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The Sound of Music

By Richard von Busack

(1965) The 400-passenger-capacity zeppelin of the American musical overwhelms you; there are some times critics who just ought to concede the battle and retrench elsewhere. It stars that precious Julie Andrews, who ditches her career as a nun in order to nanny a family of singing Teutonic children. Some interesting moves by director Robert Wise; the best is the sucker-punch of "Climb Evr'y Mountain" delivered from a singer who commences that ode with her back turned to us. Also weirdly cute are Bil Baird's puppets in "The Lonely Goatherd"—indeed, a song title from a more innocent time. The Salzburg scenery brings out the air-Alpenhornist in all of us. Plays in 70mm. Next week, Jul 17-18: pretty much the great triumph of film in that particular megaformat, if you don't count Lawrence of Arabia: Jacques Tati's Playtime. Part of a series of summer films at the California Theatre presented by the Stanford Theatre Foundation and Team San Jose. (Plays Jul 10-11 at 7pm in San Jose at the California Theatre; $5.)

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