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Letters to the Editor

Rate Us

I agree with Stett Holbrook's article ("Silicon Valley Rates, Too," Live Feed, April 15). San Franciscans seem to believe that the anything south of the (S.F.) border doesn't rank highly. When Holbrook reports that Bauer considers the South Bay "out of his territory," it made me wonder if there was some sort of reciprocal agreement that the S.F. Chronicle and S.J. Mercury must not cross the sacred reporting border of S.F. County. In all seriousness, though, I do enjoy Holbrook's column and use it to find more great restaurants. And Holbrook can always have his own South Bay/Peninsula Top 10 or Top 100 list. I'll definitely be reading it.

Cindy Wee
Mountain View


Mike Honda set up and you reported a single-sided view of the immigration situation ("Border War Continues," MetroNews, April 22). First of all, I didn't see the word "illegal" used even once, yet the meeting focus was to highlight the sad stories of those illegally in the United States. Your reporting must be clear and unbiased if you are to serve the community faithfully. If you don't report the whole view, we can only assume you represent the pro-illegal-immigrant lobby and open-borders coalition. Also, TV coverage of this event said the attendance was about 100 persons, not the 300 that you reported.

Maybe your biased approach to news sells more papers for your organization, but it sure gives the community you serve disinformation!

Ron Blake
San Jose

Metro is a free newspaper; we do not sell any copies of the paper. —Editor

Chief Concerns

I read the article on the police chief, and I thought it was a good article ("Can Davis Survive?," Cover Story, April 8). My name is Corina Cardenas and my father was Rudy Cardenas who was shot by a state narcotic agent 5 years ago. Rob Davis was not helpful at all in helping my family and the only politician at the time who helped or truly cared was Blanca Alvarado. Not even Cindy Chavez helped us and my father was shot in her district.

Corina Cardenas
San Jose

Won't Go

I was happy to hear of a donut shop opening in Campbell ("Crazy About Donuts," MetroMenu, April 8). However, using the theme of mental illness as a way to attract customers is inappropriate. Looking at the "bipolar donut" with nuts on both sides, it is clear to me that there is a lack of compassion. The owners are obviously not in the same shoes as individuals who are suffering with psychological disabilities. The owners might not even have family members who are dealing with mental illness. No one is saying that humor isn't important. People dealing with bipolar, depression or other psychological disorders need a laugh as well, but let's not make it at their expense. I do not come to that shop and will never step in that door.

Tina Thuy-Hang T. Pham
San Jose


The photos of two artworks accompanying the story  'Art as Fashion' in the April 22–28 issue of Metro were misidentified. The image on page 32 is a work from Portola Valley artist Reed Easley's 'Electronic Empire Collection' (photo by Christine Dhein). The photo on page 33 was of San Francisco artist David Casella's 'Completing the Circuit brooch' piece. Both artists are members of the Metal Art Critique Collective.