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Letters to the Editor

h3>Stepping Up

Re "Peru to You" (MetroMenu, May 28): I would like to thank you for the article. We appreciate very much bringing your comments to our attention. We have already implemented corrective actions to improve our service time, based on your comments, from the moment that we enter a new order to the kitchen to the time that we bring the plates to the table. Since the majority of the items in our menu are cooked to order, it wasn't easy. The Peruvian cuisine is rather laborious in nature with several steps to complete.

About the size of some of our plates such as the Lomo Saltado that you have mentioned on your article: we will reduce its size without decreasing the principal ingredient (filet mignon). We would like our customers to enjoy our dishes and be generous on the portions but also we would like our customers to leave enough room to try our appetizers and desserts.

So far we are working with halibut on our fish dishes, including the ceviches, but we are working with our chef to incorporate other types of fish to our menu such as sea bass or cod. In the meantime, we welcome you to our restaurant to see our corrections.

Jose, Martha Bohorquez & Family

Nazca Peruvian Cuisine

San Jose


Re "Snakes on a Festival" (MetroArts, June 4): I just wanted to say that I hand-fabricated all of my instruments from scratch ... they were not found machinery or anything. Just a correction to Gary Singh's article. He should've asked me before he wrote that. I am very opposed to using found machinery; these were original creations.

Tristan Shone

San Diego

Rat Peck

Whoever wrote the blurb about Mallrats (Film, May 28) needs to get their names straight. Jay Mohr [of SNL fame—and not much else] did not play Jay in Mallrats, or any of the Kevin Smith Garden State/Jersey trilogy (squared, really). The actor that played Jay was a much funnier Jay: Jason Mewes. So, please, out of respect to Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes, make a note of the mistake. How whoever made that mistake is beyond me, because Jay Mohr is ugly and unfunny. But Jason Mewes is dead sexy and amusing.

Ellie McHale

Menlo Park

Richard von Busack responds: Well, the correspondent is right, it is Jason Mewes. It's a mistake I made years ago, just like 'Mallrats' was a mistake Kevin Smith made years ago.

Wrong Direction For Education

The governor's May revision, while seeking to restore some critical funding to the California State University, still falls short of the minimum needed to stop the door from closing on qualified students' admission to the CSU. At this crucial economic juncture, it is imperative that the CSU continues to get the resources it needs to produce a highly skilled workforce and increase college-going rates of underserved communities in California.

The CSU still faces $215 million in reduced funding and serious fiscal challenges, plus $124 million in mandatory cost increases not covered by state funds, including rising health care and energy bills. Without funding to mitigate these costs, students will be facing a closed door when trying to enter the CSU this fall and current students may see an eroding quality of education.

I believe this is the wrong direction for the state to go; cuts to the CSU will only hurt California's economy by reducing the number of qualified and trained individuals in key job industries.

Misty Mersich

San Jose

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