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April 19-25, 2006

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It's all gravity: E-40 is the undisputed king of verbosity.

The New Slang

Are you up on the New Bay terminology? Take this quiz.

By Todd Inoue

EVERY new generation's arrival coincides with a handful of fresh slang to learn. Below are 30 terms; 20 have actual "hyphy" and "thizz" derivations, 10 come from a vivid imagination. Warning: Using slang could get you beat the eff up.

1) "18 Dummy" — (adj.) An expression synonymous with going nuts, e.g.: "When DJ Backside spun that unreleased Mistah F.A.B. joint, man, people were going 18 Dummy!"

2) "Balco" — (adj.) To become unnecessarily enraged. Also: "Artest."

3) "Breezy" — (n.) An attractive woman, e.g. "E-40 pulls all the fine breezies but he's married."

4) "Califoolya" — (n.) California. Also, "Caliskrilla."

5) "Domino" — (v.) To stiff someone on a transaction. "We tried to score some grapes, but the dude took our money and Domino'd."

6) "Doors Open" — (col.) To hang out of a moving car.

7) "Flippity Flopper" — (n.) An underground rapper who went "hyphy" because it got popular. "That flippity flopper used to wear Malcolm X hats before the Federation hit, then he got his grillz and stunna shades."

8) "Fozzy" — (n.) The old guy in the club. "Girl, I ain't trying to go to Black Angus. Too many Fozzies."

9) "Fremont" — (adj.) Nothing happening, a dead party. "We got to Hector's house around 1am but the party was already Fremont."

10) "Gas, Brake, Dip" — (expl.) Tutorial of how to make a car's front end bounce.

11) "Ghostride the Whip" — (v.t.) To escort a moving vehicle by walking or dancing outside or on top of it, car stereo on full blast.

12) "Go Dumb" — (v.t.) Expressing one's self without inhibitions.

13) "Gouda" — (n.) Money. Also: "cheddar," "skrill."

14) "Grapes" — (n.) Highly potent strain of Marijuana.

15) "Hyphy" — (adj. and noun). Combination of "hyperactive" and "highly reactionary." Also, a style of uptempo club music indigenous to the Bay Area.

16) "Kookabanger" — (n.) A woman of questionable reputation.

17) "Manhole Cover" — (n.) An oversized medallion on neck chain.

18) "Poke Squid" — (v.) To engage in sexual intercourse.

19) "Purple" — (n.) Marijuana.

20) "Scraper" — (n.) Late model American car—usually a Buick LeSabre or Park Avenue—with 20" rims.

21) "Shaboopalaboopie" — (expl.) Colloquial for "whatever, man."

22) "Skilling" — (v.t.) Making money through corrupt means, e.g. "Those cats on East 14th are straight skilling fools, selling that bammer weed."

23) "Slumper" — (n.) A hot track, e.g. "Rick Rock only makes slumpers."

24) "Stunna Shades" — (n.) Garish or stylish sunglasses with or without lenses.

25) "Thizzin'" — (v.t.) Wacked out on Ecstasy.

26) "Thizz Face" — (n.) A scrunched up face, as if smelling urine (someone else's).

27) "Washburn" — (n.) An unreliable person, once thought of having virtue. "I can't hang with Fastow any more. He's a straight up Washburn."

28) "Yaddadamean?" — (expl.) Do you understand? You feel me? You smell me?

29) "Yee!" — (expl.) Attention getting bird call.

30) "Yellow Bus" — (n.) Going dumb, crazy. See "18 Dummy."

Fake terms: 2, 5, 7, 8, 9, 17, 18, 21, 22, 27. Though if "Balco" and "Fremont" aren't accepted into the hyphy lexicon, they should be.

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