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Letters to the Editor

No on Dominic

Re "Don't Look," (The Fly, April 23): Caserta's arrogance is dumbfounding. He has no problem lying to the public, breaking campaign promises and making deals with developers with no care or regret. More questionable actions have just surfaced: $10,000 in campaign contributions from developers building a project that Caserta is voting on in Santa Clara. When we met up with Caserta at the league event on Monday, his comment was: "You guys really need to get a life. You are such losers." Yup, we want everyone to know how crooked you are, Dominic, and we have no problem spending our free time to educate people. The campaign continues. We exist to let people know that Caserta is a sellout and is trying to buy the election. I hope you vote for anyone but Caserta.

Kirk Vartan

San Jose

Officer's License

Dwayne B. (Letters, May 14) complains about police officers yakking on cell phones while driving and cutting him off as they enter Hedding Street, and wonders how we can be expected to take the "no hands" cell phone law seriously if they don't.  I work on South First Street, across from the former Keystone Coffee Store.  The cops used to park in the red zone in front of my building, then jaywalk across to Keystone, right where they conducted jaywalking ticket blitzes on Friday and Saturday evenings. The answer is on police car license plates, "CA EXEMPT." They take that to mean that they're exempt from California traffic laws.

Bob D.

San Jose

Waite for 8

Re "Teflon Mann" (MetroNews, May 7): I read your article on Craig Mann and wondered why all the space given to him. Do you plan on covering all the candidates for District 8 the same way? I've moved from my former District 1, where I served on the council from 1981 to 91, and now live in the Evergreen area. My support and that of many others in my area will be going to Pat Waite, whom I notice you didn't mention in the list of those running for office, because of his business experience with finance and budgeting. That is sorely needed at this time, and his MBA will be a definite plus in the coming years.Please take a closer look at him and don't count him out of your coming political pieces.

Lu Ryden

San Jose

Love Story

Re Metro Classified: I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to my husband of 12 years. He ran an ad in Metro, and when I saw it I circled it 10 times, left him a voicemail, then he called me back (the day of the O.J. verdict) and we've been together ever since. We now have a 10- and an 8-year-old, and are happily living in Washington. We can't thank you enough!

Trisha Cobb

Sequim, Wash.

Thanks, Tricia, that was a heartwarming letter—unless your husband actually is O.J. Then we're very, very sorry.—Editor

Exonerees' Struggle

Re "Unsettled" (MetroNews, Feb. 6): My name is Jill Hiatt. I just read the article that includes the mention of my boyfriend, Kenny Foley. We had discussed that it seemed strange to have him mentioned but never contacted. We appreciate the articles that are starting to pop up regarding the struggles that all exonerees have to wade through. It is a daily struggle just to maintain hope that in the end, when all is said and done, everyone who deserves the compensation receives it in time to have a chance back in the society that was denied to each of them.

Jill Hiatt


The Last Word

Re Summer Guide (Cover Story, May 14): Phil Dirt's Surf show was on KFJC.

David Richoux

Palo Alto

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