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Letters to the Editor

More Paradoxes

Re "Gangster's Paradox" (MetroNews, March 26): Thank you for printing this story. There are a lot of cases similar to the Herrera case.

Changes need to be made from the local level to Sacramento. Locally we need to re-evaluate the way the police department is validating possible gang members; also, the courts need to use wisdom in every case that is going before them and also the district attorney's office must change its tough use of the gang laws. An amendment to the current gang laws must be made at the state level.

Jerry Amaro

San Jose

What Happened To Romance?

Re My Chemical Romance ("Band of Brothers," Music, April 2): Did you see the show? I did, and it was tough to swallow, especially after the Black Parade show in Oakland last year. It was day and night. The crowd was thin (MCR claimed it was because of Bon Jovi) and MCR looked tired.

They really seemed to let the small crowd affect them, and that was too bad. I was hoping we'd see the best show ever because they didn't care what the crowd did.

It's time for them to take a break and stop touring. They're a great band and I'd sure hate to see them go the rest of the way doing half-assed shows like the other night.

Joe Ghio

Redwood City

Fine, Not Dandy

Re "State of Grind" (Cover Story, April 2): The lovely yellow flowers at the skatepark are not dandelions, pesky invasive plants from Europe. They are California goldfields (Lasthenia californica), a lovely native annual that was once common in the Santa Clara Valley until the advent of agriculture, ploughing, orchards and later asphalt.

The goldfields have returned to the park courtesy of landscaping funds that permitted large scale hydroseeding. If we take care of them half as well as we do the skatepark, the goldfields should return year after year. For us nature-lovers, the goldfields are as big an attraction as the skatepark and Raging Waters are to others.

Arvind Kumar

San Jose

Top-Notch Reviewers

I am writing to offer praise to two of your exceptional reviewers: Richard von Busack and Marianne Messina.

Von Busack's review of No Country for Old Men ("Sagebrush Logic," Film, Nov. 17) was right on the mark. Other reviewers have lavishly praised No Country: von Busack has offered an incisive evaluation of what most in the audience are likely to actually feel about the film (when the movie ended, I heard someone say "That's it?" Others in the audience quickly added their concurrences).

Von Busack's observation that "No Country for Old Men is a genre picture that has lost its faith in catharsis" is about the most dead-on comment about the film that I can think of. One expected and desired a catharsis after the build-up of the first 90 minutes; instead, all one receives is a vagueness and a drawing back of emotions.

Similarly, Marianne Messina's review of Carmina Burana ("Devilishly Good," Arts, Nov. 17) showed an intelligence, sensitivity and knowledge of the work that was keenly appreciated by this viewer of the production. Her review did what good reviewers aspire to do: add to the audience's understanding and appreciation of the production.

Top-notch reviewers both!

Frank Carollo

San Jose


Re "Twilight Zoning" (MetroNews, Nov. 14): Thank you for the interviews of the reps of the various groups around the affordable housing issue. Since this issue is relevant to other Bay Area cities, will you be running more articles on zoning, housing, etc.?

Mary Beth Train

Palo Alto

Yes. Check out for more of our stories on zoning and housing in the South Bay.—Editor

The Last Word

Re "Near and Far" (Arts, April 2): Oh, my Lord, Marianne Messina can write. She is a poet. "... close up, it's a petal; from a distance it's a rose." Lovely, just lovely.

Lee Kopp

San Jose

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