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Letters to the Editor

Local Support

I just read Stett Holbrook's piece on the local restaurants being excluded from the Chron's pages ("Silicon Valley Rates, Too," Live Feed, April 15). Great story! What I like best is the mention of Metro Balderas restaurant in the south end of downtown San Jose as one of the best in town. I know he has written about them before, and I agree 100 percent. Its close to my house, and I go there a lot. Its good to see the staff supporting local restaurants! Thanks!

Nahui Legorreta

San Jose

Time to Go

I have met and tried to work with this police chief ("Can Davis Survive?," Cover Story, April 8) in trying to get him to fulfill the promises of full-time police protection for the Alviso Community. All has failed and he continues to serve the more white affluent areas, but neglects the Alviso community, which is part of the biggest police beat and has the slowest response times. I have informed both the City Council and this police chief, if you want a community to become a ghetto just turn your head, and of course this is what he has done. This City Council will spend more in damage control with him as Chief, instead of getting rid of him now.

Richard P. Santos


Time to Stay

Metro's cover story wondered whether San Jose Police Chief Rob Davis could keep his job. I certainly hope so. I believe he is an honest, articulate, dedicated public servant committed to the citizens and businesses in San Jose and beyond. Rather than condemn a department for drawing a strong line about people who may be drunk in public downtown, critics of Davis' policies should appreciate that officers are making sure those who appear intoxicated while on foot are not allowed to get into their cars.

Whether I agree or disagree with the comments by Bobby Lopez, Raul Colunga, Blanca Alvarado, Rick Callendar, Scott Knies, Chuck Reed, Debra Figone, Sam Liccardo and others, at least they had the courage of their convictions to speak on the record. And they provided a range of views. Why then did Metro allow others to criticize Davis anonymously? It weakens the credibility of the story to include below-the-belt comments from those who may have an ax to grind and do not have the courage to use their names.

I commend Metro and Erin Sherbert for taking on in-depth stories. At the same time, I think it would be a shame to lose a chief of police who is passionately working to serve our community. Perfect? No one is. Professional? Absolutely.

Carl Guardino

Los Gatos

Who's a NIMBY?

Hmmm, could this be the Jerry Grimes ("Knights of Nimby," Letters, April 1) who lives near Williams Park (not generally considered Willow Glen)? Those of us who do live in Willow Glen (and north Willow Glen, in particular) are wondering what is motivating Mr. Grimes to lecture us at every opportunity in every forum about nimby-ism. He's beginning to sound like a paid shill for the Cal HSR Authority.

Like any citizen, Mr. Grimes has the right to express his opinions , but he should not pretend to be a member of the community that is likely to experience the most negative effects from this project. That community is waiting for the Cal HSR Authority to provide some basic answers to how these effects, many of which will not be noticed by anyone who lives near Williams Park, will be mitigated. Thus far, we have received only evasive and patronizing answers from the project managers.

The idea that homeowners who are proximate to a rail corridor are not entitled to air their concerns because they supposedly pay less in taxes (??) due to proximity to rail is just silly. Come out from behind the Rail Authority's skirts, Jerry.

Kim Karcher

San Jose