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May 31-June 6, 2006

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Letters to the Editor

Skipping Anger Management

I spent most of last Wednesday sharing the NAACP report card with my supporters and undecided voters. The NAACP gave one candidate in District 3 an A-plus, Dennis Kyne. No candidates for mayor received higher than an A.

My nighttime campaign had me heading to Johnny V's when I grabbed a copy of the latest Metro. I read that getting tossed out of the City Hall by Gonzo the week prior had made the Fly ("The Nora and Nancy Show," The Fly, May 17).

I made three very valid points before my hard and fast two minutes [before the City Council] were up. I told them that they were violating procedures, that David Cortese hadn't, and that the section of the charter they were using actually allowed Mr. Cortese to do what he did. Can you imagine a group of elected people getting together to investigate another elected official with a charter that they don't even know how to read correctly? Well, here we are.

This is separate from the anger management classes that Fly said I must have played hooky from. Gonzo treated me exactly the way David Pandori penned in his timely book, available at I respectfully asked for "a little more time" to address the council. Ron said, "You can't do that." Yes, I told him he is censured. He is. Why is a censured mayor still telling citizens what they can and can't do. Why is he still acting like he is King and I am peasant? I got the A-plus, he's got an approval rating that he should be ashamed of. Sadly, the City Council had no idea how democracy works. One of them can say, "I want to hear what this resident has to say." None of them did.

Quite frankly, everyone in this city should be down at City Hall. Demanding that we get what is customary in many county, city and town halls around the valley ... three minutes.

I am angry, but I won't be going to classes trying to manage it. I will be at the City Hall reminding this bozo that he is a clown. I hope you will be there, too.

Dennis Kyne, District 3 Candidate, San Jose

Hooray Mulcahy

I believe the Metro position recommending Michael Mulcahy for mayor (Endorsements, May 24) is a breath of fresh air! Michael seems to have the courage to take an independent position that he believes is right for our city, not necessarily a position that is in the best interest of special interest groups. He doesn't seem to be political in his answers and that's what our city needs. I'm a fourth generation San Josean and proud of our city and want a mayor that cares more about or city than what special interest groups would like for themselves. The Metro position took courage, too.

Richard Zappelli, San Jose

Yes on A

Few people understand the vital services the County provides. Over the past four years, the County has trimmed its budget by $160 million. Despite their best efforts, these cuts impact services to the most disadvantaged in our community.

One example: 2,100 kids are in "out of home" care each year. That's the county's foster care system. These kids are removed from their homes through no fault of their own and by law become the responsibility of the County. Sadly, since 2001, the County has cut $12 million from its budget dealing with foster care, resulting in the elimination of 60 social workers. Measure A will assure that the County has additional revenues to spend on these kinds of programs that impact our schools and our communities.

Leon F. Beauchman, Board of Education, Santa Clara County

No on A

The Fly's story on Measure A "Counter Measures" on March 29 got the story totally wrong. As someone who is following Measure A and who read the full text of the court decision, here is what really happened. The presiding judge confirmed a ballot statement by Measure A opponents that the Silicon Valley Leadership Group wants to raise Santa Clara County sales taxes to 8.75 percent on June 6. This would tie the county with Alameda County and the cities of Richmond and Avalon as having the highest sales tax in the state. The presiding judge also made sure Measure A opponents correctly cited a bill now in the State Legislature (SB1291) that would lower corporate sales taxes to 2.25 percent. This bill is supported by the Leadership Group and sponsored by State Senator Alquist. Overall, Mr. Callender's attempt at a "shut up" lawsuit only served to make the ballot argument against Measure A even stronger. This attempt to silence opponents of Santa Clara County's latest sales tax scheme should serve as a rallying cry for you to vote NO on Measure A on June 6.

Eugene Bradley, Founder, Santa Clara VTA Riders Union, San Jose

Yes on B

Yes on Measure B! Support our County Parks without raising your taxes by so much as a penny. Every so often it is time to renew our Park Charter fund and that time is now. The Measure simply confirms the status quo, allowing less than 1 percent of property tax revenues to be used exclusively for park purposes.

Measure B, however, is critical to the well-being of our Parks Department. The Park Charter Fund guarantees the Parks Department a stable and reliable source of funding. Without this funding, they would not be able to maintain the county's existing parks, plan for new enhancements or secure much-needed grants.

The County Parks Department provides a vast array of recreational opportunities while protecting our natural and cultural heritage. Without the passage of Measure B these valuable resources are at risk. On June 6 please join the Chamber of Commerce, League of Conservation Voters, League of Women Voters and Congressman Mike Honda in supporting Measure B.

Bob Levy, Former County Parks and Recreation Commissioner, San Jose

A for Services

Recent articles and editorials on Measure A have highlighted BART to San Jose and funding the Santa Clara Valley hospital. As Executive Director of Bill Wilson Center, I support Measure A because our runaway and homeless youth shelter is funded in large part by the County. For each of the past three years, I have watched the Board of Supervisors choose to cut County positions and save our shelter funding. However, as County revenues continue to fall, our funding is now in jeopardy. Without Measure A funds we may be forced to decrease the shelter's capacity in July from 16 to 14 beds—50 more homeless, runaway and troubled kids a year who will not be helped. Measure A funds will save the precious two beds. Bill Wilson Center's shelter is just one of many safety-net programs facing cuts in July. While no programs are identified in Measure A, in my 23 years at Bill Wilson Center I have worked closely with the County government and have come to trust them to make the right decisions for Santa Clara County.

Sparky Harlan, Executive Director, Bill Wilson Center, Santa Clara

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