brushed across my face as the flames flew from the bartender's mouth with a fiery rumble. In the midst of this incendiary spectacle were four shots topped with 151 rum. After the bright yellow ball had disappeared, little blue flames continued to wobble on top of the drinks. I stared mesmerized by the strange dancing flashes atop my shot glass—only to be extinguished by the pool of Bud Light that it was unceremoniously dumped over them. There is something about these heated displays that is irresistible. Everyone at the bar stops and stares when they know what the bartender is about to do. Everyone cheers as the bartender does his dragon impersonation.

Firehouse, located on San Pedro Square in San Jose, is a great little bar. The bartenders are all friendly and on slower nights will sit and chat with you. One of them talked to us for a bit and kept us entertained even without the pyrotechnics.

"I spit on peoples' drinks," admitted Chris about the flaming Dr. Peppers that the bar is famous for, "And they pay me well for it." Although the fire isn't for everyone, and even those that have been doing it for years have to be careful. "I did burn the tip of my nose once," Chris said, adding that the staff is always very careful.



99 E. San Fernando St, San Jose; 408.998.9998

Firehouse No. 1 Bar and Grill

69 N. San Pedro St, San Jose; 408.287.6969

Roux Louisiana Kitchen

3055 Olin Ave. #1005, San Jose; 408.249.8000


WET Nightclub

396 S. First St, San Jose; 408.890.2634

Zen Lounge

251 Castro St, Mountain View; 650.969.4847

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